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Thanks so much to Angy (a co-blogger at Collector of  Book Boyfriends & Girlfriends) for tagging me *wink*


Here’s how you play:

I will give a list of 10 books. You have to list the books, and then write one sentence that either, relates to what you think of when reading the book or something about the book, and then a gif to show your reaction.

Then, tag people and list ten books for them to do this with!

When you receive this make sure you mention who tagged you and pass it on!


1. 21 Stolen Kisses by Lauren Blakely

– Adorable! I was captivated by the cover of this book alone <3

2. Overruled by Emma Chase

– I was beating my head against a wall with how OBLIVIOUS Stanton is in this book! Still an amazing book though!

3. Manwhore by Katy Evans


(this book simply had to get more than 1 GIF, it deserved it!)


4. Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

-I wanted Travis to hug me like this *wink*

5. Ruin & Rule By Pepper Winters

-I wanted to read this book THE MINUTE I read the synopsis!

6. Beautiful Stranger by Christina Lauren

– Awe My Max *swoon*…need I saw more? <3

7. Captive in the Dark by C.J. Roberts

-I was literally SCARED to start this series…it was my first “dark” read and I loved it!

8. Bared to You by Sylvia Day

– So over it…

9. Sweet Ache by Kristy Bromberg

– One word: Perfection!

10. Thoughtful by S.C.Stephens

All. The. Feels!! S.C.Stephens knows how to take you on an emotional roller-coaster and it was worth EVERY MINUTE!




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