#Review The Vigilante’s Lover Vol.3 by Annie Winters, Tony West

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#Review The Vigilante’s Lover Vol.3 by Annie Winters, Tony WestThe Vigilante's Lover vol.3 by Annie Winters, Tony West
Published by Casey Shay Press on Feb.20, 2015
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The Vigilantes have obliterated Mia's past, but Jax is her future

The third volume of the addictive romantic suspense series from the desk of USA Today bestselling author Deanna Roy / JJ Knight

After the Vigilantes blow up Mia's house, Jax knows he has to let her stay with him. It's the only way to protect her.

If he can keep her safe at all.

Mia knows her future belongs to Jax. She has no family, no home, and nothing to return to. If they don't survive the next few days, she'll still have tasted a life she never thought possible.

With a kill order hanging over Jax, he and Mia have to stay one step ahead of the most powerful organization in the world. And they're on their own. Even their trusted friends are off limits to avoid putting anyone else in danger.

Jax has one shot at getting to the bottom of his ex-lover's treachery - attending an MMA fight in Nashville where he will stage a Vigilante showdown.

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Volume 3 starts out where the cliffhanger left us in volume 2: did Jax survive the house bomb?!?!

We start to get a lot of our questions answered in this volume…like what is the story behind the black onyx ring and who is Mia, but with that being said, we are still left questioning certain major aspects…like what is Mia’s aunt and parents story/were they all Vigilante’s and then another big question is: what is the end game for Jovana (Jax’s ex-lover) and Klause (Jax’s ex-best friend)/what do they have planned?!?

Klaus has admitted to a bigger plot, but for what? –Jax.

So many questions to be answered in the last volume!

Jax is beginning to wonder what Klaus’s motivations were to betray him. He trusted him, relied on him and now Klaus is setting bombs and land mines to try to kill Jax and Mia….how did Klaus become Jax’s worst enemy? Is Klaus really trying to kill them or is it all Jovana?

The “relationship” between Jax and Mia is growing!!! Jax has this sense of “responsibility” for her, but he is also realizing that his feelings go much deeper than that.

“Jesus, Jax,” she whispers. “You’re going to ruin me for any other man.” And I realize then, she’s ruining me too. –Jax.

He’s trying to find a way to keep her close, but yet out of harm’s way, which is proving to be a difficult thing because every where they turn, they are fighting off a Vigilante and/or running for their lives.

Mia’s character is developing! She is proving to be a Vigilante of her own. She is determined to learn Jax’s ways of living…even if that means death. She knows she still has nothing and no one to go back to, so she is willing to stick by Jax’s side to the end.

“She’s brave. Tougher than I gave her credit that first night.”-Jax.

Mia’s feelings for Jax are solidifying as well!

“I’m so lost. I want him by me all the time. I’ve totally fallen for this man.” -Mia

How are these two characters going to ever have a true relationship with all this danger surrounding them and the “kill order” on Jax? Are they even going to survive this?

QUESTIONS QUESTIONS QUESTIONS!!! I am LOVING that these volumes have a mixture of suspense, thriller and a touch of HAWT romance to them! Annie and Tony sure know how to keep you on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen next! Whether it be wondering if someone is going to survive a bombing or wondering what is going to happen next in the bedroom for Jax and Mia…I was riveted 😉 I can’t wait for the final volume to see how it all ends for Jax and Mia!

**Be warned, this volume is left on a major cliffy…again!!** But, this is the LAST cliffy! The next volume (vol 4) that comes out will be the last of the Vigilante’s Lover books…SAD DAY!!!

5 stars!!


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