#Interview with the characters of #PuckedSeries by Helena Hunting

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Pucked & Pucked Up by Helena Hunting
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Today we have Alex, Violet, Miller and Sunny here in Collector of Book Boyfriends & Girlfriends. 

Dream cast pucked series

Welcome guys!


Claudia’s questions


I’m so glad I get to know you better. When I first met you, I thought you were an asshole! Don’t get me wrong! I thought you were jealous of Alex because you wanted to f*ck Vi, but now that I know you better I know you are a nice guy. So, I was wondering, why do you want people to think you have no brain? I mean, you are smart but you hide it from the people outside of your family and close friends. Oh, BTW, you overshared so much of yourself, WTF? I really didn’t want to know about your shaving tendencies HaHaHa.

Uh yeah, I don’t want to bone Violet. I know way too damn much about her to ever think that would be a good idea. Plus, no.

Um . . . *runs hand through hair* I don’t want people to think I have no brain. The reason I used to avoid interviews is specifically to avoid that stereotype, which is sadly common. And really, it’s the people close to me that matter, not the rest of the world. But I get that it helps when I’m more vocal about what I had to go through to get where I am.

I think where the dyslexia is concerned, I’ve spent a lot of time developing strategies to cope with it. And people don’t always get what it means. Sometimes my way of dealing doesn’t work, but it’s not about hiding it so much as it’s about making my life easier to manage. I don’t pretend it’s not an issue, I just don’t broadcast it.


I love, love, LOVE you!!!! I admire the way you stand for your step brother. Alex gave Buck a hard time and it was very nice and kind of you to support him.

So my only question for you will be, Is it really a Monster Cock??? Is it THAT big????

I love Alex, but sometimes he misses the ball on things. Like how Sunny’s her own person and gets to make her own decisions on whose dick she wants to ride.

Alex wears Magnum XL condoms because it’s necessary, well not anymore because I ride him bareback now that the monster cock my exclusively mine. It’s really that big. He’s a grower, not a shower, and he doesn’t walk around the locker room with a woody. Buck’s just jealous because he’s not as well hung.

Angy’s questions


What do you think it’s your sexpertice? Please, feel free to be as explicit as you want *WINK WINK* Not that I’m flirting with you, I know you are now with Sunny…. *fans self away my bunny tendencies*

Uhhhhh . . .my sexpertice? Like, what am I good at with sex? Everything? I mean, when I was a teenager I learned real fast what works and what doesn’t. I got fingering down to a science in two months. There’s that spot on the inside; it’s a loonie sized rough patch where I apply all the pressure. You know the finger flutter kick? Some women need more pressure, some need less, but you couple that with some clit loving—either digitally or tongue action, depending on what’s going down and you’re pretty much guaranteed an orgasm. It’s just about perseverance.

Sunny’s a little sensitive, so I don’t have to use a lot of pressure to get her to come, I just need to be consistent and gentle.

The most important thing is to watch for clues, signals and stuff as to what’s working and what isn’t. If there aren’t any moans, I know I’m not doing it right. Sunny’s not loud, but she’s got tells when she’s getting close. She likes to watch what I do to her, and she makes this little sound, it all soft-soft and breathy. I fucking love her and her orgasm sounds.


You keep making jokes and pranks about Buck’s “fur” all the time *chuckles* What do you have prepared for your next joke/prank? After the shaving cream, I guess it’ll be hard to overcome yourself HaHaHA

*grimaces* The cream wasn’t actually a joke. I didn’t think he’d actually use it, and to be honest, I thought it would work on him. I mean, it works on me, but my hair isn’t as coarse or thick, so that was a problem. I should have read the directions, or specified how long he was supposed to keep it on. I felt really awful about that.


What do you like the most about Miller? *dreamy face*

Everything. He’s such a sweet, caring man. He’s loyal, protective, and incredibly generous in every aspect of his life. He puts everyone else ahead of himself, even in bed. Especially in bed. *grins cheekily*


Do you and Vi like role plays? Have you ever consider something kinky out of your brilliant minds?

Does dressing up my dick as Superhero count?

What pair of panties of Violet’s do you like the most? *wiggle eyebrows* I still remember how crazy you were about them HaHaHa

You mean the Water’s Ass ones? Yeah. I love those ones. Except that’s still a no go zone, so I might get to hold onto it and give it love taps, but that’s as far as I’m getting. For now.

Jenn’s questions


Was it hard that Sunny took more regards to what other thought beside you trying to get her to understand your actions and feelings?

Sunny’s always been protected by the people in her life. She has a high profile brother, who used to be in the media all the time, and not for good things. And it wasn’t any different for me. I mean, it was different, because I actually slept with a lot of bunnies. Like, a lot. And Alex didn’t. So I get the uncertainty for her. It wasn’t easy getting her to see I’d changed, and part of that was my fault for not realizing in order to make those changes obvious I had to do more than not take bunnies home. Sunny’s not a boat rocker. She doesn’t like making things difficult for other people, well except maybe me. She took a backseat to her brother on a lot of things when they were young, and he feels bad about that, so he’s over-protective. It’s a pain in my ass, but I get that, too.

I might not be related to Violet by blood, but she’s my family, and I don’t want anyone to fuck with her. That’s what Alex’s worry was about when me and Sunny started dating. Eventually we figured it out, but most of the roads in my life haven’t been easy, and I guess I just expected this one wouldn’t be either. And I was right. But she’s worth it. We click.

arrives at the 2011 Film Independent Spirit Awards at Santa Monica Beach on February 26, 2011 in Santa Monica, California.


Why oh why did you think of what everyone else said about Miller?

Why didn’t you stood by him?

*looks down at her hands and takes a deep breath*

When I was four years old my mom wanted to put me in pageants. I was the kid who liked to play with dogs, and color pictures, and I wore leggings and t-shirts because dresses weren’t good for swinging from the trees in my backyard. But I was pretty, so my mom thought I’d win them and it would be good for my self-esteem. It wasn’t for me, though. I don’t like makeup and hairspray.

When I was six my mom was convinced I should model for catalogues. Again, I don’t like wearing uncomfortable things and I don’t like being fussed with. I’m not all that great at sitting still. I like to move. Me and Alex are the same like that, except he’s on skates and I’m not.

Almost every day of the week he’d be at some practice. Hockey at five in the morning, figure skating in the evening. Sometimes they were back to back. Sometimes I had to tag along because my dad had to work late. I know you’re wondering what this has to do with Miller, I’m getting to that.

When I was a freshman, Alex made it to the NHL. He’s spent his entire high school career trying to make my mom happy. But then he got to live his dream. My mom was devastated. So I became her project. I love her. She’s amazing. But we don’t share the same goals.

She wanted me to join the cheerleading team. But all those girls spend a lot of time gossiping and doing their makeup. I would have made the squad because I can do all the moves, but it wouldn’t have made me happy.

All those years I watched Alex juggle hockey and figure skating. I didn’t want that. It was so hard on him. And through it all he was there for me. He’d help me with homework. He’d take me to the movies. We’d go for jogs together. He was a really good brother. He is a really good brother.

And then he was just gone. I watched him become an amazing professional hockey player. I was so, so proud of him for making that choice. And then I watched him become something he’s not. A player. A womanizer.

You have to understand, he never dated. I mean, he took some girl to prom, but they were just like, friends. And then there were pictures of him everywhere with girls all over him and I couldn’t figure out what had happened to him. He’d come home and he was the person I knew, but in the media, he was different, and I didn’t like it. Guys at school who knew he was my brother were all of a sudden really interested in me. It was annoying.

When I was old enough, he’d fly me out to games, and my mom started to talk about how comfortable life would be, and how I wouldn’t have to worry about what kind of job I had, and that it was okay I wasn’t going to university, because Alex had all these friends who were interested in me. Of course Alex would never let any of them near me. And I got so sick of being told what I should and shouldn’t do. And I definitely didn’t want to be with someone who wasn’t going to be happy with just me.

And then I met Miller. I don’t know if I believe in love at first sight, but I know energy is at the core of who we all are. Some energy jives really well. Maybe it sounds silly, but I clicked with Miller. He’s a generous, beautiful soul. And that was the first thing I noticed about him. And it should have been enough, I know that now.

But there were so many pictures. His words and his actions didn’t always match in the beginning. Or it seemed like they didn’t based on what I’d see versus what I’d hear. He was so smooth, and so sweet. It was hard to know what to believe with all the conflicting opinions.

But I really liked him. So I kept seeing him. The more time I spent with him, the more I fell in love. And that’s scary. Love is amazing and terrifying. It’s what feeds our souls. Miller feeds my soul.

When we were at the cottage and Alex was going after Miller I could see what it was doing to everyone. How it was hurting the people around me and that I needed to do something to make it stop. If we’d stayed it could have been so much worse. Alex was so upset. He feels like he failed me a lot as a brother, which is ridiculous.

Leaving was a bad choice. I made so many mistakes with Miller. I see that now. But when you’re in the middle of all that emotion, sometimes it’s hard to make the best choices. I’m lucky that Miller is who he is and he’s able to see all the sides. I’m lucky to love him.


Why couldn’t you understand that Buck had genuine feelings for you sister, when the same thing happened to you with his sister?

I think it’s all about perspective. Or lack of. I haven’t been a very good role model for Sunny over the years. I didn’t think much about the impact all the media garbage would have on her. Sunny’s a soft person. She’s gentle and we’re both people pleasers. She spent a lot of time sitting on the sidelines while I did my thing. I just didn’t want to see her get hurt. I can’t tell you how often guys take Sunny’s friendliness for a whole lot more than it is.

I guess what it comes down to is me having trouble believing in Miller’s intentions, especially when it looked like he wasn’t all that serious about her. He came to the team because he’s been messing around with the coach’s niece. It wasn’t the best introduction. We all learn from our choices.


How was it to see Buck change for the better and all that because of love?

Honestly? I know I bug the shit out of him, but he’s a good person and Sunny brings out all the best things in him. I’m happy he’s doing more than just chasing puck bunnies now. He’s the best stepbrother in the world and I love him a lot. In a sibling way, not any other way.

Carolin’s questions


Would you have jumped at the opportunity of a relationship with alex sooner, if he’d had another profession?

I pretty much jumped him immediately, but if you mean would I have been less reluctant to ride his monster cock again if he’s been, say, an accountant? Maybe. I don’t know. His profession wasn’t the biggest roadblock. It was how he was portrayed in the media. Low profile people don’t have all their extracurriculars constantly circulating on the internet unless they choose to put it out there. Alex didn’t always have control of it, but he sure perpetuated a terrible persona. Without all the social media garbage, I would have seen who he really was a lot faster, and maybe we wouldn’t have had that stupid break up.


If vi had been more of a puck-bunny, would you have dated her nevertheless?

If buck really would have “made” you decide between the team or vi, what would have been your decision?

That’s not an easy question to answer. The best thing about Violet is that she didn’t care that I was a hockey player. Well, that’s not true, the best thing about Violet is everything. If she’d be after all the guys on the team, it probably wouldn’t have worked out all that well

I’m not sure how Butterson would ever have the kind of pull to make me choose between the two things, but Violet’s my number one. I love her above everything else. I almost lost her once. It sure as fuck isn’t ever going to happen again.


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