#Review The Phoenix Candidate by Heidi Joy Tretheway

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#Review The Phoenix Candidate by Heidi Joy Tretheway

#Review The Phoenix Candidate by Heidi Joy TrethewayThe Phoenix Candidate by Heidi Joy Tretheway
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on January 12th 2015
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Fans of Scandal, House of Cards, and The Good Wife will love Grace Colton...

U.S. Congresswoman Grace Colton is the most famous woman in politics—and the loneliest—until a drawling, sexy stranger offers her one night: no strings and no regrets. And it rocks her world.

Grace wakes to an empty hotel room and a phone call. The dark horse for the 2016 presidential election, Senator Shep Conover, is considering her as his vice presidential running mate.

Before she can be selected, Grace must be vetted and coached by Shep’s political consultant, Jared Rankin, who already knows too many intimate details about her. He’s Mr. One-Night Stand.

Grace is torn: play nice with Jared to join the senator’s ticket, or play hardball and back the slick frontrunner? As the Democratic National Convention approaches, Grace must decide where her loyalties lie and if she can trust Jared with her future—and her heart.

The Phoenix Candidate is an adult erotic romance recommended for mature readers

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This is going to be weird to read, but The Phoenix Candidate has the right amount of politics and sexiness to make it HAWT and INTERESTING!

I’ll be honest, the book started out WAY TOO FAST for my liking and lacked the character development in the beginning, but by 30% I was so thoroughly wrapped up in the storyline and wondering what was going to happen next, that I didn’t even realized that author Heidi Joy Tretheway had redeemed herself with her ability to suck me into a story without needing those finer details in her characters. For example, the reader barely knows anything about the main male character, Jared, because he’s in and out of the picture. Grace is the main attraction and the book is in her POV, so we get to learn more about her throughout the book, but not Jared.

Who is Grace Colton? Grace Colton “Phoenix” is a 39 year old Congresswomen from Oregon.  She ran for Congress less than a year after a personal tragedy struck her family. She’s considered a “small fish is a big pond”, but her personal story propels her to the forefront of intrigue. Now she’s got both Presidential Candidates vetting her. And more importantly, she has the interest of one of the Presidential candidates political consultants.

Who is Jared Rankin? Jared Rankin is the man behind the scenes. He is Presidential candidate Shep Conover’s personal political consultant. He is in charge of vetting Shep’s potential Vice President running mates. Vetting Grace was his only job, but after reading her file and learning more about her through the paperwork they gathered, intrigue lead to something else. “After I knew your file, I had to know more. I had to know you. That’s why I came to find you.

Can Grace be in the political campaign of her lifetime to become the next VP, all while lusting after her potential political consultant? Or will that overshadow everything she’s been working to achieve to get to the next level in her political career? Is it something more than just wild sexual attraction, spitfire fighting, and hot make up sex?

Jared and Grace’s sexual tension sizzles off the page right from the first chapter! It was supposed to be a “No names. No stories.” type of relationship between them, but what kind of a story would it be if it ended just after one steamy encounter?

This book caught me by surprise and I loved every minute of it! I’m so glad to see that there will be a BOOK 2 – “The Phoenix Campaign”!!!!




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