#Review #ComicReview Superman/Wonder Woman, Vol. 3: Casualties of War by Peter J. Tomasi, Doug Mahnke, Jaime Mendoza

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#Review #ComicReview Superman/Wonder Woman, Vol. 3: Casualties of War by Peter J. Tomasi, Doug Mahnke, Jaime MendozaSuperman/Wonder Woman, Vol. 3: Casualties of War by Peter J. Tomasi, Doug Mahnke, Jaime Mendoza
Published by DC Comics on November 24th 2015
Genres: Comics
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Featuring the new all-star creative team of writer Peter J. Tomasi (BATMAN AND ROBIN) and Doug Mahnke (JUSTICE LEAGUE)!

Superman and Wonder Woman—two of the world’s mightiest heroes—are the ultimate power couple. And yet, when a new superhero arrives out of nowhere asking for their guidance, the two Justice Leaguers can’t help but suspect that something is very, very wrong.

Wonderstar has no past, no memories and only a strange connection to Superman and Wonder Woman. He claims his intentions are good, but when his true identity is finally revealed, it will take the combined strength of the Man of Steel and the God of War to take him on.
Featuring the debut of the new all-star creative team, SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN VOL. 3: CASUALTIES OF WAR tests the bond between the super-couple like never before! Collects issues #13-17.

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I love Superman and Wonder Woman and when I see a comic of them together I just have to jump to it because there’s nothing more perfect than my favorite couple of superheroes in love and fighting together!

In Casualties of War, Superman and Wonder Woman meet this new superhero, Wonderstar, who doesn’t know where he comes from but he claims he wants to help. But… Superman and Wonder Woman don’t trust him completely and found out he was is one powerful villain who is connected to Circe, one evil witch who is after Wonder Woman. The evil ones tried to use Superman and Wonder Woman’s relationship against them, making them choose between saving each other or mankind. You’ll have to read this great comic to know what superheroes would do about this evil demands.


I really enjoyed this comic. From the beginning I was hooked with all the graphics and action scenes. Later when they were being a “normal” couple, having a date and all, I thought they were adorable. And much later, when the real action started, all the secrets were revealed about Wonderstar true identity, about who was behind his power and how he and Circe used Superman and Wonder Woman’s love for each other against them, I just couldn’t put it down.

I love how Wonder Woman stood as the powerful woman she is, as THE GOD OF WAR. She made choices in the past that now are causing them trouble, but she knew what to do to solve them all.

I love how Superman fought side by side with Wonder Woman. At the beginning of the comic I felt like there was going to be a “Who’s the boss/Who’s stronger/Who punches harder” problem between them, but thank God I was wrong. They make an amazing team, even when Superman was under the influence of Circe’s powers.

Great comic. Can’t wait to read more about the ultimate power couple.



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