#Review Where We Belong (Alabama Summer #3.5) by J. Daniels

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#Review Where We Belong (Alabama Summer #3.5) by J. DanielsWhere We Belong by J. Daniels
Published by Self Published on August 18, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance
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From NY Times and USA Today bestselling author, J. Daniels, an Alabama Summer series novella.

Ben and Mia Kelly can’t seem to catch a break.

Grueling night shift and opposing schedules have left the passionate couple geared up and ready for some much needed alone time. There’s only one thing standing in their way.


With two curious boys who have mastered the art of cock-blocking roaming the house, Ben and Mia, sexually frustrated beyond reason, quickly resort to surprise sexcapades and naughty little trysts whenever and however they can get them.

Who said anything about keeping things legal?

Assume the position. Things are about to heat up in the south.

Warning: This book is recommended for readers over the age of 18 due to strong language and explicit sexual content

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”Give me a hundred years with Benjamin Kelly, and I’d still beg for more.”

J. Daniels is being extremely generous when it comes to Alabama Summer Series giving us more and more and i’m worried because my heart can only take so much. Even tho Where We Belong is a short novella that follows up Ben and Mia’s story my emotions were all over the place! the love Ben and Mia share is intoxicating. This short pages were able to bring me to tears more than once and made me so hot that at some point and i needed to stop reading and just breathe. J. Daniels what i’m gonna do with you? She never fails writing  flawless romance, this is how it supposed to be, short novella or not it was EVERYTHING. After being a little shaken up with Ben and Mia in When I Fall, no hard feelings but i think for sake of our love for Ben Kelly we needed this. But not helping the fact that it was our first glimpse to CJ and Riley’s story so after all the swooning, the sobs and steamy moments it was like… BOOM! there you go now to wait for next GAH! And so damn funny i mean mygod that’s is J. Daniels for you, she will give you swooning moments, steamy moments and laugh out loud moments that makes you love the characters even more.

”If Mia told me the only way to get to her pussy was if I robbed a bank, I wouldn’t even bother going to the next town over. I’d clean out Ruxton and deliver that bag of money in one hand and my dick in the other.”  I CAN’T EVEN.

I LOVED THIS! how can you not love Ben and Mia?! All this characters are absolutely unforgettable. I would say… give me a hundred years with J. Daniels books, and I’d still beg for more. THAT pretty much covers Where We Belong and of course one hell of a steamy ride! PERFECTION.


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Where We Belong (Alabama Summer 3.5) is a short novella that follows up Ben and Mia story from Where I Belong (Alabama Summer #1) in order to read Where We Belong at least Where I Belong has to be read first. 

Where I Belong (Alabama Summer #1)

All I Want (Alabama Summer #2)

When I Fall (Alabama Summer #3)

Without doubt one my favorite series ever! 


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If someone would’ve told me ten, fifteen years ago that not only would I eventually like Benjamin Kelly, my greatest tormentor, but that I would fall completely in love with him and marry the guy… well, I’m not sure what I would’ve said. Ten, fifteen years ago I probably would’ve directed whoever was spouting that nonsense to Tessa and let her handle them.

Even as a preteen, she would’ve had a very colorful response.

But me? I think I’d have stood there, disbelieving, probably a bit disgusted, but maybe, maybe the tiniest, concealed part of me would’ve smiled a little at the idea of him liking me, falling completely in love with me, marrying me.

I like to imagine there was always some part of my soul that belonged to Ben. Something undeniable tethering us together. An imperceptible energy, like the force behind a gust of wind.

It’s always been there.

It’s what brought me back to Ruxton, Alabama three years ago. It’s what put Ben in the bar that night. And it’s what made falling in love with him so incredibly simple.

All those years I hated him seem like a lifetime ago. One which never even belonged to me. I don’t remember those emotions. I don’t remember the pain and hurt he caused me. The detestation I felt.

I look at my husband and the only thing I see is love. The only thing I feel is love…




My mind loves Ben. My heart loves Ben. My body loves Ben. He’s the warmth in my blood. The roar of my pulse.

Give me a hundred years with Benjamin Kelly, and I’d still beg for more.

Lately though? With two boys who have mastered the skill of interrupting Mommy and Daddy the second we put our hands on each other, I’m not making unrealistic demands. I’m asking for one hour.

Give me one hour alone with Benjamin Kelly.

I’ll beg for that.

At this point, I’ll beg for five minutes.




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