#Review Break Me Down by Roni Loren

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#Review Break Me Down by Roni LorenBreak Me Down From the series: Loving on the edge #8.5
by Roni Loren
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Published by InterMix on October 20th, 2015
Genres: Erotica, BDSM, New Adult, Romance
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The New York Times bestselling author of Call on Me invites you to discover the thrill of control as one couple wrestles for power in and out of the bedroom…

Samantha Dunbar needs to forget Gibson Andrews. When he trained her to be a domme, she experienced just how hot things could get with the sexy executive. She was ready to hand him everything—including her heart. But Gibson backed away, declaring them incompatible. He’s a dominant, and Sam’s no submissive.

But after an attack shakes Sam to her core, Gibson tracks her down at her family’s rundown farmhouse and makes her an offer. He’ll stay the week and be hers in every way—a helping hand for the renovation and a willing lover in her bed. He swore he’d never give up control to anyone again, but he hasn’t been able to touch another woman since Sam. Maybe a week alone with her will cure him of his relentless craving.

But one taste only makes them want more, and Sam and Gibson are drawn in deeper than ever. The man who won’t give in has just met the girl who won’t give up…

I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


book review: 4 domme stars!!!

A book that literally caught me deliciously off guard! I never thought that I would enjoy a book with this subjet so much. And I’m telling this not because I have something against female domination but, since it’s the first one I read with a domme, I was kind of held back a bit. But it totally did worth it reading it….

When I first read the blurb, I was instantly intrigued because it was something different from what I’m used to reading. The fact that the Dom was the woman and the Submissive was the man, kind of hit me full force on my curiosity and it presented me with a chance to explore this other dimension of a D/s relationship while enjoying, of course, a wonderful love story.

“Hard to be friends with someone you want in your bed.”

The introduction to this aspect of BDSM is quite smooth. The first chapter takes you into the first meeting of Gibson and Sam after that moment in the past when Gib denied to be her sub. It’s a moment that is “normal” and gives nothing away about what’s next. And the what’s next is plain indescribable.

Sex with him in whatever form would probably be like winning the orgasm lottery.

The combination of the love that these two share with the BDSM is just…… WWHHOOAA!!! Even when the domination of Sam over Gibson is pure, harsh, demanding, hot domination, you still can detect the love that Sam’s hiding under her Domme role when they play. And since I was been referred to their play time, I have 1 huge thing to say: HOLY DAMN!!! Steamy doesn’t even begin to cover it because it’s in a whole different level which you can reach only if you actually read the book.

“You want to beat me, Sam?” he said, his voice rising.

“Is that what you really need? You want to take all that anger boiling inside you and rip me to shreds? Then fucking do it. Put me on my knees and do it.”

And even if I hadn’t had the chance before to encounter Roni Loren’s writing, I really see that she has a way with words so her stories to become irresistible. And in this book she had me from the beginning because she took an ordinary M/F love story and added to it some unusual – at least, for me – aspects and situations that, in under usual circumstances, could be awkward and kind of weird. But no, no, no! Not even close! With these, she made it a story that can’t forget because it stays on your mind either you want it or not.



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