#ReleaseDay The Billionaire Bride (The Brides of Holland Springs, Book 1) by Marquita Valentine @marquitaval

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#ReleaseDay The Billionaire Bride (The Brides of Holland Springs, Book 1) by Marquita Valentine @marquitavalThe Billionaire Bride From the series: The Brides of Holland Springs, Book 1
by Marquita Valentine
(Website, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads)Publication Date: May 7th 2015
Genres: Romance
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It’s not easy being the woman most likely to be married to a fortune hunter, but Kate Von Lichtenstein has a plan to deter even the most determined gold digger. She’ll take a page right out of her favorite historical romance novel - with her own unique spin. She’ll marry a man of her choosing before the public gets wind of how much money she actually inherited from her grandparents. And who fits the bill better than the sexy and charming American businessman, Noah Sawyer?

After selling his share of the successful tech company, Noah Sawyer lost everything when an unscrupulous realtor stole the money he intended to use to purchase a huge swath of land worth millions. So, when a chance meeting at a mutual friend’s wedding with a hot brunette turns into a mutually beneficial business arrangement, Noah jumps at the chance to salvage his business.

However, the sexy land developer has no intention of his marriage to Kate being in name only…


The sound of forks lightly hitting glasses caused Sebastian and Daisy to stop. So did Kate’s heart.  They turned to one another, tender smiles on their faces, and kissed. It was lovely and beautiful and made Kate want to sigh a little in happiness.

But she couldn’t.

It felt as though the walls were closing in on her, squeezing her so tightly that she could scarcely breathe. Panic clawed at her insides, and she clenched her hands into tight fists. She would not cause a scene by breaking down in front of everyone, especially over a childhood crush.

Smile. Be gracious. Be kind. Be brave.

She had chanted those words over and over in her head during the entire ceremony. They had become so loud that she couldn’t hear the reciting of the vows, the promise to love and cherish.

Thank goodness.

For a wild moment, the urge to escape this beautiful nightmare nearly made her jump to her feet and run away. She took a deep breath, mentally chastising herself for such cowardly thoughts.  Besides, where could she run and to whom?

Someone pulled the chair beside her out from the table and sat down. The scent of a sun-warmed spice with a hint of something she could only describe as male washed over her and her stomach tumbled to her toes.

However, she didn’t have the time to waste small talk on her closest dinner companion, no matter how attractive he smelled, unless he could possibly be the—she bit her lip—this was mortifying.

A light touch on her bare shoulder made her stiffen. “Excuse me?”

Gathering her thoughts, Kate attempted to take a breath and reign in her emotions without anyone becoming any the wiser.  “Just a moment, please,” she said softly, pleased that her voice didn’t betray her.

A large hand held out a napkin to her, just in her line of vision so that she didn’t have to turn or look up. “I think you need this,” he said softly.

His voice was low, American and…familiar. It couldn’t be him, could it? She hadn’t seen Noah in ages, not since that night in Holland Springs when he’d charmed her with talk of house building after Zoe and Christian’s wedding.

Noah Sawyer was tall and lean with dark hair and even darker eyes. His face ruggedly handsome, lips full and the most stubborn looking jaw. He exuded confidence and power even while his excitement seemed to make him come alive, and wore a suit in such a way that made her knees weak.

All in all, he was a sexy, charming man who’d made her feel special for one night. Though nothing more had happened between them, it felt as though something had happened. A connection had been made.

Slowly, she turned to him and somehow a smile found its way to her mouth. “It is you.” Warmth filled her, displacing all the nasty coldness that had threatened to lay her bare. She took the napkin from him and clutched it tightly.  “Seems we’re always meeting this way…at weddings.”

“Duchess, it’s always a pleasure to see you. No matter the circumstances,” Noah murmured, the nickname he’d give her so many years ago rolling off his tongue in such a way that it made her slightly dizzy. His dark-eyed gaze appraised her before he leaned close. “You look like you could use some fresh air.”

“I don’t…” She swallowed. Everyone would see. Everyone would suspect that she was upset and—

“Hell, I could use some fresh air with a beautiful woman. Unless you think I’m suggesting something too improper,” he continued on in that whisky-tinged drawl she adored. “Besides, we haven’t seen each other in three years. Too damned long, don’t you think?”

He winked and her heart fluttered. In that moment, she found the answer to her dilemma.


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