Adventures in #FILCA in Cali, Colombia

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Hello dear fellow bookworms!

Today I had the opportunity to attend the International Book Fair and Cali Cultures #FILCA and I had a great time there. I took lots of pictures of boring bookshelves, others more interesting, but there were others that made my heart explode of excitement.


The #FILCA2015 is an event created by the FILCA Foundation. “The annual meeting of the African cultures in Colombia and exalt the Afro-Colombian identity has Cali with their black and mulatto cultures, idiosyncrasies of its inhabitants, dance and folklore.” See more about the cultural event in their FB page.

The cultural event was very interesting, but I was there for what I love the most: BOOKS!

Here are my favorite moments:

1. Fifty Shades book next to The Religious Question of The Twenty-First Century.

Why oh why? I thnk librarians have the weirdest sense of humor.


2. Star Wars Books!!

Back before I was a blogger I could read any genre, and I’m pretty sure I’d have loved those books, because I love the movies, I’m Angy-kin Skywalker after all. (Yes, I know, I’m that crazy)

Oh, you can see Cassandra Clare’s books in the lower shelf. GIMME! Can’t wait for the TV show. Check the trailer here.


3. Jodi Ellen Malpas’s books!

Jodi is one of Claudia’s favorite authors. Maybe one day I’ll read her books.


4. Harry Potter and Percy Jackson

Oh I miss reading those kind of books. I remember losing my self in those fantasy universes. I’ll start re-reading HP’s entire series soon…


5. Spooky reading in October

OMG those covers! I’m scared only by looking at them! More information here.


6. After Series!

I miss #Hessa!


7. Comics, comics and more comics

There were lots and lots of comics there, and when saw the CIVIL WAR in hard cover I went NUTS! I need it! But I’m a very well behaved bookwarm and didn’t buy it because I made the purchase of the year this week – ORIGINAL SINNERS COLLECTION OF BOOKS SIGNED BY TIFFANY REISZ *HAPPY DANCE* – so, I’ll wait a little bit to get them. I got the information of the retailer. 


8. Carmilla!

Lucas’s favorite!


9. Pirates!

This illustrated book was amazing! So realistic!


10. The most beautiful cover ever!

This is an illustrated book of a sad but beautiful japanese woman. Its name is The Butterfly Lovers. 


After all those amazing books and comics, guess what did I purchase?



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