#BlogTour Vetting The Senator (Dirty Little Secrets #2) by Alex Elliott @DCDirtySecrets

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#BlogTour Vetting The Senator (Dirty Little Secrets #2) by Alex Elliott @DCDirtySecrets

#BlogTour Vetting The Senator (Dirty Little Secrets #2) by Alex Elliott @DCDirtySecretsVetting The Senator From the series: Dirty Little Secrets #2
by Alex Elliott
(Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads)Publication Date: February 9, 2015
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"You need to be f--ked, but you also need to remember who runs this show.” Ben lets go of my hair and spins me around. Our gazes collide. Lock. “When I tell you to beg me, you’d f--king better follow the direction the first time. As of right now, you haven’t earned my cock.”
“No. No. NO!” I shout. He’s right. I’m on the edge and hungry for him.
“That’s enough,” he whispers a warning, arching his brow.
I swallow as he palms both of my breasts, strumming his thumbs across my nipples that pebble, ache for his mouth. “Please.”
“You’re wild and undisciplined.”
“I’m tortured and teased!”
“Christ, do you remember anything from Boston?”
“Lots. That’s the problem.”

Back in D.C. and operating under the wire, Senator Stone introducesXavia 'X' Kennedy to the lifestyle both on the Hill and at the 'House.'

What starts out as a doorway to erotic hardcore encounters becomes smoke and mirrors. The House is a hedonistic playground for the Capitol elite. Run by seven congressmen, this private club caters to singular appetites for carnal pleasure with no-holds-barred public policy in place.

When the press gets wind of a scandal, they're cutthroat in unleashing an expose where X gets caught in the crossfire and the eagle has landed takes on sadistic, callous connotations.

Find out what happens in this second installment of Dirty Little Secrets where X and Bennett are forced to deal with the painful past in order to outrun those in power, forging a deeper if not darker connection.

Book 3 Affianced To The Veep releases Summer 2015
Book 4 The House on The Hill due out late in 2015

Master of the Hill~Monday releases in Feb. 2015 with Troy Shepard and Alicia Cruz tearing up the stage at the House


“Who’s teasing?” I offer him my breasts, caged between my fingers. “All for you.” “The way your pink nipples tighten for me, I can’t wait to fuck those beauties.” He limps toward me, the muscles along his torso flex into rippling planes that temp me to run my hands over his corrugated abs up to his sculpted shoulders. The moment he touches me, I groan in pleasure.

“Please,” I plead. Letting go a dark-sounding chuckle, he kneads the skin over my breasts, thrumming my nipples. “I’ve got something else for you.” From his pocket, he removes a thin cord of black leather attached to tiny clamps. I watch as he attaches one clamp to my nipple, then the other, and I bite my lip from the swelling erotic sensation, tingling within each of my breasts.

“Ben,” I rasp his name. He bends and licks the tip of his tongue across each of my peaks, teasing me until jolts of pleasure flare and land between my legs. I moan hungry sounds, spreading my fingers along his face and arch as he sucks my nipple into his searing mouth. Raising his head, he kisses a path up my chest to my neck, then sucks a point that has me melting. “God!” I groan. “How about an abbreviated tour of the place?” he asks, gifting me with a very sexy and confident smirk while he tugs me toward the terrace doorway. “Yes. That would be wonderful.”

My chest squeezes at the flickering pain that slices across his face when he takes a step on the ankle I’ve hurt. “I’m sorry about your ankle.” He chuckles darker this time, and there’s a percolating lascivious mirth in his expression. “Are you really?” “I am. How can I make it up to you? Just tell—”  He presses one of his fingers to my lips. “Shhh. Don’t you worry. I’ve got plans for you.” He guides me into his living room, but then pauses as he spreads out his arms.

“East or South?



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