#Review Sinful Longing by Lauren Blakely

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#Review Sinful Longing by Lauren BlakelySinful Longing by Lauren Blakely
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He's the inked brother. The one you're wondering about. The bad boy of the family.

Colin Sloan has a past. He's done things he's not proud of, but he's living differently now. Making changes in his life. Working hard, working out harder, and trying to win over one woman. He's utterly crazy about Elle Mariano, and though the sex is epic, their friends-with-benefits arrangement just isn’t cutting it anymore. He wants all of her, and is determined to prove he’s what she needs in her life.

Elle is fiery, loyal, and in major lust with Colin Sloan. He’s everything she craves in a man -- smart, sexy, kind -- and a rock star between the sheets. But his past hits too close to home for her, and the people she has to protect. There isn't room in her life for a relationship with Colin. Especially when she’s forced to keep a secret that could tear his family apart…

SINFUL LONGING is the third book in the steamy, sexy, suspenseful New York Times Bestselling Sinful Nights series from Lauren Blakely, author of the wildly popular Seductive Nights series...This high-heat, high-stakes romance series follows the Sloan family as each sibling falls madly in love against the backdrop of sin, money, greed, passion, mystery and suspense…

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Vivian’s review: 5 stars

And the plot thickens!!! This was a perfect continuation for the Sinful Nights series. I love that Lauren is able to tell a love story all the while writing a mystery in the background. It’s almost as if it’s two different stories, but yet they fit together perfectly…like a puzzle! The mystery behind the murder of Shannon, Colin, Ryan and Michael’s father is what links these books together, but that is not all that is going on in this series…there’s always a love story happening and who doesn’t enjoy a true love story? I know I do! There’s a mix of romance and mystery that leaves you to the point of intrigue where you find it impossible to set the book down until you finish and then YET AGAIN Lauren leaves you with a plot twist ending! *yells…”WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME LAUREN?!?!”* lol. Lauren Blakely sucks you into Colin Sloane and Elle Mariano’s “push and pull” relationship in SINFUL LONGING, but still drops reminders of the hidden story within the story…who killed their father and why?

My summary: SINFUL LONGING begins on the night of the Community Center Beethoven Benefit (this was in SINFUL DESIRE). Elle and Colin have had a “friends with benefits” type of relationship for a little while now, but as they’ve gotten to know each other Colin has begun to realize he would like more, but Elle wants to keep things strictly physical. Colin, on the other hand, won’t settle “friends with benefits” anymore. He knows what he wants and he wants Elle. He doesn’t want this “hot and cold Elle”…he wants the whole package. He understands her reservations about having a relationship with him though and is willing to take things slow. He didn’t make the best of choices in his past and is living with the consequences of those choices, but he lives by the mantra “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained” and he wants to show her that some things in life are worth taking the risk for, and he knows she is a risk he’s willing to take.  

This story had disaster written all over it….as in, disaster for Colin and Elle’s relationship. It’s hard to mix friendship and intimacy without blurring the lines and creating that gray area that eventually screws everything up. I loved reading how their relationship developed and the “push and pull” from Elle. It was an interesting concept to have a woman be the one with “cold feet” about a relationship and I think Lauren did a wonderful job of conveying her thoughts and feelings, as well as Colin’s emotions throughout the book.

I swear Lauren’s books get BETTER AND BETTER with each one I read! I thought there was no way that Lauren could top my love for Ryan Sloane (in SINFUL DESIRE), but I believe Colin has conquered that mountain! “Colin Sloane- tall, tatted, tempting, witty, and forthright.” –Elle. He was ALL those things and then some! I am SO curious to see if Lauren is going to be able to top my love for Colin with her next BBF Michael in SINFUL LOVE…she has proven that she can indeed outdo herself, so I guess only time will tell!

SINFUL LONGING was definitely a 5 star read! Everyone MUST give this series a try <3

5 stars!


Jenn’s review: 5+++ stars

About the book:

The story about Sloane family continues and this one is with its main focus on our bad boy Collin Sloane. He is a man with a past, a past he left behind him and is trying his best to move forward and be the best he can be in life. Be the role model for others and show them that change is possible and worth fighting for. Collin is also moving forward with his attempts to convince Elle that he is good enough, that she can trust him, which they can make it together if only she would give him, give them a change to try.

There is his family drama going on as well, which is the soul core if this series that gives us pieces of secrets that doesn’t always  make sense and just leave you hanging there and wondering what just happened and makes you crave for more and more!

My review:

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!

Lauren Lauren Lauren, this woman just keeps blowing my mind with each book she writes. Just when I thought this one is it, it is the best one, she release another book and my mind is spinning and my thoughts are a mess and keep wondering what she has next for us to look forward to!

It’s no secret that I am totally in love with this series and its characters so when it was Collins turn I couldn’t wait long enough. I love love love how patient and relaxed he is and letting things take their time and not pushing and rushing to the goal like many others would have done. I just might have a little crush on our Collin boy 😉 And then we have Elle who is so scared to be hurt again that she is building these walls that are getting in the way for her own happiness.

Another thing I really liked was how some situations we’re shown in the same timeline like in the previous books but with other characters. What was happening to family members at the same time and how they reacted to it?

This book was a little bit drama free, I expected much more to it and while reading it felt like there is too much calm here….Where is the storm? And then comes a cliffy, and OMG OMG OMG what a cliff it was!!!!!!!!! I had to re-read it over and over again to make sure I read it correctly. I was expecting something to blow up, but THAT was not even on the map.

So now I am craving the final book more than my next breath. Can’t wait to see how this whole mess is going to play out and how the drama will reveal its true nature and show us true colors of everyone involved. This really shows that things aren’t always how they appear to be.


Angy’s review: 5+++ stars

It’s been two days after finishing Sinful Longing and I’m still in shock over the huge cliffhanger of this book. It’s the biggest one of all the series, and I wouldn’t expect less because the next book is the last one *CRYING SO HARD* I’m going to miss the Sloan Family so much when the series is over. Yeah, yeah, I know…it’s not over yet, but I can’t help to think there’s only one book left and that makes me sad because, seriously, Sinful Nights Series has become my #1 series from all the series that Lauren has written so far. God bless her and her plotting mind! *teary eyes*

So, this is Colin Sloan’s book. He’s the bad boy of the family or he used to be back in the day. Now, he’s a successful entrepreneur and his free time is spent between high performance sports and volunteering for the community center where Elle is the director. They’ve been having a “friends with benefits” relationship for a while, but Colin started feeling a huge connection with her, not only because of the great sex –Because Oh. My. God. The Sex. Is. Amazing.- but because they have fun together, have similar goals in life and… well, because Elle is wonderful.

Elle, on the other hand, is a single mom, she lost her husband five years ago and since then, she’s been fully dedicated to her 14-year-old son and her job in the community center. But since the moment she met Colin, she allowed herself to have a little fun with his sex-pertise *WINK* and despite repeating herself once and again that that was only about sex, she started feeling more and more attached to him, because, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t love a tattooed, sexy guy with the greatest heart in the world like Colin?

And of course, all this romantic-sexy story is perfectly blended into the Sloan-drama-plot with all the investigation about Colin’s dad’s murder. Remember the HUGE cliffhanger from book #2? Well, the guy involved in that cliff is part of the community center where Elle works and Colin is a volunteer. Read this amazing book to know how the story develops and why I’m so shock after the ending of this book. I only can say that Elle and Colin will have their HEA in this book, but the Sloan Family story continues.

I totally FLOVED this book! Even though it’s part of the series, the love story of Colin and Elle felt so different than Sweet Sinful Nights and Sinful Desire. I was sure I’d love Colin because I love bad boys, but he wasn’t a bad boy at all. He was this intelligent, romantic, great with kids and a sexy guy who stole my heart with the awareness of his flaws and his desire to keep fighting for always being a better man. Elle, on the other hand, was this strong woman, who knew what she wanted, despite denying it over and over along the book. I have to be honest, I was a bit annoyed about some choices she made in this book, but I understand why she did it. After all, I’m a #SloanGirl and I’m always gonna be on their side. I’m so happy with the development of their relationship. It felt real to me.

I can’t wait for the next book. I’ve had a theory about Michael’s story since book one and I’m 99% sure I’m going to be right about it, and Sinful Longing fed my theory about Michael’s book. Please, can it be March 2016 already? I need answers about the Sloan-drama and I need my fix with a new Sloan man!

Perfect book! Perfect couple! Perfect everything!



sinful longing


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