#Review This Is One Moment by Mila Gray

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#Review This Is One Moment by Mila GrayThis Is One Moment by Mila Gray
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Published by Pan Macmillan on September 10th 2015
Genres: Military, Romance
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Didi Monroe’s waited her whole life for the type of romance you see in the movies, so when Hollywood heartthrob Zac Ridgemont sweeps her off her feet, Didi believes she might finally have met the one.

While Zac’s away filming for the summer, Didi begins her internship at a military hospital in California. There, she meets wounded Marine Noel Walker.

Frustrated on the outside and broken on the inside, Walker’s a pain-in-the-ass patient who refuses all help.

Yet Didi can’t help but be drawn to him, and though he’s strictly out of bounds it soon becomes impossible to ignore the sparks flying between them.

As the attraction simmers into dangerous territory, Didi finds herself falling hard for a man she knows is going to break her heart. Because Walker doesn’t believe in love or happy ever afters. So what possible future can there be?

Then tragedy hits, shattering both their worlds, and Didi is forced to choose between fighting for love or merely falling for the illusion of it.

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Carolin’s review: 5 stars

“This is one moment“ was my first book by this author. I love it when you don’t expect anything at all from your current read – and then BOOM – it blows you away… That’s what I’ve experienced whilst reading TIOM.

The writing was great, in fact I felt all the FEELS: I laughed, I cried, I held my breath, I awwwwed and in the end – I can say, I’ve got to experience a beautiful book!

The only thing that boggled me a bit was the pace of the story. It took the couple almost 70% of the book to come to terms. And the last 25% were then a whirlwind of occurences. I’d just would have prefered for the couple to be together a while longer; see them happy together a bit more. I’m happy about the ending, but after everything I’d say that it’s only a HFN-Ending.

After names being thrown at me that i should obviously know but had no clue who they were, I read a few reviews about her first book in this series “Come back to me“. There was mentioned a lot that the first part of the book was almost only hook-up-scenes. So, I was quite surprised that this was only peppered with a small hint of sexual tension and the deed was only very late into the book; not very explicit, either. So, everyone who was not a fan of that part in the first book – there’s nothing to worry here.

Another thing I’d like to mention is, that the author has a very critical view of the war in this book. Most authors in military-themed books just show their heros as men, who are happy to sacrifice EVERYTHING for serving their country. But that’s just not always the case; it’s more glamorous for such a book, without a doubt. In “This is one moment“ Mila Gray shows that you indeed have the right to question the sense of war and fighting in it; especially after loosing everything because of it. I’m positively surprised by her honesty and “sober“ sight of all things war. My hoest respect for that!!!

All in all, I rate “This is one moment“ 5 stars and can recommed it to everyone.


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