#Review Playing In Shadow by Lesley Davis

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#Review Playing In Shadow by Lesley DavisPlaying In Shadow by Lesley Davis
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on April 21st 2015
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After surviving a devastating car crash, Bryce Donovan is plagued by crippling nightmares that leave her terrified to close her eyes. She still bears the scars from that night, both emotionally and physically. Her job at Tweedy Contractors brings the diversion she is desperate for, and the new apprentice painter is a welcome distraction.

As a gifted artist, Scarlet Tweedy creates beauty in every medium she employs. But she’s always been expected to take over her father’s business. The problem is she doesn’t want to follow in his footsteps while she has dreams of her own to pursue. But can she choose her own path over what has always been expected of her?

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I don’t know if I loved this book as much as I did because I was in the right emotional place or if it just was this good! I’ll let you be the judge of that and I trust you, dear reader, you’ll let me know.

This is the story of Bryce Donovan, a girl that works at Tweedy Contractors who was in a terrible accident and now is dealing with Survivors Guilt, a little PTSD and a lot of self steem issues, and then there’s Scarlet Tweedy, awesome Goth/metal head, an artist and the heiress to the Tweedy Contractors legacy; they meet just at the right time to draw strength from each other to face the choices life is giving them.

I really enjoyed the story, it portrays very realistically the struggles Bryce is facing to live, shows how emotionally draining is to live alone and how healing a good support system can be to a person. On the other hand Scarlet is my perfect Book Girlfriend not only because she’s gorgeous physically but her sense of humor, her hobbies and her music taste is spot on for me so I must say I laughed and rolled on the bed in more than one occasion because of the music and her bluntness, I must say is refreshing.

The secondary characters, god! they were amazing and funny, so engaging! Trent and Juliet really have a relationship to aspire to, full of love and caring for each other; I must say as Scarlet I do too have a crush on them. Monica is the much needed comic relief to tone down a little Bryce’s hardest struggles. That’s an amazing bunch of misfits, or as Scarlet Calls them, “Gamers, gardeners and goths gang”

Overall this was an amazing reading, great and engaging story and as it progresses adding layers to the characters and the complexity of their struggles it starts to consume a little bit of your heart making you wish this was a Saga and not just one story. That’s why I’ll give this book 5 stars surprising even myself because as I said in a previous review, I’m annoying.


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Playing in Shadow




4 Responses to “#Review Playing In Shadow by Lesley Davis”

  1. Thank you for such a marvellous review!! As to your wishing it was a saga, go check out “Playing Passion’s Game” because that is where you find Trent and Juliet’s story begin! These characters will all be back, I promise!! So very happy you enjoyed the story!! Thank you!

    • LuCas

      I’m happy you enjoyed the review. I read Playing Passion’s Game and I loved it! I think I love all these characters and can’t wait to see where they end up…

      • Lesley Davis

        So glad you enjoyed the first book featuring these characters too. Rest assured their stories, along with the new friends they meet along the way, will continue. I love these characters too much to let them go for a long while yet! Thanks for your support!

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