#Review Melting Point by Kate Meader

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#Review Melting Point by Kate MeaderMelting Point by Kate Meader
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Published by Pocket Star on August 31st 2015
Genres: M/M, Romance
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Source: Simon & Schuster

Things are heating up at Engine Co. 6 in this original e-novella from Kate Meader’s sizzling Hot in Chicago series! Superhot playboy firefighter Gage Simpson has one particular man on his mind: Brady Smith, a recalcitrant, moody chef who makes Gage melt from the inside out. Features a sexy sneak preview ofPlaying with Fire!

Firefighter Gage Simpson has it all: the job of his dreams, the family of his heart, and no shortage of hot guys lining up to share his bed. “Fun and easy” is his motto—and it’s kept him sunny through a painful upbringing and steered him away from trouble. But when trouble comes knocking in the form of a sexy, scarred, tattooed chef with a harrowing past and zero communication skills, Gage can’t help but be drawn to the flame.

Brady Smith isn’t fun. And easy isn’t in his vocabulary. When cocky Gage swaggers into his restaurant kitchen, the former Marine-turned-five-star-chef is blindsided by the firefighter’s beauty. Then confused that this golden guy with the sparkling blue eyes and the body of a god might be interested in him. As desire flares and temperatures rise, Gage and Brady will have to figure out if the heat between them is just a temporary flash—or the beginning of something real.

I received this book for free from Simon & Schuster in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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This was a great addition to the Hot in Chicago Series, not only because all the Dempsey foster kids deserve their stories and of course, their HEA, but because Gage, Baby Thor, Golden, or super hot gay firefighter, however you wanna call him, deserved his love story with Brady.

This book is about facing fears, accepting who you are, what you can give, and finding love in the process. Gage and Brady had their fling in Flirting With Fire (Read my review here) and things didn’t end very well for them, now they have another chance to make it work. Call it destiny, or coincidence, but things happen for a reason, and how they got reunited was the best way, because Brady finally opened up for Gage and he could work his magic on Brady, and Oh Boy! That magic!

This book was super hot, it has some great M/M sex scenes, scorching hot with the curling toe effect, but it also has those romantic moments when your heart melted for all the gay love around those two strong and broken guys. It also had meaningful moments that showed how Gage, despite some crappy moments in his life, of how Brady, despite all the horrors he lived in war, they both, together, are better and worth trying.

“Loving someone meant you sat with them even when they didn’t remember  how much they’d hurt you because you were born of their flesh and that had to mean something. Loving someone meant you’d lay down your life for your foster brothers and pain-in-the-ass sister because blood didn’t matter when you were chosen to be Dempsey. And loving someone meant you pushed for what he needed-for what you both needed-because together you could conquer anything.”

Great book, great writing style, Kate knows how to create a plot and make it sexy and beautiful at the same time. I really enjoyed the brief moments with Eli, he’s so cocky and full of himself. I think I already love him. I missed the other Dempsey, but it was understandable because this was just a novella, and it had to focus only in Gage and Brady. I hope to read more about all of them in Playing With Fire and Sparking The Fire *NEW ADDITION TO THE SERIES HAPPY DANCE*



My co-blogger, Ange brought Melting Point to my attention, first off bc she loved Baby It’s Cold Outside and Playing with Fire by Kate Meader and secondly, bc one of the lead men goes by the nickname “Baby Thor” and she knows how much I love me some Chris Hemsworth *wink*. So after reading an excerpt of the book, I was hooked. Granted, I am typically not a M/M reader, but I am willing to read anything, as long it is piques my interest and Melting Point did. But unfortunately, a majority of this book kept me in the lukewarm area. I felt as if I couldn’t quite build a “connection” with the characters. I think it was the fact that this was my very first Kate Meader book and from what I understand this is a spinoff novella (#1.5) from her Hot in Chicago series…and I have not read those other books. I feel maybe if I had, this woulda been a hit out of the park (and it probably is for fans that have read the series) but for me, someone that doesn’t know the background, it wasn’t a homerun.

I really did like Gage and Brady’s story. Brady, the retired Marine with PTSD, Gage, the “golden boy” with a rough upbringing. The part that lost me was some of the a dialect…we got both Gage and Brady’s POV’s and it would switch off between chapters, but sometimes it would change in the middle of a chapter and that would throw me, I caught myself rereading to understand whose thoughts I was reading.

There was enough of a good plot that it made me curious as to how they were going to get their HEA and I am happy that I finished it. Melting Point starts “after they already dated and broke up” and now it’s the awkward, “we’re going to run into each other for the first time since we broke up” period of things…I almost wish we woulda got to read about when they dated the first time and the fall out of that and then continued with where this book started us…maybe there woulda been more of a “connection” with the characters for me then…that’s of course just my theory. Maybe in Flirting with Fire you get glimpses of their dating and their break up. Again, I never read that book, so I don’t know that story or the time frame between Flirting with Fire and Melting Point?

This is a nice short and sweet novella and I suggest fans of Kate Meader and her Hot in Chicago series to please read this book! I feel you will love Gage and Brady’s story bc you already may have been introduced and intrigued by them from the other books.

Plot/Storyline- 4
Characters- 3.5
Writing Style- 3
Steam Factor- 3

Overall- 3 stars


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