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#Review Lethal Game by Julie RoweLethal Game From the series: Biological Response Team #2
by Julie Rowe
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on October 12th, 2015
Genres: Military, New Adult, Romance
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As the nation's youngest virologist and hematologist, Captain Sophia Perry has always been one step ahead of her peers. But there's one thing she can't beat—cancer. She wants to make a difference in the time she has left, so when she's sent to investigate a breakout at a Syrian refugee camp, she goes, saying nothing of her diagnosis. But saving the masses isn't easy when the man tasked to protect her is so irresistible.

Communications Sergeant Connor Button is back on active duty after a deadly explosion, but he doesn't feel whole again until he meets Sophia. Assigned to keep her safe, he's prepared to die for her, but for the first time in months he truly wants to live—if only she wasn't so determined to put them both in danger.

With a secret to keep and nothing to lose, Sophia is determined to find the source of the breakout at any cost. Violent attacks on the camp convince her that someone wants her to pay dearly. But as Sophia's health deteriorates, Connor must find a way to help her defeat her enemies before her body defeats her.

72,000 words

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book review: 4 stars!

I always loved science but i never knew its combination with the Army and a love story could be so damn sexy! It was really something else! I was literally caring it around because I couldn’t stop reading.

Sophia and Connor captivate you from the start. They are both in the Army and that alone adds something extraordinary and intense in their relationship. Sophia is the young scientist with the amazing brains and Connor is the Green Beret soldier who becomes her bodyguard since she’s in danger. But he doesn’t stay in just that post for long. As the time passes, these two come more and more close and they create a deep and intimate bond that no one can break. Not even the most psychopath enemy.

He’s not going to lose her, not to anyone or anything.

Also, Sophia is one from these amazing characters who, although are going through some tough situations, they never give up on their dream/goal and keep going. In Sophia’s case, she has some health problems that are caused from one the Big C versions that she gone through while being a teenager. I was extremely awe of her while reading the story because she captivated me with her amazing strength and her stubborness to help the others, indepedently with what she had to deal daily. She gained my respect for her and, even though some times I was against on how she was deciding to act, I never judged her and could easily understand the why of that act.

As for Connor, I can’t say much because there not much to tell. He’s just awesome! You can’t help get hot and bothered from just thinking that he’s a soldier. But he’s not just that. He’s an unique kind of man with an amaizng heart. And he becomes an even greater man when he starts putting Sophia above of everything he ever intended to do before he met her. He’s constantly worrying about her and caring for her because she just became the utterly most important person in his life and he can’t have something to her.

She smiled at him, and for that smile, he’d conquer the world.

And now, putting these two characters together in an environment as the Army and their duties in it, you instantly get a great love. And at the same time, you get to read the hilarious banter these two create since they are both stubborn and strong- minded. They have the ability, too, to turn the most emotional or intense moments into something that will make you laugh.

“My dislike for hospitals is based on very rational reasons, thank you very much. Most of it involves pain, boredom and pain.”

“You said pain twice.”

“It hurt”, he told her. ” A lot.”

She raised an eyebrow. “Baby”.


Lethal Game is the first book that I read from Julie Rowe and the Biological Response Team series, even though it’s its second, and the only thing I want to say is that I loveeeeee how she unfolds a story. She made crave her other books since I now learnt how great she writes!
Go, Julie Rowe!!!


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