#ReleaseDay Even The Score by Kate Meader

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#ReleaseDay Even The Score by Kate MeaderEven the Score From the series: Tall, Dark,
by Kate Meader
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Published by Entangled on July 21st 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
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A sexy category romance from Entangled's Brazen imprint...

He’ll make her an offer she can’t refuse…

Actress Tess McKenzie is performing in the Tenth Circle of Showbiz Hell—dinner theater. All she really wants is to start a theater of her own. Then Tess receives an offer she can’t refuse. She’ll get her funding…if she pretends to be the fiancée to her nemesis, Texan property tycoon Hunter Dade. If she’s going to pull this off, she’ll need all the luck she can get.Break a leg, indeed.

On the verge of a big business deal, Hunter needs to hire a fiancée. He hasn’t quite forgiven Tess for ruining his wedding, but when their chemistry goes from combative to straight-up lust, the “no sex” clause in their mutually beneficial arrangement is tested. Which is a serious problem, because if Tess isn’t careful, she’ll go from breaking a leg to breaking her heart…

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A flash of temper ignited in her eyes, but she scooted over all the same and put a hand on his bicep. Even with the barrier of his shirt, her touch sizzled. Tentatively, she inclined her head, leaned in. Breathed deep. With a mild press of her lips, she brushed lightly across his unyielding mouth, and sat back.

His pulse spiked and his blood roared, the kiss no less arousing for its chasteness. If that was Tess when she wasn’t trying, he couldn’t wait for when she made the effort.

“Hell, I’m not your brother. Do it properly.”

There was that flash of anger again, and his cock stirred in response. Taking her would be a pleasure. Making her beg as he fucked her tight, curvy body would be the ultimate prize. Patience was key, though. She had to want him bad. Need what only he could give her. He fought to keep his beast leashed, the victory so sweet he could taste it.

She moved in again. This time, she tugged gently on his lower lip and…laid one on him, moving her mouth over his, working his lips until he had to bite back a moan. Drawing back, she swallowed, eyes blinking with apprehension. “Well?”

He cocked a brow, gave a desultory sniff.

A riot of fire flagged her cheeks. “You’re not helping,” she grated.

“Hey, simmer down.” He regarded her speculatively. “You know how sometimes you see a movie and you just know Actor X and Actress Y were likely going at it like rabbits between takes in the trailer?”

“Yes?” Tentative hope sounded in that itsy-bitsy word.

“I guess that’s not us,” he said, battling a smile. “We’ve got no chemistry.”

That set her off. She bolted to a stand and started to pace, though the coffee table didn’t really give her much space. Nevertheless, she was stunning, all fire and spirit and hip-swaying power. He’d never had as much fun as when he was fighting with Tess. Which was incredibly arousing and strangely disturbing.

Eyes wide in a hurricane of passion, she stopped, fisted her hands at her hips, and gritted out whatever words her mouth was having trouble forming.

“Get. Out.”


It took a lot to surprise him, and Tess McKenzie had just managed to pull off the nearly impossible. Seemed he’d underestimated her fury threshold.

“Now, Tess, honey—”

She jabbed a finger of shut-it in his direction. “You come in here, with your Texas squinting and your ice-cream fuckery and your amazing foot rubs. You won’t even have it out about what happened last year, like a—like a regular person. Instead, you demand my help and then expect me to audition like this is a 1950s casting couch. Frankly, Hunter Dade, I’m all assholed out tonight. Fuck your job offer and fuck you!


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