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BLOG TOUR: Loving the Senator (Capitol Affairs #1) by Mia Villano




On the outside, Alex Conrad has everything. He’s gorgeous, rich, and has just been elected to the United States Senate by the state of Virginia.

But for the past few years, something has plagued Alex. Something has been missing from his life of privilege and opportunity. Something he has never allowed himself to acknowledge, until the night of his election.

Prudence Romaine is seventeen years Alex’s junior. The daughter of a friend whose life had taken a wrong turn, Prudence came into Alex’s life when she was just sixteen. Despite the passage of time and evidence to the contrary, Alex still thinks of Prudence as the little girl he once tried to rescue.

On election night, the sexual tension between Prudence and the senator reaches a tipping point. Prudence has been in love with Alex for some time, and now that she is in a position to do something about it, she has her aim set on Senator Conrad with no plans of giving up.

But Alex is already committed and a scandal is the last thing the newly-elected politician needs. As Alex pushes Prudence away, convinced their relationship can only end badly for them both, Prudence becomes even more determined to have Alex Conrad in her bed as well as her heart.

And Alex? He can only hold out for so long. And once he gives in, the passion they’ve held back for years threatens to undo them. But loving the senator is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Prudence must learn to handle the pressure that comes with being with a high-profile politician, Alex’s jealous ex-girlfriend, and the demands of the people, if she wants to make this work.

Loving the Senatoris an erotic romance aimed at mature audiences and is part of the Capitol Affairs series of novels



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Chapter One

“God, he is gorgeous,” I whispered to myself as the new senator took the stage. The things I thought about doing to him were sinful and possibly illegal.

     As I watched him walk to the podium, I couldn’t help but admire his confidence, masculinity, and mind-blowing presence. He was sex and sin rolled into one perfect package. His good looks were just an added plus to the incredible politician and leader he was. He looked amazing, but he always did with his wavy dark hair, sensual pouty lips, dark chocolate eyes, and a five o’clock shadow perfectly placed on his face. I was so preoccupied with admiring him, I didn’t realize he was staring back at me.

     At that moment, I decided I would not hold back my feelings for him. He was no longer my boss, and we were past the point of any negative press that could hurt the election. I didn’t care if he had a girlfriend, or he was seventeen years older than me. All that mattered then, was that I wanted him, and I planned on doing whatever it took to have him.

     He adjusted the microphone, his eyes locked onto mine, and he winked. I felt myself get wet. It wasn’t the first time he’d had that effect on me, and it certainly wouldn’t be the last. My entire body became hot and flushed as he smiled. I stood amongst the crowd, drinking my first, well-deserved glass of champagne. The icy-cold bubbly felt great going down my dry, hot throat. I watched Alex get ready to deliver his acceptance speech to a crowd shouting his name. The temperature in the room seemed to shoot up twenty degrees as he held my gaze. In a room full of people, we only noticed each other.

     “Conrad, Conrad,” the crowd shouted, which brought a bigger smile to his gorgeous face.

     The crowd hushed to a quiet roar as he began to speak.

     “Thank you, thank you. We did it, and I’m grateful for everyone who has helped to get me here. Tonight we are winners, and together we make one hell of a team!” The crowd erupted in cheers.

     “I’m honored to represent our state, the great state of Virginia. I want to thank my parents. Though with me in spirit, their values made me the man I am today. Thank you, Mom and Dad,” he said. Alex looked up at the ceiling and blew a kiss as the crowd roared even louder.

     “My faith in God got me through a tough campaign. Thank you for your faith in me.” Again, the crowd cheered.

     Flanked by the American and Virginian flags, Alex looked like something out of a movie. With his signature five o-clock shadow and the confidence of a man who’d been elected in a landslide victory, Alex Conrad looked as if he owned the world. Above him, balloons held by a giant net, waited for release at just the right time. Soon, we’d be swimming in a sea of blue.

     When several of the campaign workers began chanting my name, I smiled and shook my head from side-to-side. He owned this night, and he deserved the recognition, not me. They couldn’t have elected a better man than Alex Conrad. At forty years old, Alex was the new, energetic, young senator everyone seemed to love.

      “I want to thank the leader of our campaign team, Prudence Romaine. For the past year, she worked, went to law school, and spent her spare time getting me elected.” He seemed to chuckle with that comment.

     “She comes from a long line of politicians herself, and I knew she had in it her to take this to the finish line. This was her first campaign, and she did a remarkable job. Everyone, please give her a round of applause.” The crowd erupted in cheers and my campaign workers chanted my name.

     He caught my eye again; I waved as he pointed at me and smiled. His speech went on for a few minutes longer in between the cheering interruptions of the crowd. When he was finished, his campaign song came on. As the song played, and the balloons fell, he walked out into the mass of people wanting to be near him. They congratulated him with high fives and pats on the back. I watched as women swarmed around him to get closer to this magnificent man. The ballroom erupted in utter chaos as Alex tried to make his way through the crowd.

     After about twenty minutes of mingling, he made his way over to me. I stood beneath a campaign sign that said it all “Alex Conrad, the Man Who Can Get it Done.”

     “Prudence, come here and dance with the new senator? I owe this to you, of course,” he said. His voice sounded gravelly and strained from his speech. When I heard him say ‘come’ it made me ache as I imagined clothes- ripping-up against- a-wall-sex.

     He ran a hand through his hair and I felt his gaze slide over me as he bit his lower lip. I couldn’t believe he wanted me to be his first dance as Senator.

     “I’d love to dance with you, Senator. You didn’t have to thank me up there. I didn’t do this. You did it; look around at this crowd. Everyone adores you,” I smiled. Alex took my champagne glass, swallowed the last of it, and set it on the table, never taking his eyes off me.

     He held out his hand, and I nervously grabbed it. My heart raced when he pulled me closer. His hands were so strong and soft, and I caught a glimpse of his very expensive Cartier watch peeking out of his sleeve. I noticed his crisp white shirt, opened at the neck with his tie hanging loosely. He chose a crimson red tie for the evening and it looked incredible against his black Gucci suit. I spotted a few wisps of black hair on his muscular chest sticking out tempting me. His arms came around me and his hands rested on the curve of my back.

     The band started to play one of my favorite old songs, “Unforgettable” as we danced closer.  I wanted to melt into him forever.

     “I love this song,” he whispered in my ear. The wisp of his breath made me tingle.

     “Me too.”

     To be that close to him was something I only dreamt about.  It was only a dance, but to me it was so much more. I wanted it to be more.

     “Thank you for your help with the election, Prudence. I meant what I said up there. You worried me at first, and I was leery of letting you take on such a big job, but you proved you were a Romaine right off. Your grandfather would be proud of you.”

     His hot minty breath was warm on my neck. His skin was hot against mine, and it brought back thoughts of what the two of us could be doing together if we had been alone. Since the first time I met him, I’ve thought of him, dreamt of him, and longed to see him again. Now, seven years later, I danced in his arms celebrating a new chapter in both of our lives.

     “I enjoyed every crazy minute of it, Senator Conrad,” I said.

     Alex’s campaign had been exhausting, and I ran it well, yet relieved it was over. Guided by my wonderful Aunt Toby, this was my first as a manager. He took a chance when he agreed to let me be in charge, and it paid off for both of us in a significant way.

     His on again-off again girlfriend Jade stood close by watching our every move. I saw her out of the corner of my eye, glaring at us over her exotic neon-blue drink.

     Jade Crenshaw, a tall, overly tanned brunette with big brown eyes and legs that went on forever, was his date for the evening. Once a model, and now a professional interior designer, she loved the spotlight and never seemed to be far away from her man. She stared at us with her over- injected, glossy lips in a perfect pout, clearly upset.

     “Your girlfriend is giving you the evil eye,” I said.

     I kept my cheek pressed to him, inhaling his exotic scent; leathery, expensive cologne that fit him perfectly.

     I’d come to know him and his quirks from the time I’d spent around him. He liked black coffee, cold pizza, and cherry seltzer water. He loved vintage Fiats, fine Italian leather boots, and collected old luggage. At forty-years-old, his body looked toned and perfectly muscular, like someone half his age. He was everything I ever wanted in a man, and I was determined to make him mine.

     It didn’t get any better than Alex Conrad, and he had no idea how I wanted him in my bed and in me. While I had him to myself for a moment, I waited for the opportunity to let him know.

     “She’s mad at me tonight,” he said.

     “Were you a bad boy, Senator?” I asked. I tried to sound playful, hoping he would get the hint.

      “I guess, and I will pay for it later. On the most important night of my life, she wants to make me miserable. She hasn’t said a single word to me all night. Not ‘I’m proud of you.’ Nothing.” He sounded upset.

     How could she be so careless with a man like Alex Conrad? She clearly didn’t deserve him. I swallowed hard. He held me tighter, and I let out a soft moan. Go for it. I closed my eyes tight, and did.

     “She should be making this your night. I would love to make this your night, Senator. If things get to be too much with Jade, you know where to find me. I plan on heading home and taking a hot relaxing bath, slipping into something comfortable, and curling up in my bed with a good law book. I would love for you to join me.”

     “Is that a fact, Miss Romaine?” His breath hissed out, as his lips brushed my ear. An uncontrollable wave of arousal pulsed through me.

     “That’s a fact, Senator Conrad.”

     “You have some effect on me, Prudence.”

     There’s no mistaking his rock-hardness, pressed up against me. It was pure heaven.

     I said nothing.

     He had no idea how wet I was getting. On top of that, my nipples came alive inside my bra begging for his touch. But we were still in public and couldn’t get carried away. I stepped out of his hold and cleared my throat.

     “Who would have guessed the little girl I met at sixteen would change my life so completely seven years later?”

       “You have changed my life as well. If it weren’t for you, and my grandmother, there’s no telling what my life may have become.”

     He became silent, maybe lost in the memory. After a few seconds of silence between us, he spoke.

     “The little girl named after two Beatles songs and hated both of them.”

     “Please, don’t remind me,” I said. He smiled at me and held me gaze.

     The way he looked at me was the way I have always wanted a man to look at me or at least, the way I wanted this man to look at me.

     I stared back into his dark, mysterious eyes, and I imagined how good he must be in bed. The way he watched me, and the way his body moved next to mine was a sign of what kind of lover he would be. He had the looks of a politician, but I sensed him being a naughty boy in bed.

     An ache began between my legs where I needed him to be. I wanted to climb into the nearest bed or back room and show him how much I remembered him.

     “Well, I’m not an insecure teenage girl anymore, Alex. I’m not living with my drugged out mother in a rundown trailer either. Thank God, Beulah got me out of there when she did. Those days are long behind me.”

      “How well I’ve noticed,” he said, moving his eyes over my body. My dress showed off my best assets. I felt my breasts swell, threatening to bust out of my bra as he gazed at them.

      “Your grandmother is a wonderful woman, and I’m sure she is very proud of the woman you’ve become,” he said.

     “I sure hope she is.”

      I certainly wasn’t the same pathetic, sixteen-year-old. I had grown up and became a confident woman. I took pride knowing I was well-educated and supported myself. I worked hard to change my life and my future.

     For just a moment, we were in our own world. We looked at one another and whatever else needed saying, we said with our eyes.

     “Alex, I need you over here. They want to take our picture together,” said a very pissed-off-looking Jade.

     She grabbed Alex by the hand that held my waist and pulled him away from me. Cool air hit me as soon as his warm body pulled from mine. The band began playing a fast song, and the dancing kicked up a notch. As he walked away with his six-foot-tall girlfriend shaking her ass, he looked back at me and winked. I stood and watched as she led him across the crowded room.

     I had put myself out there by letting Alex understand what I wanted. Now, it was up to him to take me up on it.

     I became suddenly exhausted. I had been at the law office most of the day, and I just wanted to go home and relax. I threw back one more glass of champagne, said goodnight, and made my way towards the back door. Alex caught my eye and began to make his way over.

     “Prudence, wait a minute,” he yelled as I pulled on my trench coat. He grabbed my coat and helped me get it on, holding up the shoulders as I slipped my arms through the sleeves.

     “Thank you,” I smiled, turning to face him.

     “You leaving so soon?” he asked. He looked so hot I wanted to take him home with me right then. He got close to me again, and the heat rolled off his mouthwatering body.

     “It’s been a long day and a long campaign. I need a hot bath and my comfy bed,” I said, licking my lips.

     “Thank you again for everything,” he said. He looked around and ran his hands through his hair. His good looks once again mesmerized me. We were alone except a few waiters, cleaning up dishes.

     “I loved every minute helping you with this election, and I can’t wait to do it again,” I smiled a seductive smile at him.

     “Are you all right going home? It’s crazy out there. You need to be careful. Let me call you a cab,” he said, inching closer to me.

     That extra glass of champagne gave me the nerve to do what I was about to do. I reached for his tie, pulled him close, and kissed him long and hard. His lips, so luscious and warm; I wanted them all over my body. I took my other hand and let it lightly pass across his cock. He looked stunned and out of sorts. I licked my lips again and said, “Yes, I’m fine out there going home, a cab is not what I need, and you taste delicious. I want to taste the rest of you, Senator Conrad.”

     Wow, I laid it out there. I even shocked myself at what I said and did. My inner vixen came out in full force, and I couldn’t control it. After a few seconds, he finally spoke.

     “Christ, I’m so tempted to leave with you right now. We could sneak out of here together and be alone away from all of this, but what kind of senator would I be?” he asked, looking dark and intent with his hands in his pockets. His shirt, still unbuttoned, his jacket, off, and his hair, now wild from running his hands through it. I looked at his expensive dress pants and noticed I must have done something right. I could take him up on that offer right then and there.

     “My bed is always waiting for you, now or later.”

     I turned and headed towards the exit sign. I looked back, and he was focused on me. I waved and watched him. His campaign song came on, and everyone started chanting his name. Alex insisted on Barry Whites, “You’re the First, the Last, My Everything” as his campaign song. As soon as he heard it, he ran off. The crowd cheered for this captivating man and sang along. Not able to take my eyes off him, I watched as he got up on stage, putting on his baseball hat that read “CONRAD.” I couldn’t help but smile. I would’ve done anything for that man. One more glance at me and he winked again, which sent an ache in my body. My senator. God, I wanted him.

     The sensation of his lips was still awake in my mind on the short ride to my condo. The outline of his cock through his pants had me hypnotized. Like my favorite candy, I hungered for more. I wanted to fuck him senseless and taste every sugarcoated inch of him. How could a man so much older than me have such an effect? There has never been a man that shook me up like Alex Conrad. Just thinking about him sent scorching currents through my body. I didn’t even know what my body would do if we had sex. I would probably transcend to a higher plane and orgasm to death.

     Outside, the streets were in an uproar as the new President would soon be elected. People crowded everywhere, inside and out, partying the night away. The streets, filled with policemen directing traffic, and celebrations that carried on into the night. I had to weave and dodge my new VW bug around stop-and-go traffic as I made my way home.

     It felt so wonderful to finally be home. I couldn’t help but smile as I walked in the door to my familiar surroundings and the peace and quiet of my own place. The steamy hot bath relaxed my overworked body as I lay there and let the water jet around. Working a campaign, entailed many long hours of speech writing, and many miles walked canvassing neighborhoods and organizing. My aunt Toby had started the campaign for Alex. After a while, she let me take over when he started soaring in the polls. My Aunt Toby, a congresswoman herself, was a long-time campaign manager. She taught me everything she knew, and I was so lucky to have her as a mentor. Overwhelmed at first, I caught on right away and loved the excitement.

     I enjoyed the quietness of being home alone in my little sanctuary. I sat in the hot water for almost an hour as I listened to Bocelli, and fantasized about Alex.

     After I got out and dried off, I found something sexy to wear in case he stopped by. I wanted to look as hot as possible. I chose a short, black lacy nightgown that pushed my ample breasts up and barely covered my butt. I chose a matching thong, put my hair up loosely, and of course sprayed my bed and myself with my perfume. I climbed in my comfy bed with a law book, and a cup of coffee, fully intending to study. I snuggled in my flannel sheets and tried to read a couple of chapters to stay awake. I looked at the clock. Eleven o’clock. The party should’ve been wrapping up. By midnight, I drifted off to sleep.

     The light streaming into my bedroom window told me morning had arrived, but I needed more sleep. My head pounded from the champagne and not enough rest. Disappointment set in when I realized my bed was empty. He never came. What would he want with a young girl from the other side of the tracks? He remembered where I’d come from, and how miserable my life had been. That had to be in the back of his mind when he decided not to come over. He saw for himself the drugs, poverty, and craziness that consumed my life every day growing up with my mom. I couldn’t compete with that ex-super model, Jade, and I’m sure my age bothered him. As           I do every morning, I turned the news on while I got ready, and I couldn’t believe Alex was the top story. Instantly, my stomach churned




Mia Villano’s love for politics and romance inspired her to write her first erotic romance. Loving The Senator is the first book in the Capitol Affairs Series.

When she is not writing, Mia is hiking, cooking, and spending time with her two daughters.



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