#Review Rule (Songs of Corruption #3) by C.D. Reiss

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#Review Rule (Songs of Corruption #3) by C.D. Reiss

#Review Rule (Songs of Corruption #3) by C.D. ReissRule (Songs of Corruption #3) by C.D. Reiss
Published by Flip City Media Inc. on August 25th 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Erotica, Romance
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Book Three in The Corruption Series. You must read SPIN and RUIN before reading RULE!

Theresa and Antonio.
They've been through hell. Antonio has a price on his head for turning his back on a marriage deal, and Theresa has no intention of turning her back on him. They're devoted and strong, ready for anything....

A Love Tested To The Limit
And then, someone from Antonio's past reappears. Someone who can give him everything he ever wanted, and who can shake them to their very core.


In this stunning conclusion to the USA Today Bestselling series, Antonio and Theresa will have their passion, their devotion and their very will to live tested.

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Each page of this book brought an intensity with it that was not meant for the weakhearted. CD Reiss did it again! I’m a little scared of her. You’ll never know how far she’ll take you, how much impact her words will cause to your life. CD Reiss empowers romance with intensity and love with a crudeness that grabs your soul and takes it along for the ride. I devoured this book in a day.

”So I kissed her. I kissed her long and hard. To suck her fear out of her. To eat it alive and spit out the bones. I pushed her back onto the mattress and kissed her harder.”

Rule is the EPIC conclusion to Songs of Corruption Series, so Spin and Ruin needs to be read first in order to read Rule. I want to gush over this characters but i’m afraid i’ll never finish this review. Antonio is not a book boyfriend, he needs his own category. He is everything. Passionate, romantic, rough and sweet, badass and i could go on an on and never finish. With the twist and turns Rule got, for me is where we understand Antonio more and fall in love with him even more.

”And you do not pick up a weapon to defend me. As long as I’m alive, I am your weapon,” he said.
”You’re not dying.”
”Say it. Say I am your weapon.”
”You are my weapon.”

And we have Theresa who is what a goddess is made of. She goes go through hell all for the sake of her love for Antonio, but the thing is that is not about the things she needed to do to survive is about how easily it was for her at the same time it wasn’t. She was made for it. She was made to be by Antonio’s side. She wasn’t herself until she met Antonio. Lesbihonest she’ll give you a ladyboner because she is such a fearless heroine.

”I don’t know who I am with you, but I like me better now than I ever have.”

Antonio and Theresa are the perfect mafia couple. I’m ruined for any other mafia stories. Is brutal, is beautiful, is perfection, word after words is just captivating.

”Some things are in the stars. I was meant to protect you. And you were meant to rule.”

Songs of Corruption is the best mafia romance ever written. My absolute favorite forever! Everything CD Reiss creates is absolutely fantastic, if you haven’t read Songs of Corruption or any of CD Reiss books you’re missing out! Don’t do that to yourself and grab Songs of Corruption now!

6.+++ stars!


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  1. Jackie Cormier Hatto

    Reading Book 3 and I can’t put it down👍👍loved books 1and 2 ..so much action and passion Wow you are a very Talented Writer…I read A lot of Books and Yes I would recommend this Series to all my Friends😄

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