#Review #Interview A Dark Fall by Scarlett Drake

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#Review #Interview A Dark Fall by Scarlett DrakeA Dark Fall by Scarlett Drake
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Alex has led a life full of wealth, privilege and opportunity. An accomplished doctor, she’s always followed a very safe path and that has always been enough. She’s always done everything that was expected of her. And its worked out pretty well - until now...

Jake has led a life full of violence, power and darkness in the gritty underworld of London's east end. Respected and feared, he’s forged a life for himself in a world he's always felt apart from. A world he knows he doesn't want to live in forever. A world he knows he won’t survive in forever.

When one fateful night brings them both together, an instant attraction draws them into a strong obsession. One that neither of them is able to deny. One that neither of them wants to deny. Jake knows he has to have her, and Alex knows she shouldn’t let him.

If Jake could only open up to Alex about the dark parts of his life she may just be the very one who can save him from it.

Though they are worlds apart - it might just be the very thing that makes them perfect for each other..

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WARNING: I beta read this book in June 2014. This review is part of my feedback to Scarlette. I deleted all the possible spoilers I wrote, so don’t worry about them.  

I really loved this book. It is very well written, the descriptions are good, the characters are very well developed, the plot is interesting, and for God’s sake, it is a freaking cliffhanger! That was unexpected! I NEED THE NEXT BOOK NOW!

Jake is a bit of a stalker. He was very insistent and demanding and he opened his way straight to Alex’s heart. There were moments I wanted to smack him in the face for being so idiot. One moment he was being so sweet to Alex, and the next moment he was so closed and saying he isn’t good for her. He is definitively an alpha male, and his character was very well written. I love his dirty talking inside and out of bed. There was a moment at the end of this book that I cried. Jake was so open and sincere. I was crying for him. 

Alex is great, I like her so much but sometimes I wanted to strangle her! I know she is a good girl, she does the best always, but because I was rooting for Jake all the time, I wanted to smack sense into her. HaHaHa. I like how she struggle with her feelings for Jake. She was obsessed with him since the first moment she saw him. and she knew he was dangerous from the first time, and didn’t read the signals, and at the end it was all hell break loose.

Another thing I love about Alex is that she totally lose herself in Jake. She didn’t act like her normal self, she was having sex at lunch break, she was kissing in public. She was making things that she never did, and she felt more alive than ever before and that is amazing. That’s why she fell for him. Until hell break loose. I feel bad for her too, she deserves to have a HEA, both of them deserve a HEV!

But… Why a cliffhanger? *crying again*

Note from the present

This is the story of Alex, a good doctor, who falls in love with Jake, a bad boy who happened to arrive at her clinic under not so legal circumstances. They have a very erotic, angsty and romantic relationship before some truths are revealed. Will Alex accept Jake’s life style? Will Jake redeem himself in order to get Alex to forgive him? You’ll have to read A Dark Fall to know.

It’s been 1,5 years since I read this book and I still think of Jake! He is one helluva book boyfriend. I still want to read what happens after that cliffhanger. Did I mention it ends in a cliffhanger? Oh. My. God! I need to read what happens next! You all can ask Scarlett how many times I’ve asked about the second book.

Overall, A Dark Fall -or #Jalex as I used to call it when I read it- is a great book. A rollercoaster of emotions, with great characters and the best kind of sex scenes. You all have to read it now that it’s published in Wattpad.

Happy reading.

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Hello Scarlett! It’s great to have you in Collector of Book Boyfriends! Welcome!

I have some questions for you.  

Well Firstly, thanks so much for inviting me, I’m so flattered!  I’d always wondered if any of my men would make it onto this blog! :)

1. Why did you decide to start writing?

It’s something I always thought about doing and always wanted to do – for years and years I’d told myself that one day I would write a story.  I’ve always had lots of ideas running through my head and sometimes I’d play them out, daydreaming plots and characters and things I’d like to see happen.  Then finally one night, I sat down and started it.  And A Dark Fall was born!

2. Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere and anywhere.  sometimes it’s an actor that I find attractive, or lines from songs, or certain bits of music or scenes from films, or places I’ve been.  Sometimes it’s from dreams I’ve had.  It’s all a bit random to be honest.  But other writers inspire me too.  In fact I think it was after reading This man by Jodi Ellen Malpas when I said okay – I’m going to try this.  Her story was so simple and affecting with no gimmicks or vampires and the sex was so hot.  Before that I’d been reading a lot of paranormal and historical stuff so hers was a real world and I thought I could definitely give it a go.   

3. I know by first hand that your first wrote A Dark Fall before The Persistence of Memory. Why did you decide to publish in Wattpad TPOM before ADF?  

ADF had been in need of a good edit after the beta read process and I thought it needed a lot of work before making it public. I also hadn’t really discovered Wattpad at this point.  People had suggested putting it online but I didn’t really like the idea of serialising ADF for some reason – I wanted to self publish it and put it all out at once but that also seemed like a whole lot of work and i had other things I wanted to write so I just left it aside.   Then I wrote a FSOG/Crossfire fanfic which ended up being the first thing I ever posted.  I wrote it because I thought it would be fun and because I wanted to test my writing with a wider audience to see if people thought I was any good.  Jamie was my main focus at the time and he was a big inspiration for that fanfic and then for TPoM so I just kept working away on it because he was in my brain constantly.  I thought if people didn’t like TPoM I wouldn’t have lost much because I hadn’t written much.  Turned out not to be the case! :)

4. Tell us a little about TPOM. How was the process of writing it? How did you feel about the acceptance of your readers in Wattpad? You know I haven’t read it yet, but I will, soon. I started it, that counts, right?

It definitely counts!  I hope you like it. I was overwhelmed by how much people loved it.  Of course the fact that Jamie was the main inspiration for Aidan helps, and that got people excited I think at first but then I think the story of Aidan & Eloise really touched people.  They’re both a little broken and sad and then they find each other but they can’t be together and the yearning and passion they both have for each other which may or may not ever be realised is something they related to I guess.  Also I heard the sex is very hot… :)  I wrote it mainly every day for close to nine months.  I posted a chapter at a time, normally weekly.  I never plotted it at all and only had some vague plot details in my head, and how I wanted it to end.  I had actually an alternative ending that I was originally thinking It would have but I went in another direction.  Now when I think of that alternate ending I laugh because it really was so ridiculous! :)

5. I was so thrilled to know you decided to publish A Dark Fall in Wattpad. I loved it when I beta read it last year, you created such amazing characters in Jake and Alex! And Cosmo thinks that too! What are the plans for the future of this story and yourself?

Aww thank you!  You were an amazing beta reader and your feedback was invaluable to me, it definitely helped to give me the confidence to publish my stuff online. My plans for the future: PUBLISH!!  Retire from the day job and write stories for a living.  Please god!!

6. Do you have any new plots for the future?

I do!!  I’m writing an erotic short story collection ‘Whispers of Love’.  I have started a novella called ‘The Gilded Swan’ which has been put on hold while I finish ADF, and last but not least I will be writing the sequel of TPoM – which I hope to start over christmas.

Thank you so much for being here in the blog! I wish you all the success in the world because you deserve it!


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