#Review The Lover’s Game by J.C. Reed

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#Review The Lover’s Game by J.C. ReedThe Lover's Game by J.C. Reed
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Published by Self Published on September 9th 2014
Genres: Erotica, Suspense
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When love is a game...

After having her heart broken, Brooke tries to rebuild her life and closes herself off from the one man she loved deeply.
When she meets Grayson, a photographer, she has no idea that her new boss will offer her more than she bargained for. The pay is great, her new friends more than welcoming and everything seems to be running well…until everyone insists she find herself a new suitor during a night out.

Jett knows how to play games. He is used to getting attention from everyone except the beautiful dark haired woman who doesn’t like to be fooled with and doesn’t trust him as far as she can spit. He wants Brooke but, more than that, he wants to own her, and the only way to get her is to make her owe him…against her will.

And what Jett owns, Jett keeps forever.

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Book Review: 3,5 stars

This is the second book of the No Exceptions series by JC Reed. The first book ended in a cliffhanger, and of course this one did too. Knowing what happens after Brooke found out about Jett’s betrayal was very interesting, and for a heart broken 23 year old girl, she reacted in the best way she could. This book was good to read, but also difficult, mostly because the huge amount of D.R.A.M.A. in it. I like it, but I need some relaxing moments, and this poor girl didn’t have one single easy moment in this book.

There was not much of Jett in this book, I wanted to know more about his secrets, about the motivations for his actions, and most of all, I wanted to slap him hard in the face, or hit him harder in the nuts, you can choose either of them. WHAT THE HELL, JETT? *calming down*.

Brooke on the other hand was trying to be strong, to move on, to find a quick solution for all her problems, or at least some of them, because her heart broken wasn’t going to be repaired anytime soon. She knows new people in this book, some good for her who are willing to help her, and some people not good at all *FFS*, stay away of them, you know better than that. I think she needs to grow up and face the fact that she’s pregnant. For her sake and the baby’s.

I really hope this story has a HEA! At least for Brooke. I still have my reservations about Jett. Let’s see what The Lover’s Promise brings for Brooke and Jett’s story.


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