#PromotionalEvent A Bit Witchy by Danielle Fisher

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#PromotionalEvent A Bit Witchy by Danielle Fisher

#PromotionalEvent A Bit Witchy by Danielle FisherA Bit Witchy by Danielle Fisher
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Published by Amazon Digital Services on September 14th, 2015
Genres: Paranormal, Romance
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Eighteen year old Lena Ashlen is in the middle of an identity crisis, and the people in her life aren’t helping. Half of her school thinks she’s crazy while the other half has no idea she even exists. Her father and stepmother barely see her through the bottom of their wine glasses, and her only friends are guardian angels who are terrible cheats when it comes to poker. The only constants in her life are her obsessive crushes on both chocolate and Glenn Storm. In between losing her bra, her pride, and her best friend, Lena has no idea how she’ll survive her senior year.

When guardian angels begin disappearing and everyone thinks she’s to blame, Lena becomes trapped in a case of mistaken identity. But when Glenn and his chaotic family offer to help her find out the truth, she’s forced to ask herself whether she’s the one who’s mistaken. In between the lies and secrets of a past life gone bad, Lena soon learns that if she’s ever going to prove they have the wrong girl, she’s going to need more than just snark and cleavage to convince them.

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I look up at him, a picture of innocence. “Hmm?”

His mouth twists wryly. “You heard me. We’re ten inches apart.”

Danger! Danger!

Whether it’s the adrenaline or the surge of hormones, something wicked seems to awaken inside of me, and I grab the belt loops of his jeans, tugging him closer. Some of my favorite body parts quickly introduce themselves to Glenn’s while the rest of my body gets lost in a chorus of hallelujahs. My fingers roam over his waistline as my thumb draws small figure eight’s on the exposed skin between his grass skirt and his shirt.

“Nine inches now,” I whisper.

There’s a groan, but from whose lips, I’m not sure. Let’s just say it’s a mutual one as our bodies seem to have skipped the introductions and fallen straight into love at first sight. His body reaches out to mine, and mine seems more than eager to invite him over.


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A Bit Witchy, in Five Words

A Bit Witchy is…snarky. In the beginning, Lena, the protagonist, uses sarcasm as both a weapon and a shield. She hides behind it thinking it will protect her and wields it when people get too close. But as the story progresses, sarcasm becomes the language she uses to connect to Glenn Storm—a language he understands all too well.

A Bit Witchy is…familiar. Although I doubt many readers can see guardian angels (or wouldn’t admit to it if they did), they’ll still relate to Lena’s fears and emotions—her doubts and concerns. At the end of the day, she’s still a teenager battling through the waves of teenage angst just like anyone else.

A Bit Witchy is…honest. Life isn’t always pretty, especially when you’re the token witch of your high school. As her world gets turned upside down, she’s forced to confront both the ugliness and the truth of her gifts and her relationships.

A Bit Witchy is…fun. I absolutely love the characters and the way they each try to outdo the other by making someone laugh. They’re quirky. They’re ridiculous. They’re sweet. And they’re insane. But, they are so much fun to get to know.

A Bit Witchy is…sweet. I always say this book is a young adult romance with a side of paranormal. Although the paranormal elements are there, the development of the relationship between Glenn and Lena is what kept me writing. I love Glenn. He’s hysterical, adorable, sexy, and possibly insane, and while Lena battles her own demons, he refuses to let her do it alone. Gotta love a guy like that.


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