#ReleaseDay Ultimate Betrayal: Revelations by Catrina Courtenay @catcourtenay

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#ReleaseDay Ultimate Betrayal: Revelations by Catrina Courtenay @catcourtenayUltimate Betrayal: Revelations by Catrina Courtenay
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Publication Date: March 13th 2015
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It didn’t matter that Veronica Harper spent years in the military and then was trained by the best of the best at the FBI. It didn’t matter that she was skilled in hand-to-hand combat or that she was one of the most sought after bodyguards in the industry. When Kincaid got a hold of her, he stripped away everything she thought she was and left her broken and terrified. That was five years ago.

Now, she is being forced back to LA in order to protect Hollywood’s most sought after bad boy, Erik Sinclair. He’s sexy, protective, and unrelenting in his pursuit of her, but he doesn’t know that demons that haunt her past. When past and present collide, will Ronnie be able to face the darkness that haunts her and save the only man capable of fixing her?


 He pulls me closer, and the tips of my breasts touch him first, sending a zinging heat throughout my body. I feel like I’m on fire both from his closeness and from his enthralling dominance. His fingers trace my lip, freeing it from my teeth and as he stares at me, his deep, throaty breathing races in time with my own.

I shift my gaze, hoping to break his spell, but only a few unintelligible squeaks escape my mouth. He silences me, and my eyes slowly rise up his face, focusing for a beat on his soft delicious looking mouth.

“My God, you’re infuriating. I can’t help myself though. I wanted to so badly today.” he whispers against my skin.

Wanted to?

He wanted to what?

This is what he wants me to do. Imagine him kissing me, uninterrupted, our hands all over each other, clothes strewn haphazardly on the floor. But my brain has come sputtering back to life, and now it won’t stop sounding the alarm.

Danger! Danger Will Robinson.



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