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#BlogTour Anchor by M. MabieAnchor by M. Mabie
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Published by Self Published on September 22nd 2015
Genres: Romance
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I believe in love at first sight.
Now I know soulmates exist.

Nothing has ever been easy for us.
Every fight, every struggle, has been worth it.

I’m stubborn, but what woman isn’t?
She’s hard work and I love the overtime.

He’s frustrating and unpredictable. I hope he never changes.
I love driving her crazy. That’s half the fun.

Lou’s sexy curls.
Honeybee’s pink nose.

He still looks at me like I’m precious and unflawed.
She treats me like I’m the center of her world.

Our future will be full of happiness.
Despite everything, we’re two of the lucky ones.

I took the bait.
She was a lucky catch.

He is the wind in my sail.
She’s the anchor that grounds me.

The wake our love made is beautiful.
Every day I thank God for her.

No matter the hurdles, we’ve jumped them side-by-side.
No matter the obstacles, we’ve made it through together.

For better or for worse, I’d do it again.
I’ll love and protect her all the days of my life.

We made it.
We always will.


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excerpt v2

Casey and the bath

Upon opening the door, I found her leaning over the side of the big tub wearing a terrycloth robe. A white terrycloth robe. Exactly like the one she’d worn the first night we’d met. She wasn’t fighting fair. 

Hello, old friend.

“The water feels nice. Come here. I’ll help you undress,” she offered. 

I changed my mind. Maybe I wouldn’t take what I needed. Maybe I’d give. Or rather, let her take. You know what I mean. She’d gone to all this work and everything. She brought out the big guns. I’d basically just be there. Didn’t have to ravage her the way my balls were

begging me to. I didn’t have to bend her over the counter and fuck her while I watched her come in front of me in the mirror. I could just be her tool. Her healing tool. A man can rationalize sex in about four seconds. 

That notion had begun to grow on me. Among other things. 

She wanted a diversion. And, hell if I couldn’t sympathize with wanting to feel good. When I’d been at my lowest, her warm body, being there for mine, had never hurt. I’d just have to be careful. 

Really careful. 

“I’m going to say this quickly. Clearly you’re taking hygiene to a whole new level and who am I to stand in the way,” I said as I took small measured steps near her. She sat on the edge of the tub and the loosely tied robe fell open a little more. It was goddamn glorious. Her cleavage looked like a feast, and I was starving. 

I had to focus, before I lost my train of thought. 

I cleared my throat, because that’s what you do when you’re trying to jump-start words you’re only half-ass sure about saying. “I know what you’re doing.”

Her head tipped downward, but I caught it. 

Oh, honeybee. This isn’t a rejection. 

“Hear me out. I remember how devastated I felt when my mother passed away and how you were there for me. Granted, I didn’t lure you in with soapy water and my A-game in sexual prowess, but I can’t deny that you being there—being with me when I needed that connection—helped. I want to help you. I want to make you feel better and take all of it away. I can’t though and doing this won’t make any of it disappear. But maybe in some way it’ll prove

I’m here. I’m all in, honeybee.” Damn it, she had to know, but I wasn’t keen on guesswork anymore. Frankly, it was my pleasure having the opportunity to reassure her. 

She needed it; so I needed to give it to her. 

Her head fell to the side and she kissed my hand. I saw so much love in her eyes. It reduced my worry—if only for the moment—that she was still struggling. 

“I do need you,” she admitted as she stood. The robe fell away and she let it slip off her arms, never breaking eye contact. She spoke softly. “I want to feel a loving touch. I want to be swallowed whole by your goodness and tenderness. Casey, touch me so I know I’m not broken. I want this to be day one. I’m feeling better. I’m ready to start getting back to normal. Or at least start looking for our normal.”

Those moments, where she let me see her vulnerability, seared her name on my heart. Being able to help the one you love most, makes you stronger. It never dawned on me that it wasn’t the sex—a distraction, a high—but it wasn’t. It was intimacy she was longing for.  

She leaned into me and, if I needed any more convincing, she provided it. Her warm lips briefly met mine. Her timid, yet purposeful, hands began to undress me. They slipped under my T-shirt and ran over my stomach and around to my back as she lifted it off. Her fingers disappeared under the waist of my shorts and she pushed them down. Her breathing was controlled and deep. 

I bent forward and pressed a kiss to her neck and a quiet moan filled the silence of the steamy bathroom as she moved to give me more of her skin. Her fingers laced with mine and she stepped into the bath. My arm around her waist insured she was steady. 

For a brief moment, I took stock of the fading bruises on her body. Yellow and green cloud-like shapes painted all over her.

I swallowed emotion after emotion I felt. 

She wanted a good day. 

She wanted me. 

I’d give her anything I could. I’d offer my body for us to share when hers needed mending. I’d touch her in a way that left no room for doubt that I’d always put her first. I couldn’t heal her, but for the rest of my life I’d love her through sickness and health. 



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