#BookReview Same Time Next Week by Emily Smith

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#BookReview Same Time Next Week by Emily SmithSame Time Next Week by Emily Smith
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Published by Bold Strokes Books on June 9th 2015
Genres: F/F, LGBTQI
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Is it really ever too late to be happy? That’s what young attorney Alex Harris finds herself asking while married to her bartender wife, Beth. For several years, Alex has resigned herself to a mediocre relationship, feeling doomed by the marriage vows she’s already taken. But everything changes when she walks into a small café one afternoon and meets Michelle Masters. As their friendship flourishes, Alex’s marriage crumbles around her, and she’s forced to question the only life she’s ever known. Will those vows be enough to keep her, no matter the consequences? Or will she finally take a chance at happily ever after?

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I’m so confused with this book, I know I liked the overall story and I think I get the intention of the author and the message she wanted to communicate but I can’t say I’m happy about the development because it sometimes felt forced, that’s why I give it 3.5 stars.

This is the story of Alex and Michelle and what happens when you meet the person you’ve been dreaming about when it’s “too late”. Alex is a unhappily married woman, who settled with what she thought was the best she’d get in life when in a fateful day meets Michelle, who immediately catches her eye and then captivates her attention to the point of going to the coffee place weekly just to spend 5 minutes with her all the while her marriage feels more and more suffocating.

“I didn’t know what married life would look like. I knew I’d have a lot to learn. What I never imagined, though, was feeling so much like a couple kids playing house.”

I like the voice of dichotomy in Alex’s head but I thought a lot of it seemed forced, maybe is because I don’t think anyone should stay in a loveless relationship just because of social conventions and pressure from the outside, but since I’m not married I shouldn’t be so hard on Alex for taking so long in getting out of that relationship that seemed pretty toxic to me.

“What unsettled me through and through was the feeling that we’d both just stopped trying”

I enjoyed this book, it was a fun time because when it involved Alex and Michelle it was adorable and cute, it’s not a story about cheating but a story about love and making peace with your reality, and how to keep true to yourself even in ways you didn’t imagine you’d have to face.

I hope you enjoy it and let me know how you feel.

Favorite quote:

“The world teaches you that monogamy means never finding another human being attractive for as long as you live. I tried that for a while.I was sure even Beth looked at other women this way. Still, it didn’t stop the guilt that flowed from saying the words aloud”




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