#BlogTour #Giveaway Playing with Temptation (The Players Club, Book #1) by Erika Wilde @erikawilde1

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#BlogTour #Giveaway Playing with Temptation (The Players Club, Book #1) by Erika Wilde @erikawilde1Playing with Temptation From the series: The Players Club, Book #1
by Erika Wilde
(Website, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads)Publication Date: March 23rd 2015
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When Raina Beck is given an invitation to The Players Club, all she wants is a night of decadence with a gorgeous, sexy stranger. The seductive, mysterious man she meets fulfills her deepest desires and most erotic fantasies, giving her a night she’ll never forget. But forgetting him isn’t quite so easy.

Logan Cruz prefers his women submissive and compliant in the bedroom . . . everything the independent Raina is not. Yet from the first moment he lays eyes on her, he’s determined to make Raina his. Despite her resistance.

When Logan is assigned to protect Raina from a stalker, everything between them changes. Sex becomes more than just physical, and emotions run deep. Falling in love was never on Raina’s agenda, but can she let go of the past and surrender the one thing he wants the most . . . her heart?




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“Tell me something,” he murmured as he caressed the sensitive crease of her elbow with a stroke of his thumb, gratified to see the pulse at her neck flutter at his touch and her eyes darken with that same desire he’d witnessed last night. Even her nipples beaded against the pretty pink dress she wore. “Are you more afraid of me or the stalker?”

Her gaze turned guarded, contradicting the sugary-sweet smile she gave him. “I’m not afraid of you.”

No, not in a threatening sense, but physically he could feel her resistance. Hell, the way she’d bolted on him last night was a clear indicator that the combustible chemistry between them had spooked her. Given this second chance, he planned to take full advantage of their time together and the attraction that hadn’t dissipated one iota. But first, he needed to knock down some of those walls she’d erected between the two of them.

“Maybe you should be afraid of me,” he said, giving her a wolfish smile. “Because I’m itching to put you over my knee and spank you for being so insubordinate last night.”

Her brows shot up, and then the most beautiful thing happened — that strong, confident woman he’d met last night at the club reappeared right before his eyes.

Fire and sass sparked in her gaze, making him hard in a flash. “Oh, I’d like to see you try.”

He flat-out grinned, welcoming this more flirtatious side to Raina. He lowered his head closer to hers, so that his mouth was near her ear. “Sweetheart, it would be my greatest pleasure to feel your smooth ass beneath the palm of my hand. But I don’t think that Dean or Mac would appreciate me doing so right here in their conference room. However, if you’d like to wrestle it out later to see who comes out on top, I’m certainly game.”

She gaped at him, though there was no misinterpreting the amusement in her gaze. With the awkwardness between them finally dispelled, he released her arm but didn’t step away. “Now let’s get you to work before I change my mind and give everyone in the office a titillating peep show, with your bare ass as the main attraction.”



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