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BOOK & AUDIOBOOK REVIEW: When We Fall (When I Break #3) by Kendall Ryan

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In this third and final installment of the much loved When I Break series, Knox and McKenna’s relationship has reached a critical impasse. The mistakes and secrets of their pasts have caught up to them and threaten their future happiness. Can McKenna trust that Knox’s sexual addiction is behind him and make a life with this beautifully troubled man? And when Knox reveals the full truth about his past, will McKenna be able to put her own fears aside and accept him?




This is definitely the perfect ending for McKenna and Knox’s love story or perhaps their beginning?  I’m pretty sure they will live HEA forever and ever.  At least I’d like to assume that with every book I read.  Hence, it is why I’m mentioning it in this review because they really had to live through a lot to finally have their HEA.  The sincerity and forgiveness could keep them together until the very end of the book.

As I suspected, what happened at the end of the previous book was nothing to worry about. Thank GOD!!!  I think I’d have been as heartbroken as McKenna if Knox would have fallen into his addictive activities when she was away taking care of her friend Brian but that wasn’t what happened at all.  What happened was a nice thing, in fact a great thing to happen.  I don’t know if it’s already written but I think this could be a good spin off. *zip my mouth, not giving spoilers*

What I loved about this book is that Knox and McKenna’s relationship got stronger.  Their communication was better and they didn’t let their insecurities win this time.  Instead they fought till the very end of the book to be together.  Of course, there were the dramas, a big secret, a troubled boy and a lot of expectations for the future but it’s what made the book all that more interesting.  I couldn’t put it down.  Books like this makes me question my hobby for blogging because if I wouldn’t have a schedule for the blog, I’d have a second read of the book (without the audiobook) and would have fell in love with Knox all over again. *sigh*.  Like I said in my previous reviews, Knox is a book boyfriend that I don’t want to ever forget about.

Also, I wanted to mention the Bauer Brothers. I love, love, love them!  They are the cutest boys in this book, especially Tucker *melting*.  I love the nickname he gave to McKenna.

Overall, Kendall wrote an amazing series.  I’ll definitely read the rest of her books.  I’m sure I’ll love them as much as I’ve loved the books I’ve read so far.







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Kendall Ryan Headshot 1 picKendall Ryan is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance novels, including Hard to Love, Unravel Me, Resisting Her and When I Break.

She’s a sassy, yet polite Midwestern girl with a deep love of books, and a slight addiction to lipgloss. She lives in Minneapolis with her adorable husband and two baby sons, and enjoys hiking, being active, and reading.


RELEASE DAY: The Librarian Principle by Helena Hunting

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Annaliese Harper knows that one tiny mistake can jeopardize a career before it’s even begun. Letting your boss find the extensive collection of porn on your personal laptop is one way. Sleeping with him is another. Liese manages to do both.

As the new librarian at a prestigious small-town private high school, Liese is drawn to her sexy, charismatic principal, Ryder Whitehall—an attraction she refuses to acknowledge given their relationship and her recent liberation from a delusional ex-boyfriend.

Liese is certain Ryder’s flirtation is the product of her sex-deprived imagination—until he discovers her digital porn stash during working hours and demands a private meeting. Behind closed doors, their attraction explodes into a dangerous, passionate affair that not only threatens their jobs and reputations, but most of all, their hearts



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Helena Hunting lives on the outskirts of Toronto with her incredibly tolerant family and two moderately intolerant cats. She’s putting her degree in English Lit to good use by writing contemporary erotic romance. She is the author of Clipped Wings, her debut novel, and Inked Armor



AHW - Promo



*Story contains explicit/steamy scenes that are intended for mature readers.

Emma Slate married her high school sweetheart at twenty and lost him at twenty-two. Now she has built a cozy, safe life for herself that includes everything but romance. When Matt, a handsome young contractor, begins work at her house, she tries to ignore the spark between them and keep her feelings in check.

Matt Winter should know better than to get involved with a girl who is moving out of state in a few short weeks. Especially one who is so guarded. There are so many reasons why he shouldn’t go there…so why can’t they stay away from each other?
A sizzling love story from the author of Constructing Us.


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Favorite Quotes

“If ever there was a time to fall against him, cling to him, count on him–it was now.  If ever there was a moment to admit the truth, this was it.”

**This moment in the book is particularly profound for Emma because it comes after a crisis that not only shakes some of her resolve, but confirms Matt’s true character.

“ ‘Jesus, Emma,” Matt rasped, pulling back just enough to look into her eyes.  ‘Why do you torture me?’

Gazing into those intense, dark eyes, Emma became overwhelmed by a longing that was almost painful.  She reached up and brushed her lips across his.  ‘I didn’t mean to,’ she said softly, and it was the truth.  ‘Don’t go,’ she whispered, digging her fingers into his hair and keeping him close.  Lightly she bit his lower lip.  ‘Don’t go…’ ”

**I love this scene because it’s erotic and emotional and represents a major turning point for Matt and Emma–and also is literally just the beginning of their first intense night together… 

“Being with Matt did something to her.  It brought back a younger version of herself, a younger time in her life.”

**This is a theme that’s played implicitly throughout the story and a concept that Emma wrestles with and embraces at the same time.  She’s only twenty-seven, but has responsibilities that make her feel older and more settled than that.  Matt taps into her youthful, fun-loving spirit and almost makes Emma forget the reasons why they shouldn’t be together…

“ ‘Well, that was before I knew who he was.’  Or more to the point: that Matt wasn’t an anonymous, two-dimensional stranger, guest-starring in Emma’s life for a passing moment.  If her life was a script, Matt’s credit would have been: Guy At Hardware Store.  But discovering he was Tragan’s best friend…it changed everything.  It meant that Matt Winter was a real flesh-and-blood male she could fall for.  She could hardly explain any of this to Andy, because Andy wouldn’t understand why falling for a guy would be a bad thing.  (Bless her little sister’s naïve, idealistic heart.) ”

**This is a passing thought of Emma’s that occurs early in the book and is significant, because it’s an indication of her deeper emotional state–of the lingering baggage from losing her husband–and it’s the first time Emma acknowledges it, even to the reader.  But it’s not something she allows herself to contemplate much, and even Andy has to push her later in the book to see that over the years she has developed a fear of love.

“In his lustful haze, Matt already felt close to worshiping her–the warmth of her soft body, her feminine scent, the aroused little sounds she made when he kissed her.  And then there was the thrilling thought that this was Emma underneath him.  She was his girl, she had to be.” 

**Matt Winter is my favorite type of hero!  He’s strong, masculine and appealing, but also truly romantic.  His emotions for Emma evolve sort of effortlessly on his part.  He does not overanalyze his feelings or obsess over his past, either.  Mostly he lives in the moment, and once he starts falling for Emma, he’s all in.

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$15 Amazon Gift Card and a signed copy of CONSTRUCTING US



C.J. Lake is a storyteller who is passionate about art, surfing, and skiing/snowboarding. Residing near the coast of Massachusetts, C.J. is currently working on a new book. Meanwhile, readers can check out her first novel, Constructing Us, which is the story of Andy and Tragan.

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