#Review Reclaim Me by Ann Marie Walker & Amy K. Rogers

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#Review Reclaim Me  by Ann Marie Walker & Amy K. RogersReclaim Me by Ann Marie Walker, Amy K. Rogers
Published by InterMix, Penguin Group USA on October 20th 2015
Genres: Romance
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As the heart-pounding Chasing Fire trilogy concludes, a dangerous entanglement leaves Hudson and Allie wondering how much they’re willing to risk for the love they can’t live without…

There’s almost nothing Alessandra Sinclair wouldn’t do for Hudson Chase. He was her first love, and she’s determined that he’ll be her last. But when the terrible truth Hudson has been hiding comes to light, Allie finds herself caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse with a man from her past who’s determined to use what he knows to ruin Hudson. Now, the only way to save the man she loves may be to lose him forever…

Hudson has always known that the secrets he keeps could be his downfall, but he never expected them to put Allie’s life in danger as well. It’s time for him to come clean—before everything he’s ever wanted is destroyed…

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Book Review: 4 stars

After that heart wrenching cliff in book number two this one picks off right where the previous one left us at. Hudson is confused and hurt by the fact he has been left by Allie….once again. And this time without a word, without any explanation at all and he was not going to accept it this time. If she changed her mind about them, if she wanted out, fine so be it, but they would have a talk like grown up people about it first. And he would do and say everything to make her change her mind. But what Hudson didn’t know was that Allie’s departure was all but her choice. She was trapped in some castle by her ex fiancé, Julian who had his own plans for the two of them. He was not accepting defeat either and was going to do make Allie do as he ordered her weather she liked it or not. And to get this done he had Hudson and his brother Nick on the line in order for her to follow his rules.

I waited for this final installment since the very second book ended. The drama in the beginning had my heart racing and looking forward to reading it ASAP. My heart started breaking for Hudson all over again but thankfully the authors had it in the kindness of their hearts to release the pain within the first chapters in the book. I loved to see that more attention was given to side characters like Hudson’s brother Nick and Allie’s best friend Harper and how their relationship progressed and made its impact on the story.

Then for the big part of the book there was unfortunately not so much other then love birds finding their way to be together when the outside world thought of them as the broken up couple. Lots of hot and passionate sex of course and many situations reminds me of Eva and Gideon from The Crossfire Series, which is not a bad thing. Loved to see how the love grow bigger and bigger and got to another level then just two people who couldn’t get enough of each other and the insatiable sex that was going on.

But I still waited and waited for some real action to start happening that was promised by the cliff in the second book and at the start of this one. Last few chapters of the book pretty much summed that up and that was it. I had bigger expectations on that part than the story provided.


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