#BlogTour Master of Freedom: A Mountain Masters Novella (Mountain Masters & Dark Haven) by Cherise Sinclair @CheriseSinclair

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#BlogTour Master of Freedom: A Mountain Masters Novella (Mountain Masters & Dark Haven) by Cherise Sinclair @CheriseSinclair

#BlogTour Master of Freedom: A Mountain Masters Novella (Mountain Masters & Dark Haven) by Cherise Sinclair @CheriseSinclairMaster of Freedom: A Mountain Masters Novella From the series: Mountain Masters & Dark Haven
by Cherise Sinclair
(Website, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads)Publication Date: April 14th 2015
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Detective Atticus Ware gave up his beloved Idaho to start again in the mountains of California, close to his imprisoned brother. He has a rewarding job and friends, but the experienced Dominant wants more than the Do-Me submissives who flock around him. He needs a woman who will give her heart as well as her body.

Virginia, “Gin,” is damn good at her challenging career as a prison psychologist. However, one problem inmate is mired in misery and unable to overcome his guilt at causing a friend’s death.
To clear her mind, she joins a friend’s kinky backpacking excursion, planning to hide in her tent during the evening BDSM pursuits. But Atticus lures her into the activities. She’s read about BDSM, but submission under the hands of a powerful Dom is beyond anything she’d imagined. She doesn’t trust men, doesn’t want a relationship, and yet…wants more from him.

Finally, Atticus has found the woman he wants in his life. In his bed. In his cuffs. But she’s not only his brother’s therapist, but also works in a prison. How can he tolerate his woman walking into danger every single blasted day?

Gin knows she has no future with Atticus Ware, but still, hope is rising in her heart.


Master of Freedom - Teaser



Annoying Atticus might not be a smart idea.

He was still standing there. Watching her. When her eyes lifted to his, he gave a nod, as if satisfied, then walked around her. Touching her. Running a hand down her bare arm. Across her lower back. Moving her hair to fall down her back. He stroked down her spine, as if assessing her vertebrae. His fingers massaged her left shoulder, then the right.

His hand was warm and callused. Firm.

“You’re a beautiful woman, Virginia.” He unbuttoned her nightie, letting it hang open. “I’m going to tie a modified karada—a rope web for the torso.”

Her hands closed into fists as she kept herself from moving. She was still covered, she reminded herself. The silky material caught on her peaked nipples, making her think of the old question,Are you cold or glad to see me?

She had an uncomfortable feeling that Atticus already knew the answer.

He draped the rope behind her neck, the ends dangling in front. Slowly, but without hesitation, he began to weave the rope around her, above her breasts, below her breasts.

With the first knot, she tensed. He stopped. His gaze on her was steady, revealing no irritation or impatience. Jake and Kallie liked him, she could tell. She’d seen him work with the other people here and how he emphasized safety and honest communication. Everything about the man said he was in control. He wasn’t a little boy—he was a man, an honorable one.

“We’ll stop if you need to, but you can trust me, baby,” he said quietly.

“I know. I do.”

The appreciation in his gaze said he knew she’d offered him a gift. “Thank you, sweetling.”

She felt slight tugs as he created a series of diamond-like patterns down the center of her body. Gradually a latticework of rope snugly formed around her torso, and the sensation of being enclosed was oddly comforting. Back when she’d worked with children, some of the autistic ones could be settled by firmly wrapping a blanket around them, as if the sensation of being hugged would subdue their nerves so they could process the world’s input more normally.

This was…nice. Under the slight scrape of the ropes and the sure movements of Atticus’s hands, she felt her pulse slow. He never left her, always kept a hand on her somewhere, as if she might float away if he let her go.

“You take rope well.” He grasped her upper arms. “I want you on the ground now.”



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