#BlogTour #Playlist #Giveaway The Music of Temptation by Verity Jacobs @veritymjacobs

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#BlogTour #Playlist #Giveaway The Music of Temptation by Verity Jacobs @veritymjacobs

#BlogTour #Playlist #Giveaway The Music of Temptation by Verity Jacobs @veritymjacobsThe Music of Temptation by Verity Jacobs
(Blog, Twitter, Goodreads)Publication Date: March 26th 2015
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Margot Duke can’t keep her long-distance relationship alive any more than she can the cells that are supposed to be taking center stage in her PhD thesis. Both seem to be suffering an inexplicably long and drawn-out death, and she’s spent more than enough time fretting about it, without any solution in sight.

It figures that the one day she chooses to pack it all in and stop caring is the day she meets Jonathan Young.

Jonathan swings through town with his band, just long enough to knock Margot off her feet, and leave her feeling a little giddy in his wake. The encounter proves once and for all that her inter-continental love affair is over, but can she really stomach the idea of starting another one right on its heels? And with the darling of the indie rock world at that?


Margot’s mix-tape

Margot Duke’s life revolves around her twin passions of music and science — at least, it does until she meets Jonathan Young (and his life is music, so nothing really changes anyway). She’s always listening to something while she’s working in the lab, and she’s even been known to dance a little when no one’s around. Here’s a list of songs that are on high rotation in her life:

The Suburbs by Arcade Fire

Margot was there when it all started. Okay, she was twelve when Arcade Fire formed, but by the time their first album appeared, she was sixteen and full of angsty teenage love for a band with more members than can safely fit on many stages. She’d like to pretend that she chose to study at McGill because of its excellent science program, but really she moved to Montreal for the music.

Where I’m Waking by Slow Club

This is her boss Kate’s favorite band. Did she go to school with one of them? Margot can’t remember, but she does know that the second Kate slid this song into the shared music folder at work, she was hooked. There’s something anthemic about it. Something that makes her want to whip her hair around and jump up and down. “You’ve got the brains, I’ve got the body!” yells the singer, in a tone that stomps all over provocative. Margot’s got both, but that doesn’t stop her from singing along at the top of her lungs as she’s staring down the barrel of a microscope.

Step Inside by Paperclouds

Margot was sold on Paperclouds well before she’d even met the band’s beautiful singer. But let’s just say that her relationship with Jonathan has upped the stakes somewhat, and now she wants to put their every song in her list of favorites. Failing that, she loves the way his voice sounds in this one, so it stands in for all of them.

If I Could Change Your Mind by Haim

A song to lose a Saturday afternoon to, lazing around in your sun-filled studio apartment. Margot has spent more than a few weekends listening to these girls on repeat and she’s happy to say she never tires of them.

Aurélie by Wir Sind Helden

The quintessential German pop song for a confused foreign girl. Margot doesn’t have to navigate the singles scene in Bonn, but this song still rings true. In it, the singer explains to her lovely French friend why none of the boys seems to be interested in her. “You expect too much,” she says. “The German art of flirting is subtle to the point of being ridiculous.” (I’m paraphrasing now.) She goes on to talk about how they really do like her, despite the fact that all they talk about is soccer. Margot can relate.



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