#Review Desperate Deception by D. B. Tait

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#Review Desperate Deception by D. B. TaitDesperate Deception From the series: Dark Mountain #2
by D. B. Tait
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Published by Momentum Books on October 8th, 2015
Genres: Crime, Fiction, Mystery, Romance, Suspense
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When history repeats itself, it doesn't pay to have a murder in your past ...

Julia Taylor did ten years in prison for a murder she didn't commit. Finally released and proved innocent, all she wants is to build up her design business and figure out where her romance with local cop Dylan Andrews is going. She's ready for a quiet life, but murder and mayhem won't let Julia Taylor alone.

First she finds her neighbors dead in an apparent murder-suicide. Then an erratic friend from Julia's time in prison asks her to help find a sex worker who went missing in suspicious circumstances.

As the body count continues to rise, members of the Russian mafia and an unnerving evangelical church begin to cross Julia's path. Soon, Julia and Dylan are caught up in a maelstrom that threatens both their love and their lives.

Can they find justice before injustice finds them? Or is the pull of a haunted past too strong?

A tense crime novel with romantic elements in the style of JD Robb, Nora Roberts and Martina Cole.

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book review: 4 crime stars!!

In all my reading life, I have read my fair share of crime books. And Desperate Deception is one of the best I have ever read. It became quickly one of my favorites crime books and it gained its place into my Top 5 of this genre.

All this suspense, the mystery, the conspiracies, the murders and of course the love that Julia and Dylan share, they compose a story that is hard to forget and you can’t not love. As I went further and further into the book, the more addicted I became and more starved for what was coming next. And it was pretty refreshing to read a story that, although it has romance in it, doesn’t focus exclusively on it and it shows us its unfolding through the crimes that are taking place and have to be fathomed.

This book is the sequel of the first book, Cold Deception, in the Dark Mountain series where the author told us under which circumstances the cop Dylan Andrews and the now ex-convict Julia Taylor met and fell in love. But now, she tells us what that love has to gone through so it can thrive in the end.

One of the most interesting things about Desperate Deception, is that, although I knew that it had romance in it which means I was going to read some very romantic scenes, I was more intrigued to find out what the heck was the case with all these crimes and what else would happen that would be linked with them.

But, don’t think I was all about the mystery and the crime. The love of Julia and Dylan really touched me and it was one of the most beautiful I have came across to.

“I need a lot of things”, he said, ” and right now, one of them is you.”

The thing about it that made it more special and amazing was that D. B. Tait was giving some peaks into their relationship and their love and these peaks were enough of a proof of their feelings for each other. Whenever the story was in a crucial point, these two lovers showed, not only how much they care for each other, but also how wonderfully they worked as a team. They supported each other and they had an amazing level of communication that’s not easy to find.

“I’ll look after you.” She kissed him on the nose. “We”ll look after each other.”

And, also, it was lovely seeing how they were getting over their relationship’s ups and down and never giving up on each other, although there were times that you thought otherwise. But, love and life is better and sweeter when you get through these difficulties.

OHHHH!! How could I forget? Another GREAT thing about this story was the a d o r a b l e Jack Russel Terrier who has the name… Jack! He had a major part in the whole story and he was the (+) that made the book even better. Every time he was being mentioned, I was grinning from ear to ear because he was the sweetest thing and always was up to something. God, how much I adored this do can’t be described!

D. B. Tait wrote an amazing series even if I started it backwards, reading the second book first and then the first one! But whatever! Since it was a story completely different from what I’ve been reading the past weeks, I think I had also to do things differently. So, I went from the finish line to the start! But this can’t erase the fact that this author nailed it and made me a lover of her books. Because we all need some mystery, crime and romance all in one in our lives!



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