#GuestPost Ultimate Betrayal: Revelations by Catrina Courtenay

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#GuestPost Ultimate Betrayal: Revelations by Catrina CourtenayUltimate Betrayal: Revelations by Catrina Courtenay
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on March 13th 2015
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It didn’t matter that Veronica Harper spent years in the military and then was trained by the best of the best at the FBI. It didn’t matter that she was skilled in hand-to-hand combat or that she was one of the most sought after bodyguards in the industry. When Kincaid got a hold of her, he stripped away everything she thought she was and left her broken and terrified. That was five years ago.

Now, she is being forced back to LA in order to protect Hollywood’s most sought after bad boy, Erik Sinclair. He’s sexy, protective, and unrelenting in his pursuit of her, but he doesn’t know that demons that haunt her past. When past and present collide, will Ronnie be able to face the darkness that haunts her and save the only man capable of fixing her?

he has that V-2


Guest Post v2

why Eric would make an awesome book boyfriend

He’s Sexy

I’m not sure how long I’ve been sitting here, but when I look up, I find him staring at me. He’s leaning on his hand, and his index finger is gently tracing along his bottom lip. My eyes meet his, and those usually bright blue eyes have darkened into two inky blue sapphires. He stares at me as if I’m a meal, and he hasn’t tasted food in a week.

“What is it?” I ask, but that finger never moves from his lip.

“Nothing.” His focus never wavers, and his eyes moving over me feel like a thousand fingers caressing my body. My temperature skyrockets from normal to inferno in an instant. I feel that electricity sparking in the air again. It’s that tingling pull between us that started the moment we met.

It’s impossible to ignore.

He’s impossible to ignore.

He’s Protective

Erik explains why he doesn’t want Ronnie staying in the guest house, alone.

“It’s just a guy thing,” he says.

No, no, that won’t do. He’s not getting off that easy.

“A guy thing? Such as?” I can see his smirk in the rearview disappear as he looks out at the mountains. The sun has come up over the horizon now, and traffic is starting to build.

“Ms. Harper…if anything happens, I’d rather be close enough to help. I’d don’t want you over there alone.”

“Mr. Sinclair, you do realize I have a gun, right?” He laughs from the backseat, and I await yet another sarcastic answer, but what I get is entirely different.

“Yes. I do. And you’re probably bloody deadly with a gun. It’s just how my mum raised me. She taught me to protect women.” He pauses, and I look into the rearview. “Even one with a gun.”

He Gets What He Wants

“Besides, my relationship with her is over. You needn’t worry about Catriona. I’m a free man.”

I try to hide my shock, as a huge wave of embarrassment washes over me and I nearly drop my cup of tea.

Oh Jesus, what did I do?

I didn’t mean to. . .

Maybe I did.

My insides curl up into the fetal position, as I wither under his intense scrutiny. His outrageous offer, if it’s truly an offer, has me stunned, but wary. Perhaps he’s not interested at all, he’s just trying to see if I am. Unfortunately, that leaves me with precious little to say in response.

My heart pounds as I force out a few words. “I didn’t mean. . .Ah. What I meant was. . .”

“Oh, but I did Ms. Harper. If I want to date you, I will. I don’t give a rat’s ass if Melissa has a problem with it.”

He Delivers one Hell of a Kiss

Placing both hands against the wall, he cages me and stares me down. “What’s going through that beautifully wicked mind of yours?” His eyes roam my face and settle on my lip, which is caught between my teeth. I squeak.


He tilts his head and seals his lips over mine in a possessive, frantic kiss. The kind of kiss that truly lives up to all the anticipation.

A movie kiss.

The kind they probably teach in drama school.

How to bring a woman to her knees 101.

The force of his need tilts my head back, and I can’t contain the groan as his hand rises up my body.

He’s a Smart-Ass

“I’m going to need you to write a few checks,” I blurt out. I figure there’s no better time for this. No matter when I do it, asking for money from a man you’ve been intimate with is awkward.

“For what?” he asks, confused.

“To pay for the clothes, the dresses, and the security system for your house. The company is almost bankrupt. We can’t afford to pay the employees unless you can help cover those costs.” I say as I feel my guts twist with humiliation.

He thinks for a minute, rubbing at the hair on his chin, making me wait for long minutes before speaking again. “I think I can manage that. After all, I want you to look like a princess at the premiere.” He thinks for a moment, and I see the wicked smile spread across his face. “A princess with a Glock. . . between her legs.”

Holy fuck.



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