#Review #AudiobookReview Ally Hughes Has Sex Sometimes by Jules Moulin

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#Review #AudiobookReview Ally Hughes Has Sex Sometimes by Jules MoulinAlly Hughes Has Sex Sometimes: A Novel by Jules Moulin
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Published by Penguin, Penguin Group USA on August 25th 2015
Narrator: Ann Marie Lee
Genres: Chick Lit, Romance
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Source: NetGalley, Penguin Random House Audio

When a buttoned-up professor and her unbuttoned daughter fall for the same irresistible man, a delightful, subversive comedy begins. . . .

Life isn’t easy for single mother Ally Hughes. Teaching at Brown, her class load is huge and her boss is a menace. At home, she contends with a critical mother, a falling-down house, and a daughter who never misses a beat. Between taking care of the people she loves, teaching full time, and making ends meet, Ally doesn't have time for a man. She doesn’t date. She’s not into flings. But then she meets Jake, an eager student, young in years but old in soul, who challenges his favorite professor to open up her life, and her heart, to love. It doesn't work. In fact, his urging backfires.

Ten years later, Ally's still single. Jake reappears and surprises her in a brand-new role: He's dating Ally's now-grown daughter. In this hilarious, heartrending tale, Ally is finally forced to concede (not only to herself) that an independent, "liberated" woman can still make room in her life for love.

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Carolin’s book review: 3,5 stars

“Ally Hughes has sex sometimes“ was a book I’d shelve somewhere between Women’s Fiction and Romance. The title is very strange, by the way.

The main part of the book is about Ally, a young mom who has to struggle through life, after she got accidentally pregnant in the middle of college. There was a romantic love story woven in between.

But the book was not only about Ally, but also about Lizzy, her daughter. Now, if you think after reading the blurb that this is some strange sort of love-triangle – that’s at least what crossed my mind first – you’re very mistaken. There is not even “sorta” cheating in this book; no one was in a serious relationship to begin with.

After I got used to the writing, it flowed relatively easy. The only thing that I’d have to criticize is, that there was sometimes too much conversation between too many people; it sometimes just plain confused me about who was speaking then…

Another issue I have is the ending. Ally’s story ended rather abruptly. In a good place, so all fans of Happy Endings, no worries – but I would have wished for “a bit more” at the end. Maybe a small Epilogue or at least the main characters being in an actual relationship for a bit…

You can see that the author Jules Moulin has potential; it just has to be a bit improved here and there, I guess 🙂

I’ll rate “Ally Hughes has sex sometimes” with 3,5 stars.


Angy’s audiobook review: 4 stars

Ann Marie Lee did a great job with the narration of this book. Her voice fits perfectly with Ally’s personality, it’s kind, caring, funny, mature and very curious. I loved her inflections she did for the other characters, especially the male ones.

This book has a very interesting story about a young single mom who is trying to have a romantic life, ok, more of like a sex life, and find a balance with her family life and career. What I loved the most about it? She likes younger guys! Just like me! *chuckles*. I also loved she met Jake, he showed her she’s so worth having a complete sexual life as an adult.

The audiobook was a great companion to this book, and Ann Marie’s voice was just perfect.  




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