#CoverReveal What the Lightning Sees: Part Three by Louise Bay @louisesbay

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#CoverReveal What the Lightning Sees: Part Three by Louise Bay @louisesbayWhat the Lightning Sees: Part Three From the series:
Also in this series: What the Lightning Sees, What the Lightning Sees, What the Lightning Sees: Part Three
by Louise Bay
(Website, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads)Also by this author: What the Lightning Sees, What the Lightning Sees, What the Lightning Sees: Part Three
Publication Date: May 25th 2015
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Jake Harrison is everything that Haven Daniels hates about men: over-confident, born into money and too handsome for his own good. Haven finds it difficult to keep her opinions to herself and can’t help but tell Jake exactly what she thinks of him, again and again.

Haven Daniels is uptight, smart and a bit of a bitch – the perfect challenge for Jake. It doesn’t hurt that she’s movie star beautiful and has no idea.

Forced to work together, verbal sparring turns into sexual chemistry but men like Jake are trouble and Haven has had enough trouble to last her a lifetime.

Will Haven give into Jake’s charms? Can Jake peel off Haven’s prickly mask, revealing the woman he knows lies beneath?

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As I approached the luggage carousel, I switched on my cell. The flight from Palo Alto had landed late and I needed to tell Haven I’d been delayed. I’d started my trip thinking I needed space so I could work out what I was going to do about Millie’s pregnancy, but I’d changed my ticket to come back early. I’d missed Haven. I hated the thought of her sleeping alone. Her warm, soft, naked body, without me next to it, just wasn’t right. Now that I was back in the country, I couldn’t put off telling her about Millie. I’d justified not saying anything to her so far because it wasn’t the sort of news I wanted to deliver over the phone, especially when I didn’t have a clue how she was going to react. There was a real possibility Haven would use it as an opportunity to run, to push me away and do what she did best: protect herself. But I had to take the bull by the horns. What I really wanted to do was get naked with her, bury myself in her, come up for air a couple of hours later, eat Chinese food and make her laugh. All I wanted to do was make Haven happy and my news was sure to do anything but.

I still hadn’t decided how I felt about the situation. I was sure that Millie as a mother spelled disaster. But under my worry about Haven’s reaction, my concern over Millie’s inability to think about anyone but herself and the real possibility that the baby wasn’t mine, there were parts of me excited to be a father. I pushed my hands through my hair. There was too much to think about. One step at a time.

When Beth and I were young, my mother was always concerned about my father getting hurt on the job. Being a cop anywhere, but particularly in Chicago, wasn’t the safest of occupations. She was always trying to convince him to get a position in an office. But he loved it and didn’t see the danger; he’d focused on the opportunity to make our city better. My father always used to say that we had to deal with what was right in front of us and not worry about things that hadn’t happened yet—one step at a time. It had almost become a family motto. He’d never said it again after Mom was shot.”






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