#Review Reckless Abandon by Jeannine Colette

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#Review Reckless Abandon by Jeannine ColetteReckless Abandon by Jeannine Colette
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Published by Self Published on October 27th 2015
Genres: Romance
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A heart-wrenching breakup, an accident… a loss.
Stretching out my right hand, I am reminded of the worst year of my life and all the dreams that faded in one awful weekend.
For six months I was numb.
And then I met a man.
An intense, complex, emotion extracting, sinful man.
If there's one thing I notice it’s the piercing gaze he is giving me.
So piercing because of Golden Eyes.
But what my heart doesn’t know…is he here to save me or is he the one who needs saving?

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About the book:

Reckless Abandon is a spinoff for the amazing book that came before it Pure Abandon. It’s about our dearest Asher who was left heartbroken in the previous book and is now getting a chance to get his heart healed and maybe even find love of his life that he so much desires.

Emma is on a vacation with her sister Leah after the toughest year of her life. Her boyfriend broke up with her, she was in a car accident that changed her life forever. She hurt her hand so badly that she is no more able to play violin which was her life’s passion and the only career she could think of. But most importantly she lost her brother Luke and that’s one loss and quilt she can’t get over.

She meets a mysterious man that is hard to read and she has problems figuring out what he wants from her. He seems to be intrigued by Emma and takes her on a ride on his bosses yacht,  taking her out for dinner, sharing some very personal details about his personal life. But still at some times he seems cold as ice towards her so she doesn’t know what to think anymore. Two strangers who help each other to heal their wounds at least for a moment. Sparks of desire and passion awakens between them and they have this amazing moments of mind blowing sexual experience that leaves them both wanting for more.

The next day Emma receive some new information about her mysterious holiday fling. About who he really is and she is deeply chocked and can’t seem to understand why he would lie to her and pretend to be someone else than himself?!? She tries to find him and see what he has to say about all this mess and is sure all is just a big misunderstanding.

Only problem is….He is gone! He is nowhere to be find. He has vanished. Left her without a word. Emma is more confused than she was when this healing vacation started and feel betrayed and cheated once again.

My review:

Okaaaay…everyone and I mean EVERYONE that knows me are aware of my obsession and love for Pure Abandon book. That book has left a mark in my life FOREVER!!!! As my expectations were so high I feared that this next installment wouldn’t do any justice to the original story. So to know that Asher would be in this book made it impossible not trying to compare the two. But honestly you can’t compare them at all. Why? Because the books have completely different plots and directions.  Both are amazing in their own ways. While reading Reckless Abandon I was feeling at peace at least for the first half of the book. Everything seemed to flow so easy and lovely, I was thinking this can’t be right. Drama seeking queen that I am, I was just waiting for a bomb to be dropped on me. And BANG there it was at intermission 🙂 You just can’t have love and cuddles without some drama and tension going on.

There were comic elements from the start that brought smile to my lips numerous times. And on the other hand I was so sad and heartbroken whenever Emma talked about their brother Luke and how the loss of him effected not only her but their whole family. And of course all the things Asher went through from his childhood until adult age and he was still fighting some demons that were luring to destroy any future he set out for himself.

And Jeannine did it again….I hoped and prayed for this to be good and it sure was!!! This woman showed up from nowhere and took her rightful place among the most talented authors and mark my words people. She is here to stay for a long run and deliver amazing stories to us!

Favorite quotes:

” Yes, I’ve been with a woman on the floor before but you are the first woman I have ever made love to. You are the first woman I have ever been in love with.
So everything I do with you is brand new because it’s with you.”

” Oh Baby, you have no idea how much control you have over me.
He kisses me on the forehead and grabs my hand.
I’m taking you upstairs!”

” That’s my beautiful girl. Come for me, baby.
Stay with me. Say you’re mine.”

” With reckless abandon, I lean into his touch and kiss him with every ounce of love and passion I have in my body.”

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reckless abandon


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