#ReleaseDay Lucky’s Choice by Jamie Begley

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#ReleaseDay Lucky’s Choice by Jamie Begley

#ReleaseDay Lucky’s Choice by Jamie BegleyLucky's Choice by Jamie Begley
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Life dealt him a dead man’s hand.

Lucky had always led a life of service, always putting his life on the line for someone else, managing to survive by pure luck and skill. After bringing an end to a multi-state drug ring, he was finally able to live the life he had wanted as a Last Rider.

A good man would walk away and not touch the curvy woman who had been tugging on his heartstrings. Lucky wasn’t a good man. Therefore, the bad-ass biker in him had a choice: once again become the man he had pretended to be and stake his claim or take the devil’s highway.

Some girls had all the luck.

Willa wasn’t one of them. All she wanted to do was give a home to the children she had made orphans. Instead, she found herself needing help from the man who had left the pulpit behind to embrace a life of sin.

Painfully shy and withdrawn, she wanted a quiet life, a simple man, and well-behaved children. The last thing she had ever expected was for Lucky to want her size twenty body and show her a passion that would lead her straight to hell.

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Tasty Book Tours Interviews Lucky & Willa from LUCKY’S CHOICE

Lucky and Willa are sitting at the picnic table in the backyard of the Last Rider Clubhouse

Tasty Book Tours: So Willa, inquiring minds NEED to know the recipe for that Peanut Butter Candy?

Willa: I can’t tell you, because I wouldn’t be able to bribe Rider to take out the trash.

Tasty: Both of you spend a good amount of time fighting your feelings for one another, Lucky when was the “Aha” moment where you just knew that she was the one?  What about you Willa?

Lucky: I knew Willa was the one the fist time I tasted her …frosting.

Willa elbowed her husband sharply in the ribs.

Willa: I knew Lucky was the one when I saw him standing behind the pulpit at church. It should be a sin for a preacher to look that good.

Tasty: Willa, has Lucky been able to play out any more of your fantasies?  (The one from the book still has me cracking up)

Willa blushed bright pink.

Willa: Viking’s.

Tasty: Willa, do you ever think you will feel comfortable with the ‘Open Door’ policy at the Clubhouse?

Willa: Uh..No.

Tasty: Lucky, what are three of your favorite things about Willa, and what three things surprised you the most about her?

Lucky: My favorite things about Willa are her frosting, her faith in both God and me, and that my dick is her personal gym.

The three things that surprised me the most about her is that she can quote practically the whole Bible, her temper, and that my dick is her personal trainer.

Tasty: Willa, which is your favorite Lucky…A Shirtless Lucky, A Naked Lucky or a Jeans, Tee and Boots Lucky?

Willa: That’s easy, naked.

Tasty: I can’t tell you how happy I am that everything finally worked out for the both of you.  I wish you many years of happiness!

Lucky & Willa: Thank you.

Tasty Book Tours Chats with Jamie Begley (LUCKY’S CHOICE Tour)

Tasty Book Tours: Jamie, it has been a very busy year for you!  SHADE, RIOT and Now LUCKY’S CHOICE all coming out in a manner of months.  What are your release plans for the rest of the year?

Jamie Begley: I’m hoping to release a new series with the Porter’s, Train’s book, and hopefully a novella.

Tasty: For those fans that aren’t aware, SHADE is now available (along with the first five Last Rider Romances) in Audio.  Do you have plans to release any of your other titles?

Jamie: All my remaining books have been purchased by Audible, I have no idea of the release dates.

Tasty: What was your favorite scene to write for LUCKY’S CHOICE (I know which scene is my favorite!)?

Jamie: I have to admit the pirate scene. I laughed for two days afterward, I could imagine just how embarrassed Willa was to confess her fantasy to Lucky.

Tasty: Are there ever moments that you even shock yourself after you have finished a scene? (Say the book takes a turn you weren’t expecting?)

Jamie: All the time, I don’t plan books out beforehand and as I start writing they come together. I think the biker bitches at the gas station, and Knox talking to Sunshine are my two favorites.

Favorites Speed Round

Favorite Writing Snack– BBQ Pistachio’s

Favorite Adult Beverage– Amaretto Sour’s

Favorite Dirty Word– Fuck

Favorite Last Rider Hero– Knox

Favorite Last Rider Heroine– Willa

Favorite Last Rider Couple– Shade and Lily

Favorite out of ALL your books– Shade (Last Riders #6)


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