#Review Anything for Amelia by Andrew C. Branham

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#Review Anything for Amelia by Andrew C. BranhamAnything for Amelia by Andrew C. Branham
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Published by First Edition Design Publishing on September 3rd, 2015
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A true story of the challenges endured by two gay men who had the desire to adopt a child.

When Andrew and DJ decided to adopt and bring a child into their lives, little did they know what they were about to endure; yet never did the thought cross their minds to give up. The horrific, pitilessly, and beyond comprehensible hoops one woman would make them jump through demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that little Amelia was going to be much better off in the loving home that Drew and DJ could provide her. Just when you think, how can two people survive such a nightmare and the journey is just about over when little Amelia is born and will be safely in the arms of her loving dads, Sandi decides to pull one more shenanigan that could change their lives forever.

More than 10 million adults have been adopted or fostered in their childhood. Along with spiraling increases in adoptions comes a growing need to disclose the significant flaws in adoption laws that open the doors to fraud, manipulation, and abuse of the system. AMELIA is the first book to explore this dark side of the adoption process through the true story of one couple’s journey through hell. Called “the most difficult adoption in U.S. history” by adoption experts, the book appeals to nearly all families (traditional and non-traditional) interested in adoption, foster parenting, or surrogacy.
An amazing book filled with tips, advice, and eye-opening first-hand accounts, this is one feel-good story that serves an important purpose and fills a critical gap in adoption literature. – D. J. Herda

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Book review: 5 stars!!

 I could really keep talking about this book for hours and hours. But I will not do that now because I won’t be able to stop from not spoil it for you.

At first, I will say that it was the only book until now that actually made me hold my tears – which by the way were the hardest thing that I had ever done. Because, if I would give in to them, then I would be totally screwed since I would be crying ALL THE TIME and I wouldn’t be able to finish it.

Secondly, this book, for me, was circling around three main emotional states. Tears.  Anger. Empathy/ Sadness.

Sometimes, it was only one of these that dominated me, but more often it was the mix of the two or all of them.  If I had to give this book just one characterization about the emotions in it, then I would definitely name it as the emotional version of the hurricane Katrina. Personally, I don’t think it can get any more accurate than that.

Also, the fact that it’s a true story and an autobiography since the author is one of the dads, it raises the intensity into a much higher level. I was extremely captivated from this story that was swinging from sad moments to happy moments to frustrating, infuriating and unbelievable moments in a blink of an eye.

The unique about this book was that, even though it was impossible for me to understand their situation and how it was affecting them since I hadn’t any similar experience, I was able to feel their pain, their frustration, their anger, their happiness and generally, whatever they were going through during this adoption case. There were many times that it was like I was in the story and I was going through the same emotions with Andrew and DJ.

My heart was bleeding for them and that unbelievable situation they had to gone through so they get to their reward: their daughter Amelia. And as I said above, trying to hold my tears off from starting rolling down my cheeks like waterfalls, it was one of the h a r d e s t things that I had ever had to do.

Concluding, I’d like say some words directly to these men that went through Hell so they could reach their Heaven and happy ending.

I was really touched by your story, Andrew and DJ, and while I was reading it, I was in awe of you for not exploding and trying to keep your cool because you knew what was waiting for you in the finish line: your Amelia. There were many times that I thought Jeez, how they are enduring all this without snapping? Your determination to get to the end of this adoption was remarkable and inspiring. What you went through with Sandi is something that no one has to endure. And still, you came out of it winners! The only thing that’s left to be said is a huge Congratulations and that your Amelia is really an angel and a beautiful baby girl!



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