#Review Friction by Sawyer Bennett

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#Review Friction by Sawyer Bennett

#Review Friction by Sawyer BennettFriction by Sawyer Bennett
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Published by Montlake Romance on October 27th 2015
Genres: Erotica, Romance
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At the powerhouse law firm of Knight & Payne, winning comes first and ethics a distant second. Leary Michaels uses her female charms to daze opponents, and it’s always worked well—until now. On her most personal case yet, she finds herself going up against a defense attorney just as skilled, shameless, and seductive as she is.

Reeve Holloway has never met a woman as sure of her own sexuality, or as ruthless in wielding it, as Leary is. But he won’t be toyed with. What Leary starts, he’ll finish—in the courtroom, the bedroom, or any-damn-place he wants. The sex is uninhibited, electrifying, and absolutely against the rules. Reeve’s job is to ruin Leary’s case…even if it destroys her in the process and costs him the woman he’s come to love.

I received this book for free from NetGalley, The Author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.



Plot/Storyline/Characters– 5. When I think of the best way to describe this book in one sentence, it would be “Sleeping with the Enemy”. That is exactly what Leary Micheals and Reeve Holloway are doing in Friction…and man is it HAWT…both in the courtroom and out of it!

Leary Micheals is one heck of a heroine. She is an attorney at “Knight & Payne” (that in itself is bad*ss) and on top of that she is a junior partner at that firm (again BA!) She takes control of everything in life…from the courtroom to the bedroom *wink*. She knows that she has s*x appeal and how to use it to her advantage in her career. “My sensuality has served me well the last five years.” –Leary.  She is sophisticated, intelligent, cunning and packed with tons of uninhibited attitude. She’s a risk taker and will do ANYTHING for the loved ones in her life. Her and the firm she works for want to help the “little man”. “I want to help those folks who need help themselves out of the filth and grime of unfairness.” –Leary.

Reeve Holloway is “the enemy”. He is a defense attorney for the opposing firm “Battle, Carnes, and Pearson”, which is the polar opposite of “Knight & Payne”. “Whereas we fight nobly to save the downtrodden, Battle Carnes sits in a glided roast and only represents the nation’s elite one percent.” –Leary.  Reeve may work for a firm that is opposite of Leary’s, but that doesn’t mean that that is his passion as a defense attorney and it definitely doesn’t describe the true person he is. He is this domineering man who is satisfied with his career and life. He attacks life and the courtroom with the same precision and when he meets Leary in the courtroom, he plans to dominate not only the courtroom, but her as well.

Bending the rules of ethics, they become involved, but agree to keep their personal relationship separate from their courtroom relationship. So while they ripe each other apart in the courtroom, they ripe clothes off of each other outside of it the courtroom *wink*. The only problem is, the case they are opposing each other in is VERY close to Leary’s heart and she will do anything to win, but at the same time, so will Reeve.

There has to be a winner and a loser…can what started out as a “f*ck buddy-dom” relationship, turned into a “something more” relationship, survive that?

“We’re not in fuck buddy– dom anymore, are we?” 
“I don’t think we ever really were, baby.”

I guess you’ll have to read to find out.

Book Boyfriend Material– 5. Yes!! Reeve is perfect combination of dominate and affectionate.

Book Girlfriend Material– 5. I loved Leary. She is so feisty and “takes life by the horns”…it’s no wonder she has never lost a case. She is what woman should strive be more like.

Overall– 5. This is my first book from the Legal Affairs series and after reading it, I want to read all the others asap! I am curious to know who the other books are about.

I was very impressed with this story from the beginning. I know nothing about the legal world (attorney’s, lawsuits, etc), but the verbiage and descriptions of the ins and outs of the legal system and the storyline were so believable in Friction. And then come to find out Sawyer Bennett was an actual litigator…that makes the book even more believable because she definitely knows what she is talking about. I would recommend this book to anyone that is looking for a little angst, lots of steamy scenes and likes to read about law. Granted, I was hesitant in the beginning bc like I stated above (I don’t know anything about the legal system), I would still advice people that don’t know anything about it to give it a chance! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.






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