#GuestPost The Vigilantes (The Vigilante’s Lover #4) Annie Winters & Tony West @DeannaRoy

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#GuestPost The Vigilantes (The Vigilante’s Lover #4) Annie Winters & Tony West @DeannaRoyThe Vigilante's Lover #4 From the series: The Vigilante's
Also in this series: The Vigilante's Lover vol.2, The Vigilante's Lover vol.3, The Vigilante's Lover IV (The Vigilante's #4), The Vigilante's Lover #4, The Vigilante's Lover #4
by Annie Winters, Tony West
(Website, Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads)Also by this author: The Vigilante's Lover vol.2, The Vigilante's Lover vol.3, The Vigilante's Lover IV (The Vigilante's #4), The Vigilante's Lover #4, The Vigilante's Lover #4
Published by Casey Shay Press Publication Date: March 24, 2015
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If it's time to die, Mia and Jax want to make their final days count.

The fourth and final volume of the addictive romantic suspense series from the desk of USA Today bestselling author Deanna Roy / JJ Knight

Separated. Unsure if the other one is alive. Desperate.

Jax's ex-lover has captured Mia, and Jovana isn't playing by anyone's rules but her own.

Jax is in the hands of the Vigilantes, where in-fighting, suspicion and lies are destroying the order of the world's most powerful organization of mercenaries and spies.

In this final installment of The Vigilante's Lover, Jax must find his way to Mia before time runs out on them both.


Wonder Twins Power: Activate! Writing a romantic thriller with a partner

By Annie Winters, author of The Vigilante’s Lover

I confess, I don’t always play well with others.

Sometimes on the playground, I would be bossy, trying to shout out commands to my unruly minions playing hopscotch or kickball.

They ignored me.

My time to shine came in high school, when the apathy of others during group projects worked to my advantage. I could delegate responsibilities with the insistence of a commander, and we all benefitted from the big shiny grade.

Thankfully, I chose an occupation where I was in CHARGE! I wrote five books under Deanna Roy and nine serials under JJ Knight and enjoyed my autonomy.

But when it came time for Vigilante’s Lover, I knew I would need help. I’m good at sexytimes and creating a couple who discover — and often resist — that they may have found “The One.”

But spy gadgets? Prison breaks? Ahem…plot?

Not my strength.

The Vigilante’s Lover actually began on the way to Romantic Times Convention in New Orleans. Four of us drove from Austin to NOLA and brainstormed something I could pitch to an editor I was meeting there.

“We need an alpha!” I said. “But not a billionaire businessman or a vampire.”

We decided he DID need a lot of money. But he had to live a life of danger. I didn’t want to do a straight up spy. Or CIA or police or government agency.

So we came up with the Vigilantes. They were like the A-Team (can you tell I’m a child of the 80s?) but with a better wardrobe. Our guy would break out of jail and kidnap a woman he thinks has killed his partner. But he’s wrong.

I pitched this book to the editor and she wanted it immediately. I enlisted Tony West to help me with the plot-heavy sections. What I didn’t count on was that my JJ Knight pen name would go bonkers with my Fight for Her series and that all my deadlines would derail. I missed the window when I would send Vigilante to the publisher, and Tony and I realized the plot of this book was too complicated to write quickly.

So we hammered out all the details over six months and commenced the writing in the fall. As we went along, Jax and Mia’s personalities, backgrounds, and idiosyncrasies began to emerge.

In the end, Vigilante’s Lover is the most intricate story I’ve ever done. I’ve had a blast picking up Tony’s chapters and seeing the gadgets he’s created and the world building we’ve established. Wait until you see these guys’ CARS! (Theme song: Shut Up and Drive.)

I may have been a little bossy at times (Tony nods), but I’ve learned that sitting back and letting someone else show THEIR strengths in the process is better for the work as a whole. If only those playground kids could get a shot at grown-up Annie! Maybe I’d be a lot less dictatorial and a whole lot more fun.


This four-part romantic suspense series stars a hard-line Vigilante spy who gets tangled up with an innocent civilian with a mysterious past. Author Annie Winters is a four-time USA Today bestselling author under her other pen names Deanna Roy and JJ Knight. This is her first romantic suspense series.


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