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BOOK REVIEW: Fallen (Blood & Roses #4) by Callie Hart




For over two years, Sloane Romera has pinned everything on finding Alexis. Life was going to get better. Easier. Happier. The nightmare of having a missing sister was supposed to end, and everything was supposed to go back to normal.

However, now that she’s found her sister, Sloane is discovering that life has a way of ridiculing what we expect of it.

Nothing is easier.

And ‘normal’ is falling for a man who might never be able to feel the same way.



A lengthy history of breaking things with his fists has given Zeth Mayfair a fairly good idea of how to get his own way. But when his goal, the one, single woman on the face of the planet that he’s truly ever wanted, can only be obtained by fixing things instead of destroying them, how can he adjust a lifetime of violence in order to make her his once and for all? And how can he make sure that she is safe?

The first part is going to take time. But the second part…

The second part is easy.

He must kill Charlie Holsan




Fallen is the 4th book in the Blood & Rose’s series and starts off where Burn left us, but of course the plot thickens!

They’ve found Alexis and she’s very much safe and alive. But where she’s been this whole time was a huge surprise to say the least. We have so much to figure out about Alexis and her motives behind her “disappearance”. Was she really kidnapped?

Charlie Holsan, Zeth’s ex-boss, appears to have not given up on killing Zeth. He’s become a constant “thorn in Zeth’s side”, figuritively. So as a result, Zeth has to take extra precautions in protecting Sloane and Lacey. “Yeah, so I was gonna broach the subject of Sloane coming to stay at the warehouse for a little while, just until things with Charlie resolved themselves one way or another.” (Zeth) Will Sloane willingly go to stay at the warehouse or will she be her stubborn self?

Sloane and Zeth’s relationship is developing further, but there are still kinks to be worked out. Sloane is confused as to what she really wants: “I’ve wanted my old life. The whole thing. All of it. The boring, mundane routine of going to work, eating, sleeping, going back to work. I can hardly lie to myself; of course I know that I’m developing ridiculously strong feelings for a man who can surely be nothing but bad news for me…” (Sloane). She is left wondering how does she fit into his world? She’s realizing she’s falling for this “reckless, dangerous, terrifying soul” and she doesn’t know how to handle it.

Zeth on the other hand, is trying his hardest to not fall for Sloane. But yet, can’t resist her. “Because the moment I saw you…I haven’t stood a chance.” (Zeth). He truly believes Sloane is too good for him. “I’ve nearly died a couple times now, but I’ve never experienced this kind of fucked-up emotion before now.

Sloane is also realizing that her and Zeth are very much alike. “The thing that disturbs you the most…is that you like it, too.” You’re just like me, Sloane. You’re just like me.” (Zeth). Can she admit this to herself though?

I didn’t think I could love Zeth anymore, but I quite frankly have Fallen in love with him even more!! “For you, I can switch characters. I will be Prince Charming for a night.” (Zeth).

On the discussion of sex…one word: PHENOMENAL!! Callie Hart knows how to write sex scenes like no other! This book is not overly loaded with sex like some books, but when there is a sex scene…WHOA…IT.IS.INTENSE!

I love how this series keeps adding more and more depth without making the storyline “messy” and confusing. Callie Hart does an amazing job of bringing more twists and turns while developing the story further and linking the characters one way or another.









Callie Hart is the author of the Deviant series. The first book, Deviant, titled after the series, was released in February 2014, and the following instalment, Fracture, is set to be released  on April 7 2014.

Callie has experienced many changes throughout her life, and gone through many ups and downs that have all worked towards shaping and moulding her into the person she is today: fun loving, active, social, and hard working. The only thing that has remained a constant throughout her life is writing. Creating characters who will tear your conscience in two is a favorite pastime of Callie’s. There are few real saints and sinners in her books; more often, the denizens of her stories are all very human. Broken, flawed, and always with the potential for redemption.

Despite the subject matter being markedly hot and heavy in comparison to the stories she wrote in elementary school, there will always be an element of fairytale to her work.


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