#Review Hell’s Kitchen By Callie Hart & Lili St. Germain

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#Review Hell’s Kitchen By Callie Hart & Lili St. GermainHell's Kitchen by Callie Hart, Lili St. Germain
on March 3, 2015
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*From International Bestselling authors Callie Hart and Lili St. Germain comes a tale of two families co-existing in a melting pot of violence, murder and drugs in the seedy underbelly of New York City*

Hell’s Kitchen

Theo and Sal Barbieri are brothers, tasked by their Mafioso father Roberto with a very clear purpose: kidnap Kaitlin McLaughlin. The beautiful daughter of Roberto’s Irish enemy. It’s high time Kaitlin was punished for her father’s sins—not to mention, her own.

And Operation: Kidnap Kaitlin is a roaring success… until it isn’t. When Kaitlin escapes into the busy streets of New York City, it’s a race against the clock to find her before Sal and Theo become the hunted.

Zeth Mayfair has traded his life as a hitman for a quieter existence, but it isn’t long before the past catches up with him in the form of Roberto Barbieri. Will he succumb to the lure of power that Roberto is offering? Or will he retaliate by killing every last Barbieri in New York to get them off his back?

Jason Ross is running. Woken in the night by a tip that the Gypsy Brothers are coming for him, he packs a bag and gets his girlfriend the hell out of dodge. Arriving in New York City in the midst of a heatwave is one thing, but being tailed by an entire drug cartel is another.

Worlds collide in Hell’s Kitchen as secrets come to light and sins are punished. Because we might be different in the light of day, but in the darkness, we’re all connected somehow.

Hell’s Kitchen is a serial comprising three volumes: Hell’s Kitchen, Tribeca and Bleecker Street.

We received this book/audiobook for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our opinion of the book or the content of our review.

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~Vivian’s Review~

(((ARC Review)))

I am a HUGE Callie Hart fan!! I became obsessed with her writing style after reading her series: Blood and Rose’s. (GR https://www.goodreads.com/series/121272-blood-roses ) I read those 6 books in like 3 days! Callie had me completely consumed with the world she created in Blood & Rose’s. I was completely hooked, line and sinker! The main male character, Zeth Mayfair is a top BBF of mine, so the minute I heard that my sexy Zeth was going to do a cameo in Hell’s Kitchen, there was no hesitation to read it! And man, I was NOT disappointed!

I’ll be honest, I have not read Lili St Germain’s book…EEK:/ *jaw hits the floor*! But I have heard great things about her books! I feel as if after reading Hell’s Kitchen, if Callie and Lili can write this amazeballs book together, then I will HAVE to read her Gypsy Brothers series asap! (GR Link) There is a cameo of a couple from Gypsy Brothers in Hell’s Kitchen (Jase and Juliette).

**Warning: if you have not read The Gypsy Brothers by Lil St. Germain, it is said that the chapter with Jase and Juliette can be considered a spoiler for that series**

**Warning: if you have not read The Blood & Rose’s by Callie Hart, there is some spoilers from that series in Hell’s Kitchen**

With that being said, it is fine to read Hell’s Kitchen without reading Blood & Rose’s series and/or Gypsy Brothers series. I personally would highly recommend reading the other series first because I believe you will have a higher appreciate for those characters and their connecting stories if you had read those other series first. I am regretting not reading The Gypsy Brother’s series first because I felt like I couldn’t connect with Jase and Juliette “Julz” as much as I probably would’ve if I had read their story.



Sex *wink*.




Hell’s Kitchen revolves around a feud between 2 families: the Barbieri’s (Italian mob family) and the McLaughlin’s (Irish mob family). Roberto Barbieri, is the current Italian Mafia Kingpin of New York. He is ruthless, cold hearted and “…has a medieval mentality and can hold a grudge like no one else on earth“. He spares NO ONE when it comes to vengeance and power gain…not even his own sons. When his Irish enemy, Paddy McLaughlin, does him wrong, he sets forth a plan of revenge.

She’s Paddy McLaughlin’s blood,” I say empathetically. “This is the way it’s always been. The sins of the father are visited upon the heads of his children. – Roberto.

What a better way to get back at your enemy than to kidnap his beloved daughter.

Roberto has always been disappointed by his only sons, Theo and Sal. To prove their worth, he tasks them with kidnapping Paddy McLaughlin’s feisty, spoiled, princess of a daughter, Kaitlin McLaughlin. Easy enough, right? What can go wrong with kidnapping a spoiled, 20 something girl? Just about everything!

“No matter what name you call him by, when Roberto Barbieri tells you do something, you do it. No questions asked. And you do not fuck it up.”

We have multiple POV’s. Here is the breakdown:

TEAM BARBIERI (associated with Barbieri’s)

Roberto Barbieri: Mafia Kingpin of New York. Theo & Sal’s father

Theodore “Theo” Barbieri: Roberto’s son, brother to Sal

Salvatore “Sal” Barbieri: Roberto’s son, brother to Theo

TEAM MCLAUGHLIN (associated with McLaughlin’s)

Patrick “Paddy” McLaughlin: Irish Mafia of New York. Kaitlin’s father

Kaitlin McLaughlin: Paddy McLauglin’s daughter

Gracie O’Connor: Kaitlin’s bodyguard

Not on a team

Scarlett “Scar” Winchester: I’m not going to give deets on this character…don’t want it to be a spoiler 😉 Gotta read the book to get her back story!

Cameos from Blood and Rose’s and Gypsy Brothers

Jason “Jase” Ross and Juliette “Julz”

Zeth Mayfair and Sloane

The unfolding of each characters point of view (POV) was flawless! There are so many ‘players’ in this book that the reader feels like they are constantly learning something new with every chapter! The plot keeps thickening with each character introduction. How each character is entwined in the storyline is just brilliant! I am typically not a fan of multiple POV’s in books, especially if it’s more than 2 POV’s. I tend to feel like it breaks down the story and I feel like I can’t build an attachment with any of the characters, BUT… it was NOT that way in Hell’s Kitchen! After every chapter, I found myself wanting to know more and more about each individual character and then it’d switch to another character and I’d get sucked into that characters life and want to learn how that character fits into the story. This happened with EVERY character!

The collaboration of Callie and Lili was phenomenal! They are a new powerhouse to watch out for! I cannot wait for book 2 Tribeca.


5 “hell of a ride” stars!


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unnamed (2)

Tribeca (Hell’s Kitchen #2) Expected publication: May 5th 2015

Bleecker Street (Hell’s Kitchen #3) Expected publication: June 30th 2015




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