#Review #Giveaway Hold Me by Talia Ellison

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#Review #Giveaway Hold Me by Talia EllisonHold Me by Talia Ellison
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Published by Self Published on September 13th 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Erotica, New Adult, Romance
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All Lilith wants is to forget a traumatic breakup and move on, but that’s easier said than done, especially when her ex-boyfriend’s cruel words keep haunting her. Intent on proving her ex wrong, Lilith hires an escort.

Handsome, charming, and attentive, Caleb is everything Lilith ever wished for, and soon she wants to be more than just his client. But Caleb hides a dark secret, and if Lilith wants to save him from the life he’s been forced into, she will have to enter the dangerous world of organized crime and risk everything, including her own life.

This book contains potentially triggering situations, violence, strong language, and sexual content.

We received this book/audiobook for free in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect our opinion of the book or the content of our review.

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book review: 4 stars!!!

Wow! That was without doubt one of the most interesting books that I have ever read. And, also, one of the hottest – and I have read lots of them!!!

But let’s start from the beginning so I can give you an idea of how good this book is.

Prologue: Honestly, one of the best ways to start telling a story! It was HOT and informative, without giving a lot away, that you couldn’t help but becoming really intrigued about how it continues. I give Ellison an Oscar on this. She made it impossible to walk away after that.

He’s mine. All mine. At least for the next hour.

Rest of the chapters: I was constantly in a Hell yeah, give me more! state. Each chapter had something special and was giving me even more reasons for me to dive deeper into it. Each one of them, was adding a small brick to Lilith and Caleb’s love story, transforming it into a captivating and wonderful world for me to lose myself in.

“I could hold you like this forever.” “Then don’t let go.”


Characters: Whatever I say about them, it will not be enough. Intense, intriguing, addictive and amazing are just the ones that popped first in my mind. But, as this book is about Lilith and Caleb’s love, I will focus on them. So, here it goes. Lilith is a woman who wants to prove her ex boyfriend’s words wrong. So, she finds herself paying an escort for one night to achieve it. But, as we already know, one night is:

  1. never enough and
  2. all it takes to be the start of something great.

Now, Caleb is a guy that has been through a lot and he is part of a world that he didn’t choose but forced to live in it. Also, he’s that escort of Lilith’s! So, after he does to her what he was meant to, little did he know that it wouldn’t be the end of it.

“You’re Caleb’s Lilith, aren’t you?”

And that’s how their story starts! But, neither couldn’t had guessed where this “relationship” would lead and how much it would change their lives.

Talia Ellison created a very sweet story but without leaving out the rough side of life. Through this story, she shows us that one person can be enough of a cause for our life to change direction. Also, you can never know what Life is going to throw in your way, how small or big it will be and how much impact is going to have on you.

Can’t wait to read the next book!!! <3


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