#BookReview Riding Passion by D. Jackson Leigh

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#BookReview Riding Passion by D. Jackson LeighRiding Passion by D. Jackson Leigh
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Published by Bold Strokes Books on June 9th 2015
Genres: Adult, Erotica, F/F, LGBTQI
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Life is best measured by the moments that take our breath away.

An artist and a poet burn bright and hot after a chance meeting in a moonlight horseback ride on the beach. An empty house is still filled with memories of lust and love. Tearing open a birthday gift takes the wrapper off a woman’s deepest fantasy. A breath-stealing ride through a star-studded night sky on a dragon horse ignites a fire never before experienced. A woman is reminded that her long-time partner still sees her through a lover’s eyes. Mount up for a ride through a novella of passion and ten short stories of buried desire, sizzling encounters, and romantic surprises.

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Hey I’m back!, Sorry I wasn’t updating as frequent as I’d like but life was being a bitch with me but now I’m being the bigger bitch so I WIN! HA! in your face life! Anyway, it’s time to talk about Riding Passion.

First I’d like to tell you that I ordered this book accidentally, and by “I” I mean Angy and by “accidentally” I mean she did the clicky thing for me when I laughed at the cover, I’m side eyeing you so hard Angy, even after all this time, because for like 2 weeks I referred to this book as the “horse fucking book” but I was mistaken, SPOILER ALERT: there was not horse fucking in this book… more or less anyway. So now my very not serious review of the more or less horse fucking book.

This is an anthology, so we find a lot of stories within the book, that at first glance didn’t connect with each other which made it hard for me to relate to the characters so I went through the motions and almost didn’t finished reading, I don’t know if my heart is getting colder, I’m becoming pickier or if this really isn’t my genre because I feel like I’ve said this in almost every review… But anyway, the first story is a bit stalkerish for my taste, like it’s in a first person POV and there’s this woman riding a horse but apparently she can be a Valkyrie riding to Valhalla because it’s described as a goddess and The Poet just can’t stop watching and waiting and sort of stalks her around town so that’s a big no-no in my book because of it’s obsessive nature but when she discovers Luna (she is a painter)there’s a lot of sex and apparently a real love grows from the burn in the lady loins of said ladies.

And so it goes, we see this story develop in about 3 chapters separated by other stories that on first glance don’t relate to each other but in the end you can see how some pieces fit there. My favorite one shot is the one with the strap on. Oh! I didn’t mention this is a lot of porn with some plot? yeah, well there’s a lot of sex in this book and most of it is hot and cute so YAY for well written smut!

It shows how lesbian dynamics works in different aspects of the women who are part of these stories, which is fun because we find a variety of people, a married couple trying to have a baby, an older couple with a big age gap and the insecurities this may bring, I love stories that bring all these nuances in the relationship dynamics.

So how many stars? 3 stars because it’s a book that can be read slowly chapter by chapter or in a binge reading spree, either way it’s a fun experience, that involves horse fucking… but between horses and not human-horse stuff, THANK GOD!
If you end up getting the book, let me know what you think ok? I wish I could have a dream cast but as this story moves there’re too many characters and honestly, I’m too lazy to cast all that people so be free and imagine whoever you see fit, and let me know! I can’t wait to know your thoughts about it.




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