#Review Pucked Up by Helena Hunting

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#Review Pucked Up by Helena HuntingPucked Up by Helena Hunting
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Miller “Buck” Butterson has been banging his way through life ever since a puck to the face fixed his messed up front teeth, and he was drafted into the NHL during his first year of college. After five years of deflecting goals on the ice and scoring them with puck bunnies across the Continental US and parts of Canada, Miller is ready for a girlfriend. A real girlfriend of the non-bunny variety. One he takes on dates and doesn’t jump into bed with after five seconds of conversation.

Miller thinks he’s found that woman in his teammate’s sister. Except, unlike Alex Waters, center, team captain and all round nice guy—who happens to be dating his step-sister—Miller’s manwhore reputation is well earned, and not blown out of proportion by the media. Beyond that minor detail, Miller doesn’t know the first thing about having a girlfriend. But he’s determined to make it happen.

What he doesn’t take into account is the amount of time and effort relationships require, or that constantly letting bunnies take selfies with him to post all over social media isn’t going to win him any points in the boyfriend department. Miller learns—not so quickly—that if he wants to make Sunshine “Sunny” Waters fall for him, he going to have to do a whole lot more than show her his stick skills in the bedroom.

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Angy’s Book Review: 5+++ STARS

I’ve been waiting for this book for months! FOR MONTHS! So, the moment I received the ARC, I dropped everything to read it. Let me tell you, the wait was worth it because this book is AMAZING! It has everything Helena can give in a book: It’s funny, romantic, sexy and surprisingly heartwarming. Pucked Up was more than I expected.

This is the story of Vi’s step-brother, Miller Buck Butterson. He started dating Sunny, Alex Waters’ sister in Pucked, and we all thought it was done as revenge toward Alex because of what happened with Vi; but we were all wrong. (When I say We, I mean: Alex and me HaHaHa).

Buck is a player that pretty much hooks up with every bunny that steps in front of him and spends most of his time partying with his hockey friends. He also just so happens to be one of the best hockey players in the US. So, when Buck starts “dating” Sunny, most of this stops. No more bunnies –at least not in his bed- and the partying happened less and less, but no matter how good of a boy he was, his bad boy reputation still had a lasting impression. Sunny perceived him the worst along with her best friend and also Alex—which only meant trouble for him.

“I never played anyone.”
“Maybe you didn’t string the bunnies along with false promises, but you’ve perfected the art of smooth talking. You can say almost anything to a girl, and she’s going to drop her pants for you, which is honestly amazing.”

Sunny and Miller were great together. They had great conversations and unicorns-prancing-behind-the-eyeballs sex! But their relationship wasn’t easy at all. Buck’s past behavior always mislead Sunny’s (Alex’ and Lily’s as well) conclusions to the worst. Buck tried hard to make their relationship work… but…. You’ll have to read this book to find out if Buck and his Sunny Sunshine have a HEA.

But when I see her, I’m pretty sure the tingly feeling in my dick matches that weird feeling in my chest.

What did I love the most about this book? MILLER! He was great. He was one of those guys who you think are the worst but end up being the sweetest thing in the world! And his way of making Sunny feel like she is the most precious woman in the world was THE BEST! I really felt bad for everything that happened to him. Ok, I have to admit I laughed out loud with the spider bite, the car wash, the penis in the face and the shaving cream in the arms. But I I really did feel bad for him. HaHaHa.

There was an aspect of the story that really bothered me at first: Buck is underestimated. He was unfairly labeled as the amazingly talented hockey player with lots of “willing to get naked” bunnies around, and nothing more. But Buck is way more than that. He has a great heart, he’s smart and he’s already thinking about what he’ll do after his years of playing hockey are over. And he is also very responsible about how he spends his money. I love the plot Helena added to Miller’s story. This isn’t just another funny book with lots of sex. There was even a moment that got me teary eyed. This book is pretty great.

What was the second thing I loved the most about this book? VI! She is the best step-sister Miller could ever have. She cares for him deeply and is even capable of fighting with Alex for Buck’s butt! She’s also so obsessed over Miller’s body hair that she makes Yeti-Jokes all the freaking time. She’s mean and annoying about it but I loved every line she made about how hairy he is. HaHaHa. The best. Simply, the best!

“After Alex kills you, you can donate your fur to charity. And maybe some of your more viable organs. I’m pretty sure everything but your liver is good. Ooooh, maybe they can use your micro-penis for a clitoris enlargement surgery.”

Overall, great book, funny-sexy story, perfect writing style! Get ready to #EmbraceTheYeti


Jennifer’s Book Review: 5 +++ stars

About the book:

Pucked Up is showing us another hot and funny hockey player that is trying his best to redeem himself from the way media has been portraying him and show the girl he likes that she is it for him. This is the story of our funny Miller aka BUCK Buttersson, Violet’s stepbrother that we got to know a little bit in previous book Pucked! The old Buck is gone and fighting so hard for the new one to stay and show everyone how much he has changed and how much there is on the line for him. No more bunnies for him, no more reckless behavior, he is growing and trying to live with this new lifestyle that is so unfamiliar to him and sticking to it. But life isn’t easy on our poor Bucky boy.  No matter how much he tries and tries to stay on the right side, life is playing games on him and somehow he finds himself in incriminating situations and suffering for it without even having anything to do with them.

My review:

I will admit this much! I was totally PUCKED by Alex and Vi and here I find myself being PUCKED UP by Miller all over again 🙂

These books are one of the rare ones that contain so much humor that you will laugh your lungs out and not care about it 🙂 I really loved to get closer to Miller and see and feel how he thinks -when he thinks 😉 – He is a cool and caring dude that has acted like a player for so long that it is hard to break that path and change its course. There is so much more to him than just sexy hockey player on and off the ice. And finally he is doing his best to enhance those better sides of his and show them off to the world.  In this book the poor Bucky ends up in some freaky situations that are so not his fault at all but he ends up paying the prices anyway. His heart and soul is out there in the open and many times he was misunderstood and hurt by people he loved for no reason.

My heart was breaking for him so many times, I just wanted to get myself in the book and hug the poor guy and support him. It was amazing to see how much he has changed from the Buck we got to know in PUCKED to this new man that is showing his true colors and fighting for the one he wants and love.

Another great thing was how much Violet showed her support for her brother by giving him the best advices she could and helping out anyway possible. Even if it meant fighting with Alex over it and causing some troubles in their relationship. Real sister/brother relationship anyone could wish for.

Would definitely recommend this book to you guys, trust me you will not regret it 🙂  Now I CAN’T wait to once again be PUCKED OVER 😉


Claudia’s Book Review: 4 STARS

I love to read Helena Hunting’s books. I really enjoy them. From the very first page, I had this grin all over my face. After reading about the MC and the amazing Vi in Pucked (book 1 in the Pucked series), I wanted to read what was next.

So Pucked Up, is Buck’s story (Vi’s stepbrother)…I wasn’t too thrilled that he was getting a book. I mean, in Pucked he was a total idiot. Plus, I had the sense that he had a crush on his stepsister, Vi. And he was always in trouble and there was a lot of “Puck Bunnies” around him. In other words, he had a bad reputation. In Pucked we eventually figure out that he wants to date Alex’s sister, Sunny. It all seemed like a revenge sort of thing bc Alex (aka “MC”) was dating Buck’s stepsister, Vi. And I was really pissed because Sunny was like her name…a sunshine…so Buck, with her. NO WAY!!!

After all said and done, I wanted to give the book a try, because c’mon, it’s Helena, right?? Buck is really interested in Sunny, he spent three months without having sex just for her (which says a lot for him…*ahem* Puck Bunnies). He tries really hard to clean up his act and avoid all this fangirls because he actually wants his relationship with Sunny to work out, but the media isn’t helping him. He is always surrounded by girls and at parties, so it’s hard for Sunny to trust him. (Not to mention that her brother and her best friend don’t trust Buck either).

I have to admit that I love the fact that Buck tried so hard to fight for Sunny’s love. He’s a totally different person with Sunny and that’s really obvious in Pucked Up. They’re so good together! A true love that is worth the fight <3

I can’t give 5 stars to the book just because of Buck and a certain razor scene that for me was gross. And this was a huge turn off, he never will be BBF material for me. He can be just my friend. So Buck and me never connected. But the book is good. Helena is a genius! love her writing, love how she made Buck’s character develop and grow throughout the book, the story is so funny, sexy and romantic. I also love that we got more of Vi!!!! *happy dance* Wow I really missed her.

You have to read this book. The fact that Buck and I didn’t “connect”, so to speak, doesn’t have anything to do with the story, that’s a personal opinion…I just want my men to be very manly.If you liked Pucked, give this book a chance! You’ll enjoy it just as much as the first book.



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