#Review Cam Girl by Leah Raeder

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#Review Cam Girl by Leah RaederCam Girl by Leah Raeder
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Published by Atria Books on November 3rd 2015
Genres: F/F, LGBTQI, Romance, Suspense
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Vada Bergen is broke, the black sheep of her family, and moving a thousand miles away from home for grad school, but she’s got the two things she loves most: her art, and her best friend and soulmate, Ellis Carraway. Elle and Vada have a friendship so consuming it’s hard to tell where one girl ends and the other begins. It’s intense. It’s a little codependent. And nothing can tear them apart.

Until an accident on an icy winter road changes everything.

Vada is left deeply scarred, both emotionally and physically. Her once-promising art career is cut short. And Ellis pulls away, unwilling to talk about that night. Everything Vada loved is gone.

She’s got nothing left to lose.

So when she meets a smooth-talking lothario who offers to set her up as a cam girl, she can’t say no. All Vada has to do is spend a couple hours each night taking off her clothes on webcam, and the “tips” come pouring in.

It’s all just kinky fun till a client gets serious. “Blue” is mysterious, alluring, and more interested in Vada’s life than her body. Online, they open up to each other intimately. Blue helps her heal. And he pays well, but he wants her all to himself. No more cam shows. She agrees, because she’s starting to fall for him. And when he asks to meet, she says yes. Because she’s dying to know the real man behind the keyboard.

Even if one of his conditions is to bring Ellis. The girl who wants nothing to do with her anymore.

Now Vada must confront the past she’s been running from. A past full of devastating secrets—those of others, and those she’s been keeping from herself…

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Carolin’s Book Review: 4,5 stars

“Cam Girl” is the story of the two besties Vada and Ellis. It all starts with a horrible car-accident and a similar horrible fight between Vada and Ellis, which causes them to separate for several weeks. Because she’s broke, Vada accepts a job as a cam girl – and there she one day chats with a client she calles “Blue”. At the approximately exact same time, Ellis comes barreling back into her life and Vada starts to fall for both, the obviously male client Blue and and her female best friend Ellis. Who will she pick and what has the father of the other guy involved in the car accident to do with it?

First of all: “Cam Girl” was my first F/F book. I’ve already read a ton of M/M books, but never the equivalent. And I’m not sure every author can ace it, but Leah Raeder can, for damn sure! She brought a sizzling sensuality into the sex-scenes that was stunning. That combined with her trademark poetic writing-style made for a very, very interesting book.

In retrospect, there never once was a dull moment in the book – but that is also my one complaint about it. If too much is happening, it fast becomes overwhelming and I had to take a big breather somewhere in the middle. Not because it was so emotional, but because it was too much to process at once. Just to explain that a little: There was this friendship between Ellis and Vada, but you just felt that there was more from the start. Then there was this mystery involving “Blue”, as well as Max, the father of the dead driver that was also involved in the accident at the beginning of the book. Plus the thrill of Vada’s not at all ordinary job as a cam girl… I was so focused on finding out if my suspicions about the twist were right, that I lost track of everything else, namely the romance, in some parts. But in the end, everything fitted together well, just like a puzzle, and it didn’t really matter anymore.

So. This book was about a gay couple. And it doesn’t matter if women or men, you just simply can’t help who you fall in love with. That message was delivered very clearly in “Cam Girl”. It also showed the hardships a person who doesn’t feel “right” in his/her body has to face. In my opinion, it was very courageous of the author to write such a real and emotional story about a gay couple, with one transgender person involved. But that’s not all there was. Leah also showed the downside of the anonymity that we have today with the social media and stuff. We can be who we want to be, but at the end of the day, we have to face ourselves in the mirror again and ask: Is this fake profile online really my reality? Do I come out to live as the person I am, in every aspect of my live??? Wow, that book definitely had me thinking about those questions hard. And I bow my head in awe for Leah Raeder for having the balls to write about a real taboo in society in such an open manner. I hope, there will be more authors like her in the future, who can say “what do I have to loose” and pour their hearts and souls into such beautiful and important tales.

All in all, I rate “Cam Girl” with 4,5 stars. The only teeny tiny bit of the half point I can’t give is due to the fact, that I was overwhelmed by everything in the middle of the book. But apart from that, it was a read I’d really recommend everyone, who can read a very well-written, hot and mysterious book with an open mind and heart.



Cam Girl is a story about acceptance, closure, love, friendship and a very delicate topic… gender identity. I loved this book, the plot was original, the characters were extremely well developed, and of course, Leah’s writing style was perfect, as usual. I love how her writing is easy going, smooth and beautiful. I’ve read so many reviews of her books and we all agree that Leah’s writing is poetic.

So this book features the story of Vada and Elli and they’ve been best friends, with benefits,  for 5 years.  Unfortunately, one horrible accident ends everything, not only with one young man’s life but also their friendship. After the accident, Vada tries desperately to survive, but she fails miserably, and when she thinks she has no hope, she meets these two great people – I just love their characters – and she ends up working as a cam girl.

After a few months of camming, she got a little popular – being #1 cam girl is little, right? – and then one night one of her regulars, Blue, asks for a private session. What makes him different from the other men, who would ask for private sessions? He wants to talk to her. He wants to get to know her, woo her, and he succeeds. And, of course, when Vada was kinda “happy” with her life, Ellis reappears and they decided to be “friends” again. That’s when things get so complicated for Vada.

In addition to all this, the accidents’ ghost kept hunting them, after so many months. Max, the father of the guy who died in the accident, became friends with Vada. They ended up being support for each other after their losses, but later Max got a little creepy about Vada and Ellis and the truth about the accident. This side of the plot had a perfect connection to the emotional side, for me. The lies, the truths and the shades between what was right and wrong with their lives, in connection with their pasts and their futures, was what I liked the most about this book.

My perception about the characters in this book is a little weird. Ellis was genderfluid – “It’s when the gender you identify as…changes”, and Vada was bisexual – “I’m bi, but I prefer guys”. Ellis is a beautiful androgynous girl, a tomboy, with short red hair and bright green eyes. Vada is a gorgeous latina girl, with a beautiful body, brown skin and long dark hair. And here goes my crazy mind: I saw Ellis as a pretty feminine delicately sexual girl. And I saw Vada as a very handsome dominant guy with huge insecurity issues—who’s a major asshole. Is my mind crazy? Is my perception wrong? Who knows… But I FLOVE’ed both characters. I loved their interactions, conversations —the painting analogies were great, like I said, Leah’s poetic writing style is awesome—and all the drama around them was very addictive.

I was in shock when I finally found out who Blue was. He was the “internet boyfriend” throughout  half of the book. And his real face was one of the huge mysteries in this book. I have to be honest, in the Boston/Coffee scene, I was as heartbroken as Vada and I thought I wasn’t going to like the ending of this book. But Leah surprised me and I’m very happy with how things ended.

In summary, great book, great writing, great characters. The half missing star is one personal issue with the F/F sex –I didn’t feel it, if you know what I mean-, but don’t worry about it, maybe what I didn’t enjoy, you’ll think is as awesome as the rest of the book.




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