#Review #Interview Captivated: Seize The Night by Tiffany Reisz

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#Review #Interview Captivated: Seize The Night by Tiffany Reisz

#Review #Interview Captivated: Seize The Night by Tiffany ReiszCaptivated by Tiffany Reisz
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Published by Harlequin on October 28th 2014
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Double the passion and seduction as New York Times bestselling author Megan Hart and international bestselling author Tiffany Reisz weave two provocative tales about power, bad-boy lovers and secret desires!

LETTING GO by Megan Hart

Colleen goes to the same bar every night and orders the same drink: a whiskey, neat. She doesn't drink it, though. Jesse the bartender notices the beautiful, sad woman who keeps to herself. Until one night when she lets go and lets him in. And after that, Jesse has only one mission--to show her one night is only the beginning.

SEIZE THE NIGHT by Tiffany Reisz

Four years ago, a night of forbidden passion between Remi and Julien, the heirs of two powerful and competitive horse-racing families, led to a feud that is threatening to ruin both farms. Now Remi must find Julien again, but when she does, her need for Julien is just as strong and just as forbidden.

We received this book/audiobook for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our opinion of the book or the content of our review.

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Tiffany did an amazing job of taking one of the most famous tragedies ever written, and turning it into a  funny, sexy, romantic novella – without the drama! We love reading books without drama, they’re refreshing and good for the soul. We also love reading books about second chances, and this was definitely a second chance for Remi and Julien.

When they met 4 years ago, they had an instant connection.  They talked as though they’d known each other forever, and their chemistry was undeniable . But then, things got a little complicated. Yet strangely, those same complications were the ones that got them together again.  When Remi tracks Julien down, the connection is most certainly still there.

Remi is a cool character. She’s smart, decisive, and strong, and goes after what she believes in, which I love in a female lead.  Julien we get to know through the eyes of Remi and instantly we can see why she fell for him all those years ago.  When he reveals the reason he disappeared from Remi’s life it is totally unexpected, and only makes us root for them both even more.

We laughed out loud with Merrick’s comments. He was probably our favorite character in this book (although – hard choice!) And his boss/employee relationship with Remi was hilarious. They were constantly joking and taunting each other, yet underneath the jokes it was clear they genuinely cared for one another.

It would be wrong to say we forget how good Tiffany is, because we don’t.  But this book was a brilliant reminder of just HOW good she is.  It was also the perfect taster for The King, the 6th book of her Original Sinners series.  To say we are excited would be an understatement.

Favorite Quotes:

“She paused when Julien Brite stepped into the doorway of the living room.  “I have to say,” Julien began, a crooked smile on his face, “I’m really glad my parents arent here right now.”  He wore jeans and a plain T-shirt, no shoes, no socks.“

“Julien kissed her like he’d die if he didn’t, like he hadn’t been kissed in a decade, like he had a gun to the back of his head and had been ordered to kiss her as if his life depended on it”

“Perfect moment #2 – Julien took her to the Musée de I’Orangerie where they stood in silence holding hands as they stared into the deep blue of Monet’s Water Lilies.”

*** This review was written with my dearest friend Scarlette Drake! We both love Tiffany’s books and I invited her to write the review with me. It was so much fun!! 😉 


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Hello Tiffany, thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview, it means a lot to us. We loved Seize The Night.  Firstly, can we say that Seize The Night was such a sweet, sexy and amazingly funny retelling of such a tragic shakespearean story. The fact that you managed to transform this story into something fresh and new was really amazing.  Who knew Romeo and Juliet could be so much fun!

So, we’d like to ask a few questions. Here we go…

1. We loved the introduction you wrote for Seize The Night. You said you went for a long bike ride, which we think it’s awesome! We love bikes! What kind of bike do you own? and do you always do that for inspiration?

I’m so glad you loved “Seize the Night.” It’s definitely one of my favorite stories I’ve ever written. Harlequin had asked me to write a second Cosmo Red Hot Read after they loved my first one, Misbehaving, so much. I wanted to do another Shakespeare play since Misbehaving was an erotic retelling of Much Ado About Nothing. I picked Romeo & Juliet because I knew it well and it had a great forbidden love theme. But I didn’t know where to set it. These days in the U.S.A. there isn’t a lot of family feuding going on. Not the sort of family feuding that has real consequences. While I was out biking (I have a 3 speed red Townie bike) in the Central Kentucky countryside, I saw a horse farm. One of the most quoted lines in Romeo & Juliet is Mercutio’s famous curse, “A plague on both your houses.” So I thought…”Houses? No. HORSES.” Horse-racing families are still dynasties. They’re families that are also businesses. And with so much money to be won or lost, there are very serious, although rather blue-blooded, rivalries among the famous Thoroughbred farm families. So I made Remi/Romeo the daughter of one famous family and Julien/Juliette the son of an another.

 2. So you certainly made it seem fun taking a classic tale and twisting it – and in a way you were writing fanfic again! If you were to do it again in future, which classic tale would you choose to give the trademark Tiffany Kink?

The Taming of the Shrew is tailor-made for a kinky retelling. Although I might make the “Shrew” male and the tamer a Dominatrix. Genderswapping gives new life to these older stories.

3. You switched gender roles from the way they were in the original story.  Did you see this as another way of ‘modernising’ it?  Or was there another reason?

I love the older woman/younger man dynamic. And I’ve always liked the name Julien. Plus my mother is an office manager and she has a quirky male assistant so it made perfect sense to make Remi/Romeo a little older and make Mercutio/Merrick her oddball second-in-command.

4. In Seize The Night, the characters are beautiful, we had quite a difficult time choosing our perfect dream cast, but we came to a really hot selection. We’d like to know who are your dream cast for Remi, Julien, Merrick and Selena.

They’re all in my heads. I don’t have any actresses or actors picked out. Remi’s a buxom blonde so maybe Kate Upton? Julien’s only 21 but I can see someone who sort of looks like Eddie Redmayne playing him. I’d cast a famous Bollywood actress for Selena—maybe Sonakshi Sinha. And one of my readers said her dream Merrick was Jurassic Park-era Jeff Goldblum, ie Dr. Ian Malcolm. Since this a dream cast, we can get creative and go back in time to get 1993 Jeff Goldblum.


5. As you know, we collect book boyfriends, it’s a huge collection now, and all your characters are in our collection of course, including Nora Sutherlin. We’d like to know who is your ultimate book boyfriend and why he’s the ultimate. And as great as they are, you aren’t allowed to choose your own creations! (even Søren!)

My ultimate book boyfriend? Oh my. Probably Hercule Poirot. I love love love Agatha Christie mysteries and have had a crush on her famous Belgian sleuth Hercule Poirot for years.



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