#GuestPost The Dragon Society by Olufunmi Omopariola-Olayinka

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#GuestPost The Dragon Society by Olufunmi Omopariola-OlayinkaThe Dragon Society by Olufunmi Omopariola-Olayinka
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Published by Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd. on June 30th 2015
Genres: Thriller
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As a porter in a London hospital, Dr Steven Attah wonders whether moving his young family from Nigeria to the UK was a good decision. When his friends introduce him to the mysterious and powerful Dragon Society, the answer seems to be yes as success and wealth flows to his family. But, when disaster strikes, he discovers the true cost of membership of the society.

When the full extent of the powerful and terrifying influence that the Dragon Society has over Steven and other members of his community emerges, the society comes under threat from internal and external forces. But, as the society fights to defend its reputation, will Steven be able to free himself from its clutches and get the chance to rebuild his life, or will he discover that once you’ve joined the Dragon Society you can never completely leave it?

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 By Dr Olufunmi Olayinka

Crime especially ‘murder’ has proven to be a timeless fascinating subject worldwide be it in fiction writing or real life reporting. Prevailing crime culture varies greatly from region to region. Nevertheless, they all have something in common, that is FEAR! There is usually a great deal of fear of suffering various acts of injustice worst of all murder amongst the locals as a result of the actions of the local crime lords.

One cannot talk about crime in the United States without mentioning gun crimes, just as one cannot talk about crime amongst Italians without acknowledging the Mafioso. In a similar manner one has not done justice to the subject of crimes amongst Africans particularly Nigerians without a mention of occultism and African juju, this is because despite the fact that these practices are under-acknowledged on the international level as inhumane practices which are therefore crimes. People who engage in these practices usually evoke a great deal of fear amongst the locals and are believed to be able to do more harm to innocent people than someone holding a gun! What’s more? They are the real ‘untouchables’ since they cannot be brought to justice even when they openly confess their inhumane crimes because the criminal justice system does not recognise these harmful practices and the damage it can do to the society.

‘Dragon Society’ is a book that illustrates the practice of occultism amongst some young Nigerian men residing in the UK. Like many members of occult groups, Dr Steven Attah, the main character of the book was lured into the society with promises of an easy way out of his current precarious financial situation. He was assured of a lifelong supernatural wealth. Also like many people who are recruited into these groups, he failed to read the small print of the terms of membership very clearly before accepting membership. Hence he realised too late that the price of his membership was the life of one of his beloved twin son who has been scheduled to die mysteriously.

Motherly instinct, chance or providence made his wife Carol Attah suspect that the life of one of her twin was in danger because her husband had joined an occult group. She put up a great deal of fight threatening to expose them should anything happen to either of her twin. Unfortunately, she died in the process along with one of her sons. In my opinion, she is the true hero of the story. I would like to believe that if I find myself in a precarious situation with my children, I will fight like a tigress to free myself and my children OR I will die trying to. Surrendering to a horrible fate is not in my dictionary!

I hope readers find the book entertaining.





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