#BookReview Branded (Aspen Valley #3) by Colette Auclair @coletteauclair

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#BookReview Branded (Aspen Valley #3) by Colette Auclair @coletteauclairBranded From the series: Aspen Valley #3
Also in this series: Thrown, Jumped
by Colette Auclair
(Website, Twitter, Goodreads)Also by this author: Thrown, Jumped
Published by Pocket Star Publication Date: December 14th 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
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The third lighthearted romance in Colette Auclair’s award-winning Aspen Valley series, Branded takes us on a wild and dreamy ride through the beautiful valleys and mountains of Colorado.

Professional, polite, and pearl-wearing, dressage rider and resort consultant Cordy Sims is the last person anyone would expect to initiate a weekend of debauchery. And yet, that’s exactly what she does after meeting a handsome stranger at an Aspen resort. Agreeing that they’ll leave personal details at the door, they indulge in a memorable weekend of carnal recreation. On Sunday night, Cordy doesn’t want to leave this charming, seductive man, but she must play by her own rules.

On Monday, Cordy sits in a meeting at the ad agency that’s hired her as a freelancer, and her professional and personal worlds collide. Turns out agency owner Jack Cormier looks just as good in the boardroom as he did in the bedroom. Forced to work together, Cordy and Jack can’t ignore the chemistry that crackles between them, or the deeper feelings that have developed. But secrets and scars from their pasts may prove too formidable, even for a love that’s as powerful as it is unexpected.

I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.



book review: 4 stars!

So, I got to the third and last book of this amazing series. And there is only one thing I have to say about all three of the stories I’ve read: they were just Amazing! I really enjoyed reading them and it was a great pleasure meeting these wonderful characters!

In this last book of Aspen Valley series we are reading the story of Jack and Cordelia. For whoever have already read the second book would know who Jack is. But, whoever hasn’t yet, let me give you an idea.

So, Jack Cormier is the guy who helped Beth – Amanda’s best friend – with the installment of her horse rescue. He’s, also, a former baseball player and the CEO of one of Aspen’s ad agencies. And that’s where Cordelia or Cordy get linked in the story. Cordelia Sims is a woman who has been hired by this agency to help with the promotion of one of Aspen’s resorts. But, this job isn’t the only reason Cordy is in Aspen. What she left behind is really big and its results are going to be uncertain.

Also, through this story you can easily see that Fate has a freaking wicked sense of humor and she is the master of timing. And, without a doubt, it’s a delight to read!

Their first meeting was definitely hilariously odd and really cracked me up! It was a giggling-like-mad-while-being-stunned moment for me then. And what came next, just made it even better! Every page had me taken by surprise and kept going like that until the very end where I was sure I would explode from the emotion surging inside me. Plus, there were some very steamy and panties-melting scenes that made you squirm at your seat and feel reaaaaaaally hot.

Auclair found the perfect story to write as the conclusion of this sweet series. Each book was really magnificent and a different trip to love. The situations and difficulties that she was putting her characters through were making their love-journey even more special to them but to you too. As for the lines that you get to read throughout them, are some great gems and unforgettable. 😉

Aspen Valley is a series that I recommend without a second though and it’s perfect for those who are 21st century’s hopeless romantics. It really worths your time so go and check it out!



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