#Review Officer Down by Erin Dutton

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#Review Officer Down by Erin DuttonOfficer Down by Erin Dutton
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Published by Bold Strokes Books on September 15th 2015
Genres: F/F, LGBTQI, Romance
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Lesbian Romance -- Veteran emergency dispatcher, Hillary O’Neal can handle any crisis, until she gets the call that destroys her confidence. Now she spends every shift dreading what could happen and doubting whether she’ll be able to handle another tragedy.

Olivia Dennis joined the sheriff’s department for the action and to fulfill the family legacy. But she could lose both when she’s caught up in an internal investigation and assigned to a security desk at the communications center.

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This book was full of cute with some excitement but mostly cute moments, and I think I’m in an emotional place where I need cute with dashes of hard real life, this book is exactly it.

This is the story of Hillary, the out and proud lesbian dispatcher who has had negative experiences with closeted women but can’t seem to stay away from very closeted Olivia, the hot headed police officer that’s gathering her courage to come out to her family.

“She had no problem being fearless in every other area of her life, but the thought of coming out to her parents left her paralyzed with anxiety”

I love the way Hillary is crushing on Olivia and still respects her boundaries, first when she thinks Olivia is straight and then when she learns she’s just living in Narnia. I think I can relate too much with Hillary but then there’s the insight to how Olivia is feeling that tugs at my heart strings.

“She was every lesbian’s fantasy in a topless Jeep”

Hilary is the sort of woman that takes care of the people she cares about, and even though her interest in Olivia dates back to a high school crush, she worries about Olivia eating habits and starts contact by making sure Olivia eats an appropriate lunch.

Olivia is the kind of woman that needs a grounding force that keeps her in check but doesn’t smother her, and that’s what she finds in Hillary that later becomes in the driving force, or that nudge that she needed to face her fears and come out to her strict dad, her submissive mother and reluctant brother.

“She didn’t have to resign herself to a life loneliness, hoping her family would fill the void”

That’s the quote that finished selling me the book, because I’ve been there, I was outed by my sister to my mom and even though now they all live in denial, now after 5 years of the event when I’ve mended my relationship with my sister, I have to tell myself exactly that, because when the right person appears for me I’ll have to break my family’s denial again and I’ll won’t resign myself to be lonely.

My favorite quote and the reason I laughed very out loud is:

“Nothing hurts a friendship more than policing a guy’s lap dances”

And I feel that should be stamped in shirts and probably on strippers underwear, just a thought.

All of the above is the reason I give this book 4 stars and I started to read every single book I could put my hands on by this author. So should you.


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