#Review Being Me by Lisa Renee Jones

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#Review Being Me by Lisa Renee JonesBeing Me by Lisa Renee Jones
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on June 11th 2013
Narrator: Grace Grant
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The sexy second installment in the Inside Out erotic romance trilogy, following If I Were You—in the seductive tradition ofFifty Shades of Grey.

Fascinated by the dark fantasies in the journals she’s discovered, and the two men who have now found a place in her life, Sara McMillan finds herself torn between her new life and her past. Now, more than ever, Sara identifies with the lost journal writer, Rebecca, and is certain that something sinister has happened.

In the arms of the sexy, tormented artist Chris Merit, Sara seeks answers about Rebecca and ends up discovering things about herself she never knew existed. Chris forces Sara to reconsider who she is and what she truly wants from life, but not before his dark desires threaten to tear them apart. Her boss, Mark Compton, offers her the shelter to understand just what those needs mean to her, and what they might have meant to Rebecca, but can she trust him to lead her to a final conclusion to Rebecca’s story?

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The second book of the series is really awesome. The drama, the suspense, the romance… Everything was amazing. Chris and Sara’s relationship is finding a balance but things get difficult several times during this book. Sara’s job at the gallery is becoming a challenge for her, not only professionally, but also for her personal life. Rebecca is still missing and Sara is still obsessed about her, but Chris is helping her to find what happened to Rebecca.

This book was a rollercoaster of emotions! I totally loved this book! I loved Sara, I loved Mark, and of course I loved Chris *sigh* I can’t help but to love him more and more with every page I read of this book. It was really a rollercoaster, because Chris is struggling about opening up to Sara, because Sara is finding herself while she falls more in love with Chris, because they both have so many secrets – some of them are revealed in this book and Oh. My. God. those are crazy secrets -, because all the drama with Ava – God I hate that woman ugh –, and because…. because…. because…. everything is a rollercoaster in this book.

I was a little annoyed about Sara’s hesitation about her relationship with Chris, and then I was annoyed with Chris because he’s so damn stubborn, – ugh, OMG that man -, but they needed to lived through all that to grow stronger as a couple.

The ending was so effing shocking. It had me on edge all the time! I have to congratulate Lisa Renee Jones for writing this scene so very perfectly! Everything was amazingly described I could watch it all in my head. I always say this, but I felt like watching a movie, or a TV show. I literally can’t wait to watch the TV show, I’m sure I’ll be screaming with this part happens.

This series keeps getting better and better with every book I read. 100% Recommended.


Grace Grant’s narration is flawless. Her voice translates Sara’s personality perfectly. I love how Grace transmits Sara’s emotions, her jealousy, her hesitation, her desire and most of all, her love for Chris. Grace also makes amazing voices for the male characters. The narration of the last scene, when all the drama is happening, was AWESOME! I was walking when I was listening to that part and I felt my heart racing and my pace getting faster, I almost scream in desperation with what was happening. It was amazing. I love when a book and its audiobook make that to me, I get into the story and I feel like living inside the book. Amazing performance to make the book even better.


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