#Review Forbidden Nights by Lauren Blakely

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#Review Forbidden Nights by Lauren Blakely

#Review Forbidden Nights by Lauren BlakelyForbidden Nights by Lauren Blakely
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on February 17th 2015
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A smoldering and sensual standalone romance novel in the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Seductive Nights Series by Lauren Blakely...

Sinfully sexy hotel CEO Nate Harper knows exactly how to please a woman. He's equally skilled in keeping his heart safe from the kind of hurt his ex inflicted on him years ago. But one thing he's not so good at what-so-ever is getting his mind and all his dirty thoughts off the gorgeous, outgoing, and absolutely captivating Casey Sullivan, the new head of the Joy Delivered company.
They've been friends for years now, and Casey trusts Nate completely. So it makes perfect sense to her to ask him for hands-on guidance when she finds herself in need of some of his romantic expertise.
The trouble is, his heart may be signing up for more than it bargained for when he agrees to help her learn to abandon her need for control in the bedroom. Because as she experiences what it means to let go, he'll start to experience what it means to feel again...

But what happens when all those forbidden nights turn into a deeper connection that's much more than expected?

*FORBIDDEN NIGHTS is a standalone full-length novel in the bestselling SEDUCTIVE NIGHTS series following the love affair of Nate and Casey. You can read it on its own, but you would likely enjoy the other books too.*

We received this book/audiobook for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our opinion of the book or the content of our review.

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One more time Lauren has proven to me why she is in my top 10 favorite authors! I’ve read almost all her books – yes, i can’t believe I haven’t read Far Too Tempting *face palm* – and I love all of them, it’s hard to decide which one is the best or which book boyfriend is my favorite – Well, not so much, my fav has always been Davis from Playing With Her Heart, until this book, now my book boyfriend #1 of Lauren’s book is NATE – Every book Lauren writes touches my heart with the romance, makes me laugh with some crazy moments she creates for her characters and Oh. My. God. she really knows how to write a very steamy sex scene!! *fan self*

Being part of Lauren’s FLovelies is awesome, and one of the best thing about it is that she shares with us her thoughts while she’s writing a book, and I loved every post she made of  Forbidden Nights. I knew I’d love the book, first of all, because it’s a Lauren’s book *duh*, second, her posts were sexy and romantic and awesome, and third, I had a hunch… And that hunch was right. I didn’t only love the book for all those reasons but also because of NATE!!! He is just amazing!! He’s the best friend and the best lover a woman could have – Casie is a lucky lady, I want my Nate, please –

I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t love Nate this much if it wasn’t for Casie. I felt so related to her in so many ways. She’s a very successful, powerful, confident and smart woman, she likes to have the control in all things – Just like Christian Grey, yes, i’m sorry, i’m just in the Fifty Shades crazy state of mind –, and most of all, she always says what she wants. She was this way in her professional life, and also in her private life. There wouldn’t have been a problem with all of that if it wasn’t because her luck with men wasn’t always the best one. Sadly – or gladly, because this was what brought them together – that made her think that she needed to submit to a man in her private life, submit sexually and in all relationship things related. She wanted to change her best self for a man *shakes head*, and she asked Nate to teach her how to submit. It’s so funny because just by asking him this, she was showing how in charge she was of these “lessons”. I didn’t agree with what she wanted to do, I mean, she was amazing the way she was – AND THANK GOD NATE ALREADY KNEW THAT –  but this was exactly what they both needed, yes, “they”, because this arrangement helped them both. It helped Casie to learn how to let go, how to give control and not take it, how to submit, how to surrender, things she didn’t feel comfortable with. And it helped Nate to trust again, to trust in love, to trust in a woman again, and most of all, to fall in love again.

This book was also like the HUGE REUNION to all the characters of Lauren’s book – OK not all, but most of them – . Being able to read Bryan’s POV again was just the best!! Kat was as amazing as I remembered her. Julia and (My) Clay *sigh* were there too, *happy dance*, with one little addition *woohoo*. Jack and Michelle’s wedding was beautiful and very paradise like. Reading about all of them, how they are doing in their HEA is always a joy for me. THANK YOU LAUREN FOR THIS!!

Everybody has to read this book. It’s just amazing. 500% recommended.


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